YouTube New Feature Making It Easier To Go Live

YouTube New Feature Making It Easier To Go Live.

YouTube Live Streaming Gets Very Easier Form Computer/Laptops and Mobile Phones.

First YouTube’s New Live Streaming Feature  for google chrome browser is available now to try for yourself. the feature allows users to easily set up a live steam from their computer, the laptop without any additional equipment, and the tool is due to roll out to other browsers soon. Youtube says it will also allow live-streaming directly from the camera app on select devices from  LG, Nokia, Sony, Motorola, Asus, Samsung, and more in the coming months. the ability to install create live video streams is a featured user of Facebook and Instagram have a long enjoyed.

First, if you’ve ever tried to set up live steam from your computer using an Encoder, you know there can be a few steps involved. today, we’re making the process as easy as a couple of clicks. Just head over to or click on “GO Live” in the YouTube Platform header to start your steam. You don’t need any additional steaming software or extra set up.

Open YouTube on Google Chrome See This Option.

Click Go live And Enjoy Live-streaming.

we also want to make streaming from your phone just as easy too. in the coming months, you’ll be able to start a live stream directly from the camera app in select devices from our goal is to bring this feature to even more device manufacturers throughout the year through the new YoTube Mobile Live Deep Link.

  1. First, the user configures the steam, setting the title, privacy mode, and other steam options.
  2. then, the user navigates to the Thumbnail photo screen to set thumbnail images for the stream.
  3. Finally, the user starts the live stream and broadcasts the view from the front or rear camera.

Device Requirements.

Android devices must meet t the following requirements to properly support YouTube live streaming and the mobile live deep link:

  • Android Release: Marshmallow or Higher.
  • Camera: At least one camera capable of recording 720p at least 30Hz.
  • Microphone: an onboard microphone.
  • Audio encoder: Hardware accelerated audio encoder capable of encoding 8-bit PCM mono audio to ACC at 44.1KHz or better.
  • Video  Encoder: Hardware accelerated video encoder capable of encoding 720P raw video to H.264/AVC at 30Hz or better.
  • YouTube App Installed: Version 13.02 or Higher.

YouTube says creators who have been testing the new tool have primarily been using it for beauty tutorial, product review, and personal updates for their followers. let,s hope against hope that live video on the platform will remain this being.



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