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Download WhatsApp lite App and make your phone faster, lite application doesn’t use high-end power.

Best WhatsApp Lite APK

Are you looking at WhatsApp Lite APK for Android Phone? There is no official WhatsApp lite by WhatsApp Developer but we have got some best WhatsApp Lite APK that’s a lightweight WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Lite best option for low end Android mobile phone because it’s an application and does not consume high power, you get to see the speed up and it takes low battery power which will help you to save your day, everyone goes outside and they don’t want to get discharge their phone battery due to WhatsApp, then it can be a better choice.

As you know WhatsApp is a powerful application that takes lots of device resources and drains the mobile battery and it runs continues in the background. for using WhatsApp need good CPU, you have noticed when some send us too many messages and when we on the internet our phone gets to hang a little bit due to heavy uses, it needs well CPU so that it could read messages and quickly, sometimes we get to see our phone get freeze because it is not able to read a moment.

Note: Some things you need to know, WhatsApp developers did not release WhatsApp Lite application, this application developed by the third-party developer because of this you will not get to see on Google PlayStore you will have to download it directly from another third-party site.

In this article, we are going to presents the best WhatsApp Lite apps which called alternative WhatsApp, that will not disappoint you and it comes with the low-end phone, which will lightweight for your Android Phone, feel free download and use WhatsApp Lite.

What is WhatsApp Lite?

You can say the lite version of WhatsApp, WhatsApp lite application so famous because everyone wants to use the lightweight app for their device so that phone runs smooth, It comes with amazing features like free messaging and voice call and video call and it consumes low data even you can save your data, it is not better than WhatsApp but it good to use, because of the lite version.

You can send messages and receive and even though you get lots of features like Video call and Audio call, send images, GIF, Document files, user location, phone contact and many more things you can do with this,  you will be able to make international video call which is great.

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WhatsApp Lite APK Download

Here we have listed some WhatsApp Lite APK which you can download directly without redirection

WhatsApp Lite

Download WhatsApp lite App and make your phone faster, WhatsApp lite comes for Android Users and it has decent features which are it runs on the low end- Android phones without having any problem and you get to see almost similar features as WhatsApp but you need to know about WhatsApp lite, this application has been not developed by Facebook instead third-party developer. it’s freeware app so, you no need to pay for it from your pocket.

WhatsApp Lite APK

Download WhatsApp Lite APK

You can make a conversation with WhatsApp Lite.

Best Features of WhatsApp lite

  • User-friendly interface, easy to use
  • Get similar features of WhatsApp
  • Supports low-end mobile phones
  • Low data consumption
  • Low Battery drain
  • Easy to install on Android phone
  • Make group onto Lite app

Download WhatsApp Lite

RWhatsApp Lite

This is another WhatsApp Lite alternative which you can try, RWhatsApp is a lite version of WhatsApp, it looks like iPhone WhatsApp, you get to see iPhone WhatsApp interface and similar emojis, we could say this is alternative of iPhone WhatsApp, you will be able to back up your data and comes for low-end mobile phone.

Features of RWhatsApp

  • User-friendly
  • iPhone WhatsApp Alternative
  • Get Backup and restore options
  • Freeware to use
  • No bug issue

Download RWhatsApp

YCWhatsApp Android

YCWhatsApp is the mod application of original WhatsApp, you get to customize options and it’s also a lite app which comes for low-end mobile phone. YCWhatsApp is similar to Instagram, you get to see there are similar features and UI interface, get new gesture controls and modify the text fonts and many more and if you are looking for Instagram and WhatsApp mixup feature then you should try this one.

Best Features of YCWhatsApp

  • Get a new gesture
  • Similar to Instagram
  • Share your stories with no limit length.
  • You can write longer statues
  • Download your friend’s stories on your mobile phone
  • Modify the text size
  • You change the app icon
  • Send larger photos
  • User-friendly interface
  • Freeware application

Download YCWhatsApp

Soula WhatsApp Android

This is the another most popular application which comes with amazing features, Soula WhatsApp is a mod Application of WhatsApp, you get best privacy controls and optimization options, you will get to see updated emojis and stickers, all these features allow you to install on your phone an app that provides you better user experience, there are no bugs feel free to use it.

Best Features of Soula WhatsApp

  • Grater control of our privacy protection
  •  Updated new emojis and stickers
  • Get back up and recover option
  • Send batches of up to 100 images
  • Get more security and stability
  • All features and functionality are hidden in the app
  • Freeware and easy to use

Download Soula WhatsApp Android

WhatsApp Prime Lite

WhatsApp is another mod application of original WhatsApp, this app not developed by WhatsApp team, use it and get the better user experience, Always we want to use new and updated but WhatsApp team has been not releasing new features like WhatsApp Prime offers us, when you share photos on Whatsapp, it makes low-quality photo instead WhatsApp Prime does not make any changes and sends original high-quality images. You get to change themes of WhatsApp prime.

Best Features of WhatsApp Prime Lite

  • Send high-quality images without losing quality
  • Get new Facebook emojis
  • Smaller size application
  • Get to see several themes
  • You can zoom in and zoom out your profile picture
  • No character limit
  • Change your WhatsApp Wallpaper
  • Make your fake locations

Download WhatsApp Prime Lite

WhatsApp Plus Lite

Usually, we install the most popular application on our Smartphone we never miss those apps, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram because these apps provide us instant messaging feature and who does not want to send instant messages, millions of people uses these applications and make their day well, as well as we get to see Mod apps of these applications.

Therefore new features, developers make a mod application to the original apps and it gets the fam because people want to use new they have bored from these apps and this is the reason they go for mod apps and download it, make famous and popular.

WhatsApp Plus Lite is a mod app to WhatsApp, this app has not developed by original WhatsApp team, WhatsApp Plus released in 2016 and it became popular because of features

Features of WhatsApp Plus Lite

  • Freeware application
  • Easy to use, mod to WhatsApp
  • You can hide your online status
  • Make and design themes
  • No bug issues
  • You can change the color of the notification

Download WhatsApp Plus Lite

WhatsApp Web

This is not a mod version of WhatsApp, this is the great way to access WhatsApp on your computer laptop and any device that helps you to access your all messages, contact and many more which are there on WhatsApp, WhatsApp web version easy to use, you can access it on any Browser.

Features WhatsApp Web

  • Easy to use
  • Change your profile picture
  • You can read messages and send or receive
  • Download Videos and many more

Check Out WhatsApp Web


This is the best mod application of WhatsApp because there are lots of great features, you will never get this feature to any app, GBWhatsapp developed by a third-party developer and there is not WhatsApp team support, you can download WhatsApp statues and hide your online status and many more things you can do with this.

Best Features of GBWhatsApp

  • Theme Option: use the best themes and customize your GBWhatsApp get the unique look
  • Download Statues: Download your friend’s status
  • Freeware: Download freeware application
  • Share Location: Now you can share the location with your family and friends
  • Latest Emojis: Get new emojis
  • Auto reply: Get the auto-reply feature
  • New Stickers: Now you will get new stickers
  • Pay money: Share money with anyone
  • Make calls without numbers: Now you can call to anyone without saving a mobile number
  • Copy Status: Download status
  • No bug: GBWhatsApp Latest version comes with no issue
  • Change app icon: If you would like to change the app icon then you can
  • Send large video file: Now you will be able to send large video files
  • Make a video call: You can make a high-quality video call
  • GBWhatsApp Latest version

GBWhatsapp is not a Lite version but this is the best mod application that provides you the best user experience and features if you want to know GBWhatsApp is safe or not then you can find out on technogone, search and get the result.

Download GBWhatsApp Latest APK 

How To install WhatsApp Lite?

Just you need to follow some steps and you will be able to use WhatsApp lite on Android Phone.

  • Go to the Settings and open Security section and you get to see Unknown Source tap and enable it, This setting will allow you to install outside third-party apps on your phone.
  • Download WhatsApp Lite APK from above links
  • After downloading, you have to install APK on your Mobile phone
  • Open WhatsApp Lite and Verify your mobile number
  • If you want to restore your WhatsApp then check out there.

I hope you liked these WhatsApp Lite APK, download APK from above link and install on your phone, WhatsApp Lite comes for low-end mobile phone, your phone can handle it easily and if you get any problem with these apps then let us know through comment.

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