What is GBWhatsApp? How to download GBWhatsApp

In this article, we are going to talk about GBWhatsApp, Should you use it or not, how does it work and etc.

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What is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is a messaging application. Which is based on original WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp uses to send messages, voice call, video call and send document files and etc stuff. You can say this is the mod application of WhatsApp, the modified version.

This application has not been created by WhatsApp developer instead, created by a third-party developer if you are going to download GBWhatsApp on your mobile phone then, you will never get WhatsApp team support because of WhatsApp team does not recommend to use this application for their users. Whenever you will go to download GBWhatsApp for your Android phone then, you can not download it from Google Playstore because of Google does not allow fake and mod application on their platform because this kind of application harms their user’s data.

Nowadays GBwhatsapp having very popular for WhatsApp users because of GBWhatsApp comes with very well features and which are WhatsApp does not provide their users, GBWhatsApp has theme changing option, dark mode, it comes with great features and user want to use it and this is the reason to become popular

 Is it safe to use GBWhatsApp?

It is safe to use, but you will not get to see GBWhatsAapp on Google Playstore and this thing makes us worry about it, When people go to download GBWhatsApp for their mobile phone they usually think, will be safe for phone or not? If you are going to download it, so it will not harm your privacy because of GBWhatsApp developer does not want to make worry about it, they want to get download and use it that’ why they provide us regular GBWhatsApp Update. But we don’t recommend to use it.

How to Update GBWhatsApp?

If you have installed GBWhatsApp and you want to update it and you are confused about how I will so don’t worry about it, you can update it within a couple of minutes.

You will not get to see GBWhatsApp on Google Playstore but you can update it, you will have to download it from the third party website even you can download it from technogone.com, we put updated GBWhatsApp every time so why don’t you check out.

GBWhatsApp Developer provides us update for GBWhatsApp. get the update and use new features.

What are the features of GBWhatsApp APK latest version?

Download GBWhatsApp

  • Download Statues– now you will be able to download Whatsapp Statues.
  • Media auto download
  • Share location with your friends
  • Hide Online Statues: you can hide the online statue and use GBWhatsApp feel free.
  • Hide Blue Ticks: You can hide blue ticks for contact and group when you read any received messages
  • Hide View Statue: You can also hide your name when you view any status published by your friends.
  • Hide Blue Microphone: You can for contact and group when you open voice
  • Auto Revoke: with this amazing option you can read deleted messages, and prevent your friends from deleting messages after sending it to you, also you can see the previously deleted messages in contact info.
  • Hide Writing tick: you can also hide your writing tick. when you write messages to someone they will not able to see.
  • Theme Option: use the best themes and customize your GBWhatsApp get the unique look

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I hope, you understand What is GBWhatsApp and share this article with your friends so that they could understand.

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