25 Best Watch Cartoon Online Sites In 2024

Do you love watching Anime Manga or any other cartoon series? Technogone enlists the 25 best websites to watch cartoons online on all types of devices.

Watch cartoon online

Watch Cartoon Online– Everyone throughout the world loves watching cartoons – from small children to teenagers, to adults of all ages. Cartoons give children the opportunity to have plenty of fun with their family and friends and for adults, cartoons are a great way to relax and live in a world of comedy for a couple of hours.

These days, watching Anime has become a hobby and even addictive to some teenagers. It can be downloaded without any issues, to watch cartoons online or offline, if you don’t have access to the internet, without paying anything at all.

If you enjoy watching cartoons, the following are 25 of the best cartoon sites to watch online on all types of devices.

25 Best Watch Cartoon Online Sites

4.Anime Toon
5.Disney Junior
7.Kiss Cartoon/Kiss Anime
10.New Grounds
12.South Park Studios
14.Disney Video
15.Comedy Central
18.Cartoon Network
19.Cartoons Park
20.Anime Flavor
23.Toon Get

1. YouTube – 

You-Tube offers an extensive range of cartoon videos, not only the latest cartoons suitable for all ages but also countless videos from the ’90s. The site offers options for you to change the language to watch and enjoy your choice of cartoons in your mother tongue. 

Since it was first founded way back in 2005, billions of videos, ranging from music videos to Hollywood movie trailers, have been uploaded and shared by billions of people all over the world. Today, YouTube has become one of the most widespread video-sharing platforms and as a search engine, second only to Google Search.

watch cartoon online website
Best Watch Cartoon Online Sites

This video platform is driven by video creators – those who have channels and upload videos, and video viewers – those who subscribe to channels to watch and interact with videos.

Put simply, YouTube is for anyone – from individuals to CEOs of large organizations, who have access to a mobile device or computer and internet connection. YouTube is accessible in almost every country in the world, in more than fifty languages and since Google is the owner, it’s a simple matter of creating a YouTube account via your Google account in order to start using it.

2. Nick – 

This is an incredibly popular site for watching an enormous variety of cartoons. Nick also offers a wide range of video games that can be played on Android devices. If your kiddies have missed episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Zoey 101, they can find and enjoy them immediately on Nick.

online watch cartoons
Watch Cartoon Online Sites

3. WatchCartoonOnline – 

This is an anime and cartoon streaming site that offers numerous cartoon series dubbed into English. Watch Cartoon Online is enjoyed by millions of cartoon-lovers all over the world and is also extremely popular in the USA.

Anime and many cartoon series can be enjoyed on Android devices on the Watch Anime Cartoon Online app. The user interface is amazing and allows you to watch your favorite cartoon shows in the correct order.

4. Anime Toon – 

This is an app that allows you to have access to all your favorite anime cartoons from all corners of the globe. Every episode is dubbed and you can watch them without any ads and at no cost at all, on any Android device. Here too, is where you can watch some really popular anime like Naruto and Dragonball Z.

online watch cartoon
Watch Cartoon Online Sites

5. Disney Junior

At one time a morning program on the Disney Channel for children from the ages of 2 and 6, the show consisted of a mixture of animated and live-action series. Then, on 14 February 2011, the program was renamed, Disney Junior. These days, Disney Junior is a fantastic new app for children and adults alike to watch online cartoons for free. 

watch cartoon online tv
watch cartoon online tv

The fun doesn’t stop between shows though, because you can watch music videos and some really funny video clips for even more entertainment. The Disney Junior app offers fun new games and also features live TV that you can watch anywhere, anytime.

6. Kiss Cartoon/Kiss Anime –

You get thousands of videos, many of them famous cartoon shows, with the Kiss Cartoon/Kiss Anime app. The list allows you to have access to just about every cartoon available. All cartoon lovers will enjoy this app, since it is updated on a regular basis with all the latest cartoon series, giving them ongoing fun and pleasure. Kiss Cartoon/Kiss Anime is, in short, one of the best sites these days, where you can watch cartoons online, on any PC, laptop, or Android device.

cartoon watch online
Cartoon Watch Online

7. SuperCartoons – 

SuperCartoons with this app, you can choose from an extensive variety of both new and old cartoon movies and shows. All the cartoon shows are to be had on this app, starting with Disney shows, to the Shinhan series. The user interface is fantastic and something that children will really enjoy. You can choose whichever video format on your Android device to watch your favorite cartoons.

8. Vimeo

This app, that consists of various categories of videos like music, entertainment, food, children and a whole host of others, is familiar to most people. There is a huge number of cartoon shows available that you can watch on Android devices, completely free-of-charge. All TV-related material is properly arranged on the user interface.

9. SideReel – 

Side Reel also included in the list of 25 of the best cartoon sites to watch online is SideReel. Besides offering some really great TV comedy shows, it also provides some of the most outstanding cartoon shows as well. The user interface is really simple. All you have to do is type in the name and year of release and you can find any TV show that you want to watch at that time. The app also gives you the names of all the popular TV shows, as well as the ratings for all series on TV.

10. New Grounds –

This is the app to download on your Android and iOS devices if you enjoy watching cartoons every day. New Grounds offers an infinite supply of cartoon series as well as anime for many, many hours of fun. The app has fantastic audio and video quality, which is guaranteed to make every cartoon absolutely enjoyable. 

11. Cartoons8 –

This app has just recently arrived on the scene and offers numerous new cartoon series as well as television shows. The user interface, that separates all the popular cartoons correctly, is wonderful. You must register on the app and then you can watch all episodes of your favorite cartoon series online at no cost and even share episodes with your family and friends. 

12. Cartoonito – 

Considered to be one of the best and most interesting apps for children, Cartoonito consists of just about every cartoon show from all over the world. Children also get to enjoy a wide variety of educational videos as well as a great selection of video games. The Cartoonito app also has numerous song choices for kids to listen to. Even you as an adult can watch some old, classic cartoons that will trigger good memories of way back when you were a child.

watch cartoon online app
Online Watch Cartoon

13. South Park Studios

This is a vibrant, colorful app that you can watch on any device, with countless seasons of every cartoon series imaginable, that you can watch and enjoy, without it costing you one cent! South Park Studios also has a special feature that allows you to watch episodes at random, of the cartoon, shows you enjoy the most. The app also offers a cartoon series in many different languages. 

14. Disney Video – 

Disney Video-with just a few clicks, Disney Video will let you watch any of your favorite cartoons online, on any device, for hours and hours of fun! This is where you can watch those all-time favorites like Mickey Mouse series and Disney. This app also gives you information about anime and cartoon shows. watch cartoon online app download from PlayStore or App Store

Watch Cartoons Online

15. Comedy Central

CD, this app is popular with many people who enjoy watching cartoons on all Android and iOS devices. With Comedy Central, you can watch full episodes of cartoon series, anime, and all the television shows, wherever and whenever you want to. 

anime sites to watch anime for free

16. Boomerang

Boomerang is next on the list. It has a wonderful variety of cartoons which will give you unlimited fun. You can also enjoy all sorts of video games and numerous other videos on your device.

17. Cartoon Network – 

Cartoon Network, until now, Cartoon Network is still one of the best apps for watching cartoons and you don’t have to register to be able to watch your favorite cartoon shows online, at no cost whatsoever, on any device. Apart from the various video formats, it provides for your favorite cartoon shows, there are customized videos that you can also enjoy. 

anime streaming sites

18. ToonJet – 

Settle down with ToonJet in your spare time, and you will be able to watch and enjoy all your favorite anime and cartoon shows. The high-resolution video quality will make it even more enjoyable for you to watch the cartoon series. 

19. Cartoons Park – 

This is a great site that provides all those cartoon shows that everyone enjoys. Cartoon Park has excellent quality video formats for any device. To search for any cartoon show that you want to watch, all you have to do is simply type in either the year or the name of the release.

20. Anime Flavor –

Anime Flavor is for those who want to watch cartoons online anytime for free on their Android devices. You can watch anime from numerous countries in the world, without spending a cent. The app also has a search bar.

anime streaming sites
anime streaming sites

21. 9Cartoon – 

with 9Cartoon, you will be able to watch all sorts of videos, including horror, action, and entertainment, as well as anime from Korea, Japan and various other parts of the world. The video format on 9Cartoon is high quality so you can watch your favorite cartoons online on your device, for free. 

22. Toon Get –

This is one of those sites where you can get all the popular comic series, anime and cartoon shows. Toon Get not only offers all cartoon shows for free, but it also has a superb feature that allows you to watch and enjoy random episodes of anime that are you love to

watch cartoon online for free

23. Hulu – 

Besides providing a variety of cartoon shows and anime at no cost, Hulu also has the latest in cartoon shows as well as old classic cartoon series according to preference and taste. 

watch cartoon online

24. AllMyAnime –

This is the site where you can watch all those awesome cartoons and anime from Japan, Korea and other countries around the world. AllMyAnime has a fabulous user interface with individual categories.

25. Ovguide – 

Whether it’s a movie, cartoon show, television series, or music video, Ovguide is the app for everyone. With this app, you can watch cartoons online on your Android or iOS devices, anywhere, anytime, at absolutely no cost to you

Watching cartoons makes us feel incredibly happy, which is why we love watching them with family and friends, or when we are angry or upset. 

All of the above apps are ideal for watching cartoon shows for free online, on all types of Android or iOS devices, which means that you can even relax and watch your favorite cartoons when you are traveling to far distant countries.

These are the best Anime streaming sites.

How do cartoons affect Child development and behavior?

Most children enjoy watching cartoons, many of them spending hours at a time watching their favorite shows. Cartoons are an important part of childhood. They are one of the most popular forms of entertainment for children of all ages. By watching cartoon shows, children learn a lot about new emotions, life issues, the world around us in general and many other essential things. 

watch cartoon good or bad

Millions of little girls all over the world fantasize about being a princess and boys often compare themselves to the likes of Peter Pan and other cartoon heroes. 

Adults also enjoy watching cartoons. Not only does it take them back to their days as a child, but it is also a great way to relax and forget about the troubles of life for a while. Many adults believe cartoons to be a harmless pleasure for their children, when in actual fact, these shows can and do have certain effects, both positive and negative, on some children. 

Following is a list of all the pros and cons that cartoons have on children, as well as several hints and tips as to how you can deal with the negative effects. 

The Pros of Children Watching Cartoons

It is important to note that cartoons do have certain positive effects on the development and behavior of children, including:       

  • They give children an early jump-start in learning – Educational cartoons specifically, have a positive influence on children, by helping them to get an early start on learning. Cartoons of educational nature help to teach kids, in a fun and interactive way, numbers, colors, and shapes making learning an incredibly enjoyable experience for the child. The colorful visuals, talking and moving pictures make it an interesting way for children to learn. 
  • Language development – While watching cartoons, your child is exposed to a variety of languages, which helps a lot to develop their language capabilities. Even letting your child watch cartoon shows in your own language will help your child improve his/her own language skills. 
  • They help to develop a child’s cognitive skills – Watching cartoons can increase the development of a child’s sustained and selective attention, working and long-term memory, logic, reasoning, as well as auditory and visual processing.
  • Stress relief and laughter – Cartoons are extremely amusing to children, often making them laugh loudly at the antics of the characters. It is a known fact that laughter is great for getting rid of stress and building confidence. It also gives the immune system a boost and leads to the release of endorphins, those happy hormones that give us those great, positive feelings.
  • Increased creativity – Watching cartoons increases the imagination and creative side of a child. Cartoons trigger new ideas within children and help them to come up with great artwork and new stories, based on the cartoon shows they have been watching. 
  • Cartoons are educational – Children learn a lot by watching cartoons, about traditions, history, mythology, and local customs. For instance, by watching the animated versions of Mahabharata or Ramayana, children learn a lot about Indian mythology, and by watching cartoons about Panchatantra or Aesop’s Fables, they learn to be kind, compassionate and have good morals. 
The Cons of Children Watching Cartoons

Although cartoons do affect children in several positive ways, they can sometimes have a negative effect on children as well. The ways that kids are affected negatively by cartoons include:

  • Cartoons encourage violence – children can become violent in real life if they watch cartoons depicting violence. In cartoons, no one feels pain or gets hurt and after experiencing violence, come out of it unharmed and children believe this to be true. Take the characters in Oggy and the Cockroaches, Road Runner and Tom and Jerry for instance. No matter how hard they hit each other or cause one another to fall from extreme heights, they simply get up and walk away. Again, children think this is what would happen in real life and will do the same to others, believing that they won’t be harmed in any way. 
  • Lack of empathy and unruly behavior – there are characters in many cartoons that are rude and/or disobedient towards other children, elders, their parents, and teachers. Children will sometimes imitate this rudeness and disobedient behavior after being disciplined for bad behavior by their teachers or parents. 
  • Unsocial behavior – many cartoons send the wrong message to children and encourage antisocial behavior like aggression, bratty behavior, and suggestive sexual actions. These can have an adverse effect on a child’s behavior by making them believe that it is quite normal to be spoiled, obnoxious, or show aggression towards others. 
  • Obscene language – foul language is often included in cartoon shows. Children learn by example and could possibly start using the obscene language in their everyday life that they hear in cartoons. 
  • Bad role models – many children admire their favorite characters and will either imitate their actions or try their best to be just like them. Very often, the character they idolize is not a good role model and could encourage a child to display bad habits or insensitive actions towards others. The impact that some characters have on a child’s psychology can result in disturbing consequences and cause children to become uncommunicative, withdrawn, unruly or antisocial. 
  • Health problems due to inactivity – sometimes, children can sit for hour upon hour watching their favorite cartoon shows on a screen. This inactive, sedentary lifestyle can result in several health issues including vision problems, dietary problems because of bad eating habits, as well as obesity. 
How do Parents deal with the bad influences that Cartoons have on their Newborn?

The advantages that cartoons have on children can be of great help to parents, but how do they deal with the bad influences that cartoons have on their child? Following are some helpful hints and tips for parents to try out when cartoons are having a negative effect on their children:

  • Monitor the cartoons that your children are watching – the best way to monitor what your children are seeing in the cartoons they are watching, is to sit and watch with them. This will also allow you to keep an eye on their reactions to the different events in the story. Also, you will get to know their favorite character and have a good laugh with them. This will not only help you to understand how your child thinks, but it will help to improve your relationship and form a stronger bond between the two of you as well. 
  • Have a rule as to the number of hours your children may watch cartoons online tv – make it a household rule that your children may only watch cartoons for one hour per day, especially if they are still small. When the hour is up, then tell them to go and play outside, explaining to them that being outdoors is much healthier and better for them, than sitting inside and watching cartoons on a screen the whole day.
  • Be selective as to which cartoons your children watch – make sure that your child only watches cartoon shows that are appropriate for their age group and that does not encourage or display bad behavior.
  • Make sure that your children understand the difference between reality and cartoons – explain the differences between reality and cartoons to your children. While watching with them, make them understand what is acceptable, what is not real and what is harmful. For instance, if a character escapes unharmed after having a violent encounter, tell your children that this is not possible in real life. 
  • Use monitoring and filtering applications – use parental control apps that include filtering and monitoring software so that you can lock and filter out content that is inappropriate and that your child should not have access to. Make sure too, that your child is never alone in front of the iPad or television for hours on end, without you monitoring exactly what they are watching from time-to-time.
  • Search for informative channels – search for informative and educational channels like Animal Planet, National Geographic and Discovery, all of which have content that will help in the general development of your children. After watching what you’ve seen on television with your children, you can even take them out to places to experience the things they’ve been watching on television. For instance, if the program they watch is to do with the solar system or galaxy, then you could take them to the planetarium, or even point out to them, planets and constellations in the sky at night.
  • Language aids – help your children to learn the letters of the alphabet, words, and rhymes, by encouraging them to watch programs that contain language learning aids. 
  • Use audio CD’s instead of cartoons – encourage your children to be better listeners by using audio CD’s for rhymes and story-time, instead of watching cartoons. 
  • Don’t let your children eat in front of the television – allowing your children to eat while they are watching TV will get them into the bad habits of overeating and becoming addicted to junk food. Children often eat too much when they are concentrating on what they are watching on the screen, or make food choices that are unhealthy. Make it a rule that meals get eaten around the dining table with the rest of the family and television is not allowed at mealtimes. By doing this, your children will focus on their meal, encourage them to eat healthy food and to stop when they have had enough to eat.

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It depends largely on the type of cartoons they watch, whether children will be affected in a positive or negative way. It is your responsibility as a parent to have a positive influence on your children’s health and happiness, by setting rules and putting limitations on the amount of time they spend in front of the television each day. It is up to you too, to encourage them to spend more time playing outside, instead of sitting staring at a screen all day.

By following the list of hints and tips above, you can achieve what you set out to do, and prevent those many negative effects that watching cartoons could have on your children’s health, behavior and development.


Is KissCartoon legal?

KissCartoon is a completely illegal website because they stream original content without copyright owner permission even unlicensed. If you want to watch your favorite cartoons, visit original websites.

What’s the most famous cartoon?

We have covered the Top 5 best Cartoons which is popular worldwide, Which one your favorite let me know.

  • 5 Tom & Jerry.
  • 4 Road Runner.
  • 3 Looney Tunes.
  • 2 The Simpsons.
  • 1 Mickey Mouse
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