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If you’re asking for guidance on how to use Viva video editor online, you’ve come to the correct spot. It is the most popular video editor on the market, primarily used for mobile devices. It has a plethora of functions, although some users prefer to use it online. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started.

People make videos all the time. You don’t need a camera. Any smartphone will do. But what do you do with that video once you record it? You can’t afford to share it with your friends without first refining it with editing software.

This is where Viva Video comes into play. The professional-grade program has nine lens modes, over 200 special effects, and a storyboard editing function, not to mention features that can trim and merge video clips. It ticks all the relevant boxes. 

How To Use Viva Video Online?

  • Download and install the application on your device
  • It will ask you if you want to receive notifications. 
  • Once you reach the main interface, you can click ‘Capture’ to record videos. The editor uses your phone’s camera to record footage. 
  • Viva will ask for permission to use the microphone. It will also request access to the album on your phone or tablet. 
  • If you recorded a video, you can start editing the footage by clicking ‘My Studio.’
  • You can select the theme by clicking ‘Theme.’
  • Clicking ‘Music’ allows you to insert audio. ‘My Library’ gives you access to the music on your device. 
  • To perform additional edits, click ‘Edit.’
  • You can share your content to a social media platform by clicking ‘Share.’
  • Export to Gallery’ downloads the video.

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Can You Download Viva Video On PC?

Viva Video is an Android and iOS application. The developers haven’t yet released a PC version of the program. But you can use the following steps to run Viva Video on your computer:

Can You Download Viva Video On PC?
  • Download an Android emulator like BlueStacks. Install the emulator on your PC.
  • Configure the emulator. This process involves opening the Google Play Store and logging into your account. 
  • Search for Viva Video in the Play Store. When you find it, download and install the program.

If you have an emulator, you can use Viva Video on your computer without any challenges, even though it is only compatible with iOS and Android. 

Best Alternative Video Editor Offiline/Online

If Viva Video has failed to satisfy your needs, you can try some of these alternatives:

1. KineMaster


KineMaster is a great video editor with an elegant interface that simplifies navigation. It allows users to adjust the colors. You can also combine multiple layers of videos. The tool comes with a decent effects library.

If you love slow-motion effects, you can add them to your video using KineMaster. Their collection of transitions is impressive.

2. Cyberlink Power Director


This is the one editor every artist dreams of using. It comes with intuitive editing functions that can inject cinematic elements into a project. The smooth animation effects will make your video more dynamic and frenetic. 

You can remove backgrounds, add text, replace the sky, remove gusts of wind, enhance speech, and so much more. Their library has over eight million videos, tracks, and images, all of them royalty-free.

3. Magisto


If you want to create viral content, Magisto is the video editor you need. People use Magisto to produce eye-catching content for social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. It has one of the most impressive music libraries on the market. 

For $29 a month, you can create slideshows and video collages with relative ease. The application is expensive, but you get plenty of value for your money. 

4. YouCut


YouCut tends to compete favorably against bigger rivals because it is not only versatile but lightweight. The free app comes with creative filters and special effects that refine videos, making them more eye-catching. 

You can trim, split, and slice your content with great efficiency. You can also adjust the colors and change the aspect ratio to fit the platform you want to reach. 

5. InShot


This iOS and android editor is free despite the massive library of sound effects it brings to the table. Their collection of filters is just as attractive.  The user interface is smooth and easy to navigate. Newcomers will appreciate the intuitive design. 


Viva Video is an excellent app with a plethora of attractive features. But you don’t have to use Viva Video if you don’t want to. As you can see, the internet has plenty of editing alternatives for you to use. Most of these options are free, which means that you don’t lose anything by downloading them.

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