Using Auto Clicker for Zombidle Mobile Step by Step Guide

Zombidle is arguably one of the best options for gamers who are into clicker games. Developed in 2016 and released in the same year by Berzerk Studios, it is a precious dime for gamers. The kind of fun that players have while enjoying Zombidle is intriguing. The game features monsters or zombies that destroy a house using magical powers. The house keeps on reforming into something bigger that is transformed from a farmhouse to a village. 

For the gamer to win the quest, destruction is vital. One clicks on the objects that require to be destroyed and levels up to get sophisticated demolition weapons. Zombidle was initially programmed for different Web Browsers, Android, and iOS systems. The tremendous response and increased demand for the game by players worldwide brought forth restructuring.

The developers updated it, adding features and hosting via Steam in 2017. We can now indulge in requirements set by the developer to host the game Windows Operating System.


Minimum System Necessities 

  • The operating system should be Windows 7 and above.
  • The processor should be Intel Pentium 4 2.00GHZ+ 
  • Memory should be 500GB, which is Random Access Memory.
  • Storage: Available space should be 500 MB 
  • Graphics: Any quality graphics card that was released after 1995 should be compatible
  • DirectX- Version 9.0
  • Sound- Compatible with PC speakers
  • Network- A stable internet connection is vital to connect to Steam. 

How to Play the Game

The player kicks off the game as Bob the Necromancer, a monster whose primary role is to demolish buildings in front of him. The only way to destroy is by tapping. On the other hand, he can create his army with other more miniature monsters’ who give a helping hand in demolition, hence winning his quest. 

Zombidle Mobile

Demolishing the building or any other structure hinders Bob from finishing his quest. One requires to tap it consistently to pull it down completely. The building comes down into small chunks after several clicks and drops skulls. The skulls are used as an upgraded trigger hence collected by the monster. The player destroys many houses, and dwellers run around, clicking on the dwellers brings more upgrading skulls. There are different terms used in the game that includes:  

  • Skull- This is an inbuilt primary currency whose major source is destruction of buildings and killing dwellers. Diamond Store is also an ideal place in the game where players purchase the skulls. The money is used to upgrade to different levels and even buying out an army. 
  • Diamonds- This is a non-primary currency that is achieved upon killing the villagers. It can be used to improve buildings in Hell and to purchase items in Diamond Store. 
  • Critical Damage- The players achieve higher levels; a red pop out a colour that scatters in the screen, increasing the damage twice when one clicks to destroy a village.
  • Bosses- These are warriors that fight with the players commanded by a floating wizard who flies above them. The minimum time for the player to fight and destroy them is 30 seconds. Failure to conquer the warriors throws the players to the last stage of the level, which is the most difficult. 
  • Broken Oars- If the player defeats the wizard, the bubble which keeps him afloat bursts while he falls to the ground. The process earns points to the player’s dashboard. The broken oars are repaired after some time while the game continues. 

How to Use an Auto Clicker in Zombidle? 

  1. Download any trusted auto clicker from the official website like 
  1. Install and run the application. There are between 5-6 editing options.
  1. The first step is choosing the number of clicks. One can choose an infinite number or input a specific number and halt the process manually.
  1. The other step is choosing the hotkey. This keyboard button commences or halts auto clicker. The best choice is a dormant button that is not used in the game.
  1. Pick one of the mouse buttons. The right or left button can be ideal for a zombidle.
  1. Set out the time interval or delay between two clicks. It determines the clicking speed. Choose it accordingly to how fast you want to move to the next level or conquer the quest. 
  1. One can also specify the cursor position.
  1. Once everything is set, one can now test it in the game. When a building is in front of the monster, move the cursor to the building and press the hotkey. The beast will start clicking the tower and destroy it automatically. Combining different treasures triggers the rate of destruction; hence one finishes demolishing faster. 

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Conclusively, auto clicker unleashes the best experience while playing a zombie. Zombidle has gained popularity among gamers worldwide. Have you tried it? If not, cast away your doubts and unleash unending fun from the game. 

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