How to Download Amazon App Store for Windows 10/11

Windows 11 was supposed to advance the functionality of Microsoft’s operating system significantly. People were excited when the company announced that the operating system would provide access to Android apps.

In other words, Windows 11 users would have the option of downloading and installing Android APKs. People thought that Microsoft would make the Google Play Store available on Windows 11 as a result. But that did not happen.

Instead, they gave people the option of using the Amazon Store. With the Amazon Store in place, you could finally download Android apps.

However, the Amazon Store hasn’t appeared in the Microsoft Store, at least not yet. And in truth, even though Microsoft announced that the Amazon Store would come to Windows 11, they did not say that it would happen immediately.

The tech giant is still tight-lipped about the exact date of the arrival of Amazon’s Store. But what does this mean for you? Do you have to wait for months before you can use the Amazon Store on Windows 11? No, you don’t. There is a way to access the Amazon Store today.

How to install Amazon App Store on Windows 10/11.

Interestingly enough, this method is perfectly legal. You don’t have to use any special workarounds to accomplish this task. Just follow these steps:

1. Check System requirements

Start by checking your computer’s specs and determining whether they match Microsoft’s requirements for using their Android subsystem. The Microsoft website can scan your PC for eligibility.

2. Download Windows 11 if you don’t install yet

Download Windows 11. If you have an older operating system, you can upgrade to Windows 11 for free. If you already have Windows 11, you’re not out of the woods.

Make sure you download the Windows 11 22000. xxx update

Simply installing Windows 11 is insufficient. You can only access the Android subsystem using the Windows Insider Program. Once you join the program, you can sign up for the Betta Channel. This is the only way to use the Amazon Store at the moment. Make sure you download the Windows 11 22000. xxx update.

3. App Store installation

If you can successfully update your operating system, you can access the Amazon Store by opening the Microsoft Store. The Amazon Store is an app in the Microsoft Store. 

App Store installation

Select the store and click ‘Install.’ Follow the instructions. They will guide you through the process of downloading the Windows Android Subsystem. Eventually, you have to click ‘Download’ to proceed.

Like most downloads and installations, this one will ask you to restart the PC once it finishes. 

4. Sign up for Amazon App Store

Sign up for Amazon App Stor

When you restart the computer, you will see the Amazon Store. Before you proceed, it will ask you to sign up or sign in. Once you log in, you can start browsing the Android apps.

5). Find an app you like and click ‘Get.’ The computer will download and install the app.

6). Once you install the app, you can start using it.

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If you have Windows 11 beta, you have to keep a few things in mind

1. If you live outside the United States, you should change the region in your setting to the US because the Amazon Store will only appear on devices in the US. People outside the US have complained that they can’t see the store despite signing up for the Betta program. But for the moment, this feature is limited to locations in the US. 

2. Because this feature is still in the testing phase, the number of apps in the Amazon App store is small. Don’t expect all your favorite Android apps to appear. Windows 11 only offers a few dozen options at the moment. This will probably change in the future. 

3. Check the version of the Microsoft Store that you have. You need a minimum of 22110.1402.6.0. You can update your version of the Microsoft Store to fit the requirements of the betta program. 

4. To use the Amazon Store in Windows 11, you need an Amazon account based in the US. If your account is based outside the US, your login will reveal this discrepancy, and it will complicate your ability to use the Amazon Store in Windows 11. 

5. Some people have to enable virtualization in the BIOS settings to use the Android subsystem. This also means enabling Virtual Machine Platform.

As you can see, even though the option is available, the number of people that can use the Amazon Store in Windows 11 is still small.

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