The New Guide for Tracking Your Boyfriend Phone’s Text Messages 2020

Boyfriends can sometimes be secretive and long after that, you find out that he was actually cheating on you. Well, if you are worried about and want to avoid such situations then keep reading this guide till the end as it has solutions to all such answers.

Track phone messages

Is it a start to your new relationship and there is nothing much you know about your boyfriend? Do any doubts or questions come in your mind when he talks with someone else in a friendly way? Are you anxious when he tells you nothing on his mind and keeps hiding things from you?

Well, in that case, you have come to the exact place. With this guide’s full read, you will get rid of all such worries that come into your mind regarding your boyfriend.

You know that your boyfriend’s phone has all the secrets. You want to check on his text messages to find out what has been keeping him so busy lately. But that’s not possible because he is well possessive of his phone and lets no one touch it and even near it. In that case, the only solution you’ve got is to track his phone. This will help you to get all the answers and have all the doubts about him cleared.

Tracking applications are the best way of tracking someone’s phone’s text messages. While there are innumerable tracking applications and all of them publicize to be the best, not all of them can be trusted as the majority are just scams that can steal your and your boyfriend’s data. Hence, we will present to you one of the best. Don’t worry, we’ll provide all facts and figures proving it to be the best.

Spyic – Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone’s Text Messages Without Any Difficulty

Leading the phone tracking world is Spyic, the ultimate best cellphone tracker that is loved all around. Spyic helps you in tracking your boyfriend’s text messages without any difficulty. It has superb quality features that have attracted a lot of many customers from all around the world.


It can be said without any doubt that Spyic is the best of all other trackers in the world. It can track not only the messages but the whole phone in just minutes. That is why it has a customer base of more than millions all over the planet. Not just the people, Spyic is also immensely liked by international media outlets like Android Authority, iGeeksBlog and the New York Times.

With Spyic, you would not have to waste time gathering tech know-how in order to write a tracking code. You can track your boyfriend’s messages even without it. Spyic requires no programming expertise so as to track or spy on your boyfriend’s phone. With the upgraded tracking features of Spyic, you can check on what your boyfriend’s up to within no time.

You can have complete Spyic know-how from Clickfree. Spyic can be thought of as an all-in-one package with which you can track every inch of data of your boyfriend’s cellphone and can know if there’s anything he hides from you.

Spyic’s iOS Tracker

iOS is one of the most used phone operating systems of all time. Hence, Spyic has provided an effective solution to track an iOS device if your boyfriend owns one.


iOS tracking is full-fledged remote. Not even a single time you need to touch your boyfriend’s phone. The tracking can be done even from far away. Hence, this reduces your chances of being discovered tracking to zero. This way you can track your boyfriend’s phone without any worries.

The only thing that Spyic iOS solution requires is the iCloud account details of the device you want to track. As iCloud is a back up for all the data of the iOS device, it is enough to track that device and can provide each and every detail to you.

Spyic’s Android Tracker

Android is also a mainstream operating system for cellphones. Spyic has some effective tracking answers for Android cellphones too.


For tracking text messages of an Android phone, you need to get hold of the objective gadget for just a single time. And when you do, you will have to install the application on the phone. The installation takes only a few minutes. Don’t worry, the app icon will never appear among other apps so the mobile phone owner will have no idea about it.

The app can only be accessed by you after writing a specific secret code that only you are aware of. After downloading the app on the respective gadget, you can easily track that phone’s messages from your own cellphone, computer, or any other device you wish.

How to Track Boyfriend’s Text Messages? A Complete Guide

The tracking process is as simple as taking a walk in the park. Once you know all about it, you will discover that it’s just a child’s play and nothing else. So without any further delay, let us start with the simple steps of the process.

Step 1: The first step is always to sign-up. Hence, if you don’t already have an account with Spyic, you can always create one by visiting the site through any web browser you use. Just follow the sign-up instructions and also select an appropriate subscription plan according to your tracking needs.

track phone messages

Step 2: The second thing you need to do is to select the appropriate operating system depending on the objective phone. After that, you will proceed according to the OS you selected. In the case of an iOS device, you will have to verify the iCloud details of that device.

track phone messages

However, in the case of an Android device, you will have to install the application which is a little one of the size 2MB. The application doesn’t deplete any battery either.

Step 3: When the installation is done and the ‘Finish Installation’ message appears, you can now proceed with tracking.

track phone messages

You can open the Spyic dashboard from any browser and select the message tracking option from there. This way you can track your boyfriend’s messages effectively.



From tracking your boyfriend’s phone’s messages to any other kind of tracking, Spyic has it all. Tracking a phone and everything on it was never this easy before Spyic.

Is your boyfriend cheating on you? don’t worry we have found a way to track your Boyfriend phones text messages in a couple of minutes

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