5 Best Apps to Track a Cell Phone Location without them Knowing

Track Phone Location

Cell phones are an essential part of life. We take them everywhere with us. However, the dominance of mobile phones has offered rise to communal issues such as cyberbullying, malicious attacks and much more.

To save your close ones from getting into any trouble, the best way is to be cautious about their social circle and interests. You must be worried about the extra possessiveness of your partner and kids towards their mobile phone and want to know the reason.

That’s the place where the location tracker comes in. You can track your loved ones with the help of spying applications. You can check where they have been secretive without hiring a spy agent. Stay with me to find out more about phone tracking applications.

Phone Tracker for Real-Time Monitoring

The greatest concern when following your children, employees or life partners is whether they’ll track you while spying over them or not. Regardless of your objectives, they won’t see it that way probably.

However, you should make sure that they won’t find you while spying over time. Choose the phone tracker wisely and keep your credentials secret. In this guide, we will look for the best spying applications which remain undetectable.

Cocospy, A Remote Phone Tracker

To get your remote Cocospy solution, visit Cocospy website and use its 100% working features. Cocospy is a world-class spying application that offers secret tracking of mobile phones. Millions of users rated Cocospy as best spying in more than 190 countries.

Cocospy is designed with a user-oriented interface so that novices can use it without reading long user manuals. With multi-language support, Cocospy is an easy-to-use spying application as you don’t have to learn any coding skills to spy over your spouse or kids.

Cocospy was featured as a reliable spying utility by many International media outlets such as Life wire, Toms Guide, Forbes, New York Times and PCMag. Cocospy database isn’t programmed to store your personal details so you don’t need to worry about data security.

Phone Location tack

Android Mobile Phone tracking via Cocospy

Cocospy is compatible with all operating systems so Tracking an Android phone with Cocospy isn’t a big deal at all. It doesn’t involve any rocket science to spy over the Android device with Cocospy.

Follow this step-by-step guide about Cocospy to track Android smartphones.

Step 1: Login/Signup

Navigate to the official website of Cocospy and click on the Signup button. This will open the new account setup wizard. Enter a valid email address and set your password.

how to Track Phone Location

If you don’t want to register with Cocospy, you can check out the live demo of its features and get a rough idea of how it works. Once you are satisfied with its utilities, you can move on to account creation without completing any human verification.

Step 2: Select device

Once you have successfully created your Cocospy account, the next window will ask you for the target device type. Select Android from the drop-down list to track Android mobile phones remotely.

Track Phone Location

You have to access the target device physically to install Cocospy. Cocospy is super-secretive as it runs out of sight after installation. Utilizing an infinitesimal measure of framework assets, CocoFax hides from the app drawer. Only you can view it with a secret code.

Step 3: Finish Installation

Hit the Finish button to complete the installation process. This will open the Cocospy dashboard. Cocospy will start the tracking process shortly and inform you about the current location of the target device. Cocospy helps you can get every bit of data from the target device.

Track Phone Location

Track iOS devices via Cocospy

Spying over iPhones and iPads is much easier than spying on other operating systems. The cloud-based technology of iOS devices provides the ease of remote spying. You don’t have to touch the device at all. Cocospy helps you to check their location history distantly.

Track Phone Location

All you have to do is get their iCloud credentials. Use the login id and password to install Cocospy remotely. Once you finish the installation wizard, it takes only 2 minutes for synchronizing the data with the Cocospy dashboard. Enable geofence alerts for creating a virtual boundary around the target device.

Track Phone Location

Web-based tracking with Cocospy’s Stealth Mode

Cocospy dashboards could be opened from any internet browser. Just grab any device with an active internet connection and navigate to the official website of Cocospy. All kinds of web browsers support Cocospy so don’t have to worry about your device specifications.

Track Phone Location

The stealth technology of Cocospy makes your tracking experience entirely discreet. The target user will never find Cocospy on their devices. It works stealthily in the background thus hiding your identity from being traced.

2. Spyier

Spyier is another trustworthy application for tracking the real-time location of your loved ones. It is a remote spying solution so that no one can trace you while spying over them. It works secretly employing next-generation technology and doesn’t save your personal details.

Track Phone Location

Spyier is compatible with all types of digital system including iOS and Android devices. You don’t have to jailbreak or root the target device for spying over it. Spyier is a user-friendly application that provides easy spying practices to beginners without any technical skills.

3. Minspy

Track a Cell Phone

Minspy is a reliable cell phone tracker that helps you to keep an eye on your kids and spouse 24*7. You can get their geographical coordinates along with timestamps of when and where they have been in the past few days.

Real-time location tracking helps you to watch over the places visited by your loved ones without them knowing it. Install Minspy on target iOS devices remotely and get their location history from your dashboard as Minspy pin the recent locations on the virtual map.

4. Spyine

Spyine is an incredible mobile phone tracker with fully-functional features. It can be utilized to follow the current location of someone without having access to their mobile phone. 

Track a Cell Phone Location

Spyine lets you track wirelessly through its web-based interface. You can save your family and friends from getting into any trouble by monitoring their activities round the clock. Not only the location but you can also view their social media profiles from Spyine dashboard.

5. Spyic

Spyic is a top-notch application to spy over someone without them knowing it. Incorporating many useful features, it stealthily gathers the location details of the target device and sends them to your Spyic dashboard which is accessible from any internet-capable device.

Track a Cell Phone Location

You can get GPS coordinates of the past and present check-ins made by your loved ones remotely. Get your Spyic solution with a free registration process and subscribe to monthly or premium packages to spy over more than one device concurrently. 


Now you can easily decide which online solution you should choose for tracking the location of your loved ones. You don’t have to stress over being caught while using these applications as your privacy is guaranteed. You can keep your identity hidden and use these spying applications remotely without any guidance. Signup to Cocospy and watch over someone’s activities and location history without them knowing it.

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