Top 10 Best Free VPN For Google Chrome in 2024 [UPDATED]

If you wise to download  best  free VPN for Google Chrome in 2024 then you have got the right place, we have got amazing free VPN which will help you to hide your privacy, this VPN extensions come with freeware use if you want to use premium then you can buy but the free version is more than enough, you will not need to buy a premium plan

Get Best VPN for your Google Chrome and get more security, you will be able to browse ad-free, unlock the word with the help of Google Chrome VPN

People Want to access everything on Google Chrom but they are not able to browser due to some county policy guidelines violation and website gets a block, In this case, Google Chrome VPN will help you to access any website without the hassle.

What is a VPN?

VPN means (Virtual Private Network) This is an encrypted connection which called VPN. We can hide our original IP address with the help of any VPN, I want to say in simple word, VPN is an encrypted connection which is provided by the company, we can easily get it, the encrypted connection helps to improve our privacy and make fake IP to show. There are several kinds of VPN available in the market, we can buy it and use Virtual Private Network service.

How to install VPN on Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Go to the Google apps section click here OR click on your favorite VPN link down below
  • Click on Add to Chrome and download it
  • Get to see, it will show you on the top bar, so click on VPN icon and setup
  • Choose your IP address location and Connet word-wide

Best VPN For PC Free Download for Google Chrome

Here we have covered the best free VPN for Google Chrome, check out the list of VPN and download for your browser.

1. Hola Vpn Free.

Hola VPN Free and Secure VPN Access websites blocked or censored in your country company or school and stream media with the free Hola Unblocker VPN proxy service, Hola is a free and ad-free VPN proxy service that provides faster and more open internet.

Hola is Free: Hola is free for non-commercial use. for commercial use hola charges a free, this helps keep Hola free for our users.

  • Internet Freedom.
  • Video Accelerator.
  • Ad-free browsing.
  • Community-powered VPN.
  • Opt out of the community.

Download Here

2. Hotspot Shield VPN.

Hotspot Shield VPN is the world’s most trusted VPN and Proxy, and it’s now available on google chrome with over 500 Milion downloads, Hotspot Shield easily lets you access blocked sites from around the world. Unblock Facebook, Twitter, and other popular sites while keeping your browser activities safe and private.

  • Most trusted VPN technology.
  • Access the world with no borders.
  • Protect your personal information.
  • Download Hotspot Shield. it’s free.
  • 500 Million User Access The Internet.

 Download Here

3. Betternet VPN.

Betternet We’re pleased to introduce unlimited free VPN by Betternet on your chrome browser it’s by far the easiest way to connect to the web without censor or restrictions. no ads, registration, no bullshit, we just protect your privacy and identity that’s it.

  • Unlock Any Website.
  • Use Steaming channels everywhere.
  • Protect your security and privacy.
  • No Registration Needed.
  • As Simple as a touch.

Download Here

4. MysteriumVPN

Mysterium VPN offers a unique, decentralized approach to online privacy using blockchain technology and a peer-to-peer network. It ensures strong encryption, enhancing security without a central point of failure. With its No Log design and 20,000 IPs at your disposal, you can experience the web as it should be—open, safe, and secure.

Mysterium VPN

While its decentralized nature may result in slightly slower speeds, Mysterium VPN compensates with robust privacy, making it ideal for users who prioritize privacy over maximum speed. It supports streaming and torrenting, has an intuitive interface, and provides flexible pay-as-you-go pricing. Discover the world’s #1 dVPN and enjoy true online freedom.

5. SaferVPN

Safer VPN Known for simplicity, stability, and ease of use, with our new chrome extension SaferVPN now offers you the fastest and simplest VPN benefits as you browse.

What is a VPN? a VPN is a Virtual Private Network a Technology that allows you to browse the web without restrictions, protect your privacy and security encrypt your internet traffic by settings up a private, secure connection to another network in another country.

  • The Fastest and simple VPN.
  • Access Blocked Sites.
  • Blazing Speed and ultimate streaming.
  • Superior bank-level VPN Security.
  • Unlimited Server Switching.

Download Here

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6. ZenMate VPN


ZenMate VPN The best cybersecurity solution. encrypt your connection, access our secure proxy servers and unblock websites easily. ZenMate VPN is the easiest way to stay secure and privately online, while accessing the content you love.

  • No logs. No Worries.
  • Made with Love in Germany.
  • 2 Clicks to unblock.
  • Watch Favorite Content.
  • Browse the web securely on any WI-FI connection.

Download Here

7. DotVPN

DotVPN Unblock websites and apps at school, work, home, or anywhere in the world. stay private online and protect yourself on public Wi-Fi. we are ready to introduce something which is better than VPN. it opens a whole new word in the era of identity protection and foiling censorship.

  • Simple is good.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • DotVPN for Everyone.
  • Cloud firewall protection.
  • Unlimited Data usage.

Download Here

8. Tunnello VPN

Tunnello VPN Fast, Simple and secure. the best solution to unblock any websites, videos or apps. bypass censorship and change your location. Up to 6GB of free data per month (200MB per Day).

  • Simplify your life.
  • Secured browsing.
  • Unlock all Sites.
  • No limits.
  • Easy, Fast, Effective.

Download Here


9. Touch VPN

Touch VPN Free Proxy to unblock any sites. unable to access some websites? worried about unprotected WI-FI hotspots? want to be anonymous and protected from surveillance and hacker? Touch VPN the secure VPN proxy is the best solution for you.

  • Access any website in any country.
  • Protect Your Data From Hacker.
  • Surf the web anonymously.
  • Fast and Easy To Use.
  • Touch VPN For Google Chrome.

Download Here

10. TunnelBear VPN

Tunnel Bear VPN Join over 20 million tunnelBear users who worry less about browsing on public WI-FI online tracking or blocked websites. TunnelBear for chrome is an incredibly simple extension that can help you.

  • Browse privately with a bear.
  • It.s Easy to enjoy a more open internet.
  • Independently audited.
  • Download a bear and start browsing privately.
  • Simple, Private, Free access.

Download Here

11. Hoxx VPN Proxy

Hoxx VPN proxy Sevices to unblock blocked websites, hide our location and encrypt your connections completely free. Hoxx VPN service can be used to bypass filtered or blocked websites that have been blocked by your government or school.

  • Easily unlock any site.
  • Stay safe on public WI-FI.
  • Change Your Locations.
  • Online privacy.
  • High Encryption.

Download Here

Top 10 Best Google Chrome VPN Extension

These were the best free VPN for your Google Chrome, I hope you like it, let us know which one is your favorite comment down below

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