Tools to avoid grammar mistakes while writing a paper in Google Docs

writing a paper in Google Docs

Proper grammar plays a vital role, providing the framework for these written ideas. In academic circles, being precise, clear, and coherent is paramount. The importance of mastering grammar in academic writing cannot be emphasized enough, as such errors can cloud the intended meaning, erode the author’s credibility, and impede understanding. If some written tasks seem too tricky for you, you can pay for essay writing and order help from professional authors.

In the article below, we discuss the main tools that help you to avoid grammar mistakes while writing a paper.

Google Docs’ Peculiarities

We are confident that there is hardly anyone engaged with the digital world who does not know about or use Google Docs. Its checking functions work in real-time as users type, which implies that potential errors become immediately visible as you write. This streamlines the process of identifying and addressing issues.

The primary advantage is that its tools are not confined to a particular operating system or browser; you can utilize them across a diverse array of various of them. The next pro is multiple language support that helps using a checking tool in languages other than English. 

How do you adapt them to your own needs? In Google Docs, find and click on the “Tools” option in the menu. Then, choose “Spelling and Grammar” and ensure the option “Show spelling suggestions” is checked.

To enable grammar checking as well, check the box labeled “Check grammar.”Also, you can open the spelling and check dialogue by pressing Ctrl + Alt + X (Cmd + Option + X on Mac). Lastly, it’s worth noting that Google Docs can be used seamlessly on laptops and smartphones without any loss in performance.


It stands as one of today’s most popular and renowned grammar-checking tools, delivering strong capabilities in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style checks. Moreover, premium users have access to plagiarism detection. We want to pay attention to the fact that it allows users to tailor the tool’s recommendations to their writing style. You can choose between different writing tones, including formal, casual, and more. 

To utilize it, you can easily install the add-on directly from the Google Workspace Marketplace and seamlessly integrate it with the platform. It’s worth noting that both free and premium versions are available, ensuring accessibility for a broad spectrum of users.

As previously mentioned, the premium variant offers advanced functionalities, including a plagiarism checker, along with more comprehensive writing insights.

Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker is a free yet sophisticated grammar checkers that can refine your content and remove all grammar, spelling, punctuation, and redundancy issues. This easy-to-use tool lets you quickly make your content more appealing and worth reading.

What distinguishes it from most free grammar checkers is its ability to locate all grammar and contextual mistakes that many other tools may ignore. Also, it identifies the issues and provides valuable suggestions to ensure clarity and refine your text.

And lastly, to use this outstanding tool, you never need to sign up using your Google or any other account. Just visit the website, paste your content, rectify grammar issues, and your content is ready to get submitted or published.


This tool is yet another potent resource for enhancing grammar and refining writing style, specifically crafted to assist writers in eliminating errors and enhancing their overall writing quality. This feature is going well with comprehensive grammar and spelling checks. One of its most intriguing features is the ability to tailor writing analysis according to your specific writing objectives, whether academic, creative, or any other writing genre.

Like the previous tool, you can access it via the Google Workspace Marketplace. It offers a free version with basic features and a premium version that unlocks more advanced writing checks and comprehensive reports.


This tool provides a range of features designed to serve both grammar enthusiasts and individuals seeking to enhance their language proficiency. Among its core functions, it excels at pinpointing and rectifying grammar and spelling errors in your text. Moreover, Ginger goes the extra mile by offering alternative ways to articulate your thoughts, thereby enhancing the overall clarity and fluency of your writing. What sets it apart is the presence of a personal English trainer feature aimed at aiding users in their quest to enhance their language skills.

Ginger seamlessly merges with Google Docs through a dedicated browser extension designed for Google Chrome enthusiasts. Once installed, it offers real-time functionality, allowing you to utilize its features as you write. Ginger provides both free and premium versions, with the free variant encompassing fundamental grammar and spelling checks.

On the other hand, the premium edition grants access to a broader array of advanced features alongside an ad-free user experience.


This tool stands as a versatile writing enhancement solution crafted to enhance the caliber of your written content, spanning diverse domains such as academic, professional, and creative writing. Its objective extends beyond mere error correction; it strives to elevate the overall quality of your writing, fostering conciseness, clarity, and reader-friendliness.

Accessing its capabilities is straightforward, as you can integrate it seamlessly into your Google Docs workspace. It offers a free version encompassing basic grammar and spell-checking while also presenting premium features that encompass advanced checks for style, tone, and clarity.

Furthermore, the premium version extends a wider array of suggestions and enhancements, rendering it an invaluable companion for dedicated writers seeking to elevate their craft.


A standout feature of this tool is its open-source nature, which carries significant advantages. Open source means that the tool’s source code is openly accessible to users and developers, allowing them to scrutinize, modify, and contribute to its development. This open approach fosters transparency and encourages a community-driven effort to enhance and refine the tool, ultimately benefiting all users. Similar to several previous tools mentioned, LanguageTool offers language support that extends well beyond just English.

It is compatible with a multitude of languages, making it a versatile choice for writers who work in diverse linguistic environments or require support for multiple languages in their writing endeavors.

This tool offers browser extensions, making it easy to integrate with popular web browsers like Google Chrome. In addition to browser extensions, it offers a desktop version that can be used independently of web browsers.


This article has shed light on several crucial points for fixing grammar in Google Docs. Use the list of tools and techniques we presented here in your writing. For optimal results in enhancing grammar and avoiding mistakes, we recommend a combination of the following Google Docs’ built-in grammar and spell-check features and using some third-party tool that fits you better.

Lastly, we encourage all writers to thoroughly proofread before submitting their papers. No tool can replace the careful review of your work. Review your document aloud, check for consistency, and verify that your ideas are clearly presented. By combining these tools and personal improvement strategies, you can significantly reduce grammar mistakes and elevate the quality of your writing in any of the mentioned earlier.

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