How to Spy a Phone without having it

If you are trying to spy on anyone’s mobile phone, then you have landed on the right page. Gone are the days when hacking was limited to programmers. The latest applications have made hacking easier even for novices.   

This article is all about how to monitor a mobile phone without any coding skills. You can spy on any mobile phone irrespective of its specifications and operating system. You can easily spy on a phone without accessing it physically using the below-mentioned method.

Just keep reading this useful guide about phone hacking till the end. Without any further delay, let’s get started to explore the best hacking practices for mobile phones.  

Spy on a Cell Phone without having it

When it comes to spying mobile phones, you don’t want anyone to doubt you. So, you should make sure that your identity remains hidden when monitoring someone. It’s important to secretly spy someone because if they find out about being monitored, it would probably lead to conflict.

That’s why; I will begin by showing you a technique that can let you keep an eye on anyone’s mobile phone without being noticed.

Minspy, a Remote Phone Spying solution

Minspy is leading the phone monitoring applications which is available on the Minspy official website. Due to its 100% working services, Minspy has been recognized by multinational media channels including PCMag, Android Authority, Forbes, Digital Trends and CNET.

How to Spy a Phone

Millions of users utilize Minspy for spying on a mobile phone from more than 190 countries. It is a reliable spying application so you don’t need to worry about your data privacy at all. The Minspy working mechanism is bug-free so that there are not any warning pop-ups.

Minspy is an online spying application that could be accessed from any internet browser. You can use your laptop or handheld devices to spy on someone from any corner of the world. Grab an internet-capable device and start spying remotely.

Spy a Phone

What does Minspy bring for you?

Minspy is a well-reputed spying application as you can use it to spy a phone without having it. Minspy comes up with more than 35 useful features for spying. However, a couple of them are highlighted here.

  • Social Media Spying

The web-based spying solution by Minspy gives you every single detail of the others’ social media accounts. This incorporates their online conversations, their post and other multimedia files shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms.

How to Spy a Phone
  • Location Tracking

Location tracking is the most useful feature of Minspy. It gives you the live location of the target users. Minspy records the recent check-ins of target mobile phones which you can view later on.

spy friends phone
  • Check Browser History

With Minspy, you can also check the browsing history of the target device. All the searches made by the mobile owner get recorded to the Minspy dashboard. Even after clearing the history, it will still be available to you.

spy phone software
  • Monitor SMS and iMessages

Minspy comes up with a message tracking feature. You can track the target user’s conversation remotely. SMS and iMessages are logged into Minspy dashboard which could be accessed by using your login credentials.

spy phone sms
  • Geo-Fence Alerts

You can create virtual boundaries for the target device. If the mobile phones get out of these specified locations, you will get automatically notified. However, the user doesn’t get informed of your spying practices.

spy phone location
  • Check Call History

Minspy allows you to sneak peek into anyone’s mobile phone without any privacy issue. You can track their call logs and view contact info easily. Click on the call tab in the Minspy dashboard to view the target mobile’s call history.

spy phone call history
  • View Photos and Calendars

You can also view the photos saved on the target device and save them to your Minspy account. Meetings saved on the target mobile phone’s calendar are also recorded to the Minspy dashboard.

spy phone photos

How to Spy a phone without having it via Minspy?

Hacking a mobile phone without touching it is quite easier with Minspy.  You don’t have to learn any hacking techniques to spy on someone’s mobile. The spying process is a little bit different for Android and iOS devices. However, the basic idea is the same.

Follow this step-by-step guide to spy on a phone with Minspy

Step 1:

Register your Minspy account if you are using it for the first time. Open the official website of Minspy and signup for your account.


Step 2:

Login your Minspy account and select the target device type either Android or iOS. For android devices, you should install the application by accessing the device physically at least once. However, the installation process for iOS devices is entirely remote. Get the iCloud credentials and install Minspy on iPhone without touching it.

spy phone software

Step 3:

Click on the start button after finishing the installation wizard. The Minspy dashboard will appear shortly which is used to view and record information. Minspy Dashboard is supported by all web browsers for your ease.

spy phone software

Why should you choose Minspy for spying?

There are various grounds behind selecting Minspy for spying due to its fully functional features. Yet, a few reasons are mentioned here:

  • Stealth Technology

The best thing about spying with Minspy is that your identity remains hidden. The target user is completely unaware of your spying practices. The stealth design of Minspy makes monitoring someone a complete secret process to keep your identity unknown.

  • Android Keylogger

Android keylogger makes Minspy standout amongst others. With a keylogger, you can find out everything that the other client types on their telephone. This incorporates usernames, passwords, messages, and even the web searches he made.

spy phone instagram
  • Information Security

Information protection and security of data is a major concern of Minspy. That’s why Minspy utilizes the best safety efforts to keep your data secured. Nobody but only you can see your private information. Minspy developers aren’t even allowed to view the user’s personal information. 

  • Jailbreak/Root free solution

Almost all spying applications require jailbreaking the target device due to the latest security measure of mobile phones. However, the next-generation technology of Minspy introduces root free spying solution for all operating systems. You don’t need to jailbreak the mobile phone to spy over it.

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