Showbox Shut down due to lawsuit | Reasons you need to know

The internet has always been a massive platform for sharing and streaming copyright content to the masses and that too for free. If you are not aware of Showbox shut down then you need to know everything to be secure.

Over the years, many legitimate websites have been used to publish such content but which take that down upon ownership claims and requests.

However, contrary to this, many other websites and apps have evolved on the internet which supports free promotion and complete access to such copyright content to millions of users worldwide.

Showbox Shut down

And while these independent websites and apps are difficult to be taken down or scrutinized for their illegitimate operations, they too face the fate of being shut down sooner or later.

In this article, we talk about the famous Showbox app which became a famous and widely used app but in the end met a similar fate of being shut down.

What is Showbox?

As evident from the introductory paragraphs, Showbox has been by far the most popular and widely used TV shows and movie streaming app on the internet.

It is almost like the other paid online video streaming apps and websites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

Why has Showbox become so popular?

Although Showbox remained alive for not so long a period of time, it still garnered a mass number of active users.

Perhaps the main reason for this was that the app offered a simple user interface, easy to navigate features, and no account sign-up restrictions that gave it an edge over other TV and movie online streaming websites and apps that also offered copyright content for free.

The Showbox also used similar sources of torrent websites and databases, which also have been repeatedly and heavily criticized for making available the copyright content to mass numbers of online audience for free, to index and stream high definition (HD) quality television shows and movies produced by various production and broadcasting companies.

Another important point to notice here is that despite the availability of legitimate websites and apps such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, iFlix, and Netflix, which all offer cheaper paid subscriptions and wide libraries of content from multiple genres, services like Showbox continue to thrive and grow popular among the internet users.

One obvious reason for this is that all the content that you see on television and movie cinemas are not at once brought to these online streaming platforms, whereas the apps and websites like Showbox are able to arrange this content not just at once they have been broadcasted or shown in cinemas, but sometimes even before their official releases.

What happened with Showbox app?

After successfully running for many years and serving millions of users worldwide during this time, suddenly the Showbox app in the month of November 2018 stopped working.

At first, users felt like it was a temporary error, an anomaly, but it later turned out that quite similar to other few free online video streaming apps and websites, Showbox from the last few months has also been under heavy objections and litigation acts from various sources that claimed it breached or infringed their contents ownership rights in different ways.

has Showbox shut down?

Since there was no official announcement from the Showbox team in this regard to validate and confirm the news of being under litigation and legal action due to the reason of accommodating streaming of copyright content, the real story remained undercover and no one exactly knew the reason of what happened and why it happened.

Later that year, the news came that the Showbox app service has again resurfaced and has been up, provided that it was no longer available from the same websites that were earlier promoting it, so for some users it had to be again downloaded and installed on their devices to resume their usage of the Showbox app.

This went on for a while until the Showbox app was once again taken down and it had never resurfaced back then from any other source or website.

Several users through social media platforms reported that once again the Showbox service has stopped working as the vast number of servers from where the Showbox app used to stream the available content had stopped functioning.

Whenever any user tried to launch the Showbox app or tried to play any content on the app, a black color message box popped up displaying an error message for not being able to continue forward and play the video.

Apparently, the reason for its vanishing again has also been linked with the reasons that were earlier discussed on internet forums about coming under legal action from different television and film industry media giants for allowing public access to their copyright content for free.

has Showbox shut down?

Reasons to Shut down Showbox suddenly

The reasons for shutting down services like Showbox and that too without any formal and prior announcement are nothing new and happen for very valid and genuine reasons, something that the app developers and the users clearly understand and anticipate to happen sooner or later.

If you have been a Showbox user, you already knew that the sources or websites that were promoting it weren’t the recommended platforms of your device OS manufacturers.

This means that all such websites and sources of Showbox downloading were also unofficial platforms, making it highly susceptible to facing something terrible along its successful journey.

Remember that all your favorite television shows and movies in the form of intellectual property are developed by investing huge financial prospects and therefore their producers have every legal right to place a heavy or nominal price tag or premium subscription fee over their usage by the audience.

Apps and services like Showbox pose a threat to the rightful revenue streams of these production houses and electronic media distribution and regularization agencies that are attached with offering their intellectual property to the audience.

Due to this reason, the owners and management of these big organizations initiated a campaign and filed legal suits against the Showbox app, as well as the websites and sources that were actively promoting its use.

Not only this, Showbox users were also advised to switch to legitimate apps that legally offered their premium content in return for a monthly subscription fee.

All users who tried downloading or using the app then were clearly notified that their actions were being monitored and they could likely face a legal suit filed against them as well.

This massive and simultaneously occurring legal strike against the Showbox developers, promoters, and also its users, has been the main reason why the Showbox service hasn’t been able to return despite the numerous rumors that talked about its relaunch on several dates.

News of its return in 2020

In October of 2019, once again the news of the return of the Showbox app was heard through the social media platforms but no official announcements in this regard were ever made.

And even though that the entire year of 2020 has passed and now it is January 2021, the Showbox app itself hasn’t resurfaced and chances are that it won’t ever resurface as well due to the critical and highly illegal nature of its service.

Some Legit way which you can try


Even though the story of the Showbox app is over now, there are still a few alternative apps on the internet that offer similar nature services.

But again the problem with these apps is that they can always and at any time face similar situations like Showbox and vanish completely as if they never existed in the first place.

In addition to this, such apps also pose a threat to your privacy in return to offering you premium content for free.

So it is always a wise decision to avoid using such apps and instead prefer using legitimate apps and websites for online video streaming of your favorite television shows and blockbuster movies.

Moreover, the platform has shut down, don’t get in trouble to promote or use it. If you have Anything to share on Showbox Shut down due to a lawsuit, all reasons you need to know then comment below with your conclusion.

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