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Do you want to download videos from YouTube? You need a viable downloader like But can you trust this website? YouTube will not permit you to download videos to your computer. They want you to return to their platform over and over again.

Therefore, most people are willing to experiment with risky sites like But is not your only option.

What is Site? downloads videos from the internet. You don’t have to limit your downloads to YouTube. It can acquire content from other resources, including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. But YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website in the world. Therefore, most people use to download YouTube videos

Is Safe for downloading videos?

It depends on who you ask. For the most part, is safe. This is what you should know:

1. Age was created in 2008. People have used the platform to download videos for over ten years. That wouldn’t happen if were unsafe. The site has only persisted on the internet because it is safe and reliable. 

2. Installation

People love the platform because you don’t have to download and install it. is not the only YouTube downloader in the world.

There are better applications online. But you have to install them. This is a problem because it exposes consumers to viruses and malware. But is a website, not an application. You don’t have to expose your system to threats to use it, which is why people that don’t trust the site are willing to try it. 

3. Ads

This is where the site fails. is free. You don’t have to pay money to use it. But if that is true, how do the developers survive? How do they keep it running? They use ads. Most websites on the internet have ads.

But has taken things too far. First of all, they have too many ads. Everything you do on the site launches an ad, which is very annoying. Secondly, you cannot trust the ads. Some of them lead to dangerous portals with malware.

This is why people question its security. They are afraid of infecting their computers with viruses.

4. Extension

The website offers an extension that simplifies the process of using its services. Is this extension safe? No one knows for sure. The extension has not given the internet community a reason to doubt it. Unfortunately, you cannot find it in the Chrome Store.

If that wasn’t disturbing enough, Google Chrome won’t let you install the extension. That is troubling, so much so that it has discouraged many people from using the extension. 

Does this make unsafe? Not necessarily. These factors should encourage you to apply caution whenever you use the website. 

How To Use It? is as straightforward as they come. To download a YouTube video, do the following:

  • Go to YouTube
  • Find the video you want and copy the link
  • Paste the link in the field provided by
  • Click ‘Download.’

6 Best Alternative Sites to Download YouTube Videos

You don’t have to use if you don’t trust the site. You have other options, including:

1. Downvids


Downvids does not support downloads from as many sources as But it is perfectly adequate for people that want videos from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can download content in any quality that suits you.

With Downvids, you can choose from a list of resolutions. It works just like You copy a link from YouTube and then paste it inside the Downvids website. 

Visit website


This downloader is fast and lightweight. It won’t affect the operations of your computer. The platform supports 4K and 8K downloads. You can convert videos into various formats to fit the target device and audience. The interface is user-friendly. It is very easy to navigate and manipulate. 

Visit website

3. Online Video Converter

 Online Video Converter

You can use the online video converter to download videos from various websites. You can also convert them into numerous formats. Many people have touted the application as the best downloader on the market because it doubles as a screen recorder.

More importantly, you can convert any piece of content you upload. The application’s features are not restricted to the videos you downloaded. 

Visit website

4. 4K Video Download

4K Video Download

If you’ve ever wanted to download videos from Vimeo, Twitter, and Facebook, this application is the answer to your prayers. They support over a dozen languages, including Russian, Polish, and German.

You can download and then transfer videos to iTunes. You can also download 3D videos. The platform has a converter. But you have to pay to use it. Nonetheless, the free version has plenty of appealing features. 

Visit website

5. Ingramer


Ingramer is not as impressive as some of the other options on this list. It can only download videos from three sources. Don’t expect the resource to offer the best download quality. In that regard, you are better off using

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6. Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter

Like, this alternative option can download videos from a variety of sources, including Daily Motion, Metacafe, and Facebook. The site promises a secure experience that is free of ads and malware. 

Besides downloading videos, you can convert them to new formats, extract visual content from CDs and DVDs, burn DVDs and perform edits. 

But if you don’t have access to, Ingramer is a decent alternative. It utilizes the same simple procedure as More importantly, you don’t have to register or create an account. You can start downloading videos immediately. The interface is user-friendly. 

Visit website


You have several good reasons to use The platform seems shady because the interface is saturated with ads. But if you know what you’re doing, you can easily avoid the ad-ware. is only dangerous for newcomers because they are more likely to trust the platform’s ads.

It is also worth noting that the website is unavailable in the US because of copyright issues. Therefore, if you can’t access the downloader because of your location, feel free to try the alternatives listed above. 

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