Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5: Reasons Why This Might Be Your Next Phone

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

The Z Fold Model and Customers’ Needs

We are in autumn which means the air is full of conversations about new Apple products, especially the iPhone 15 models. Whether it is good or bad, we are living in times when people make a choice to buy a smartphone based on the brand mostly. The influence of heavy marketing is pretty much noticeable when everyone tells about what they want but less commonly – what they need. When it comes to smartphones, customer needs are very important, and one of the reasons is that technology has become so expensive that you have to make sure you are not wasting your money.

iPhone’s main rivalry is the Samsung Galaxy lineup, with outstanding smartphones that have rich features as well as appearance. Since there are several phones in the mentioned lineup, we decided to concentrate on only one of those – the Galaxy Z Fold phones, which weeks ago released the 5th series, along with its “sister” model, the Galaxy Flip 5.

Let us be straightforward in this regard: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold phones are not very affordable; moreover, those are considered expensive phones, and even more expensive than any iPhone in the market has ever been. It costs around $2000—a price that could be paid for a good laptop, indeed. However, mobile phone enthusiasts know what they need and why, hence let’s get into the topic, where we will underline several reasons why would you possibly need this upgrade.

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Online Crypto Gaming is on the rise, and so is the demand for larger screens 

It is not a secret that online gaming is one of the most popular activities among smartphone users. Although there are many types of games and offers, we particularly highlight the demand for online crypto gaming, given the fact that cryptocurrencies have found their stable place in smartphones and mobile wallets, so people who enjoy mobile games, mostly consider using crypto money.

The variety of online crypto games offers secure transactions, which is why the popularity of crypto and mobile games are correlated. Now, people who frequently play games on phones, value the large screen, which is more convenient and of course, healthy for the eyes, reducing eye fatigue. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Galaxy Z Fold 5 is a perfect match for game players who want to have a good smartphone, but also a large screen device. The advantage of this smartphone is the folding itself, because whenever you want to use it as a phone, feel free to keep it folded, and in case it is game time, just unfold the phone.

On top of this, besides the screen size, the quality of that screen is a significant game-changer, providing rich colors and an impressive gaming experience that may not only attract gaming fans but also those who just want to try a game to experience the power of the Z-Fold screen.

The Ability to Multitask with a Smartphone Better than Ever

Look at the statistics on how the prices of mobile phones have changed over the decades. Our phones are now more pricey because they are capable of doing more than a mobile phone would be supposed to do. At a certain point, people started using their portable devices as a computer even for work purposes. Today, 70% of employees continue to interact with their phones while being at the workplace. Although sometimes it’s just because of phone addiction, in many cases people keep their phones closer because it helps to multitask, and because some of us keep files, documents, and images in our smartphones which we consider a safe place. 

A large number of employees have work-related applications and logins on their phones, allowing themselves to be present in the business while being away, or having lunch, for example. We end up at a point where smartphones have partially become a portable PC for us. And here is the necessity of a device that has no operational problems with multitasking.

Thanks to its large screen, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is a brilliant choice to open several windows and applications on the same screen, without feeling the limits of the screen. Moreover, it can be half-folded on the table and serve as a small computer for those who type a text or edit a video. So, if multitasking is a priority, then this phone is the first choice, without a doubt. 

You are an Early Adopter of the Upcoming Changes

The evolution of smartphones is a very interesting topic to analyze. In the beginning, there was tough competition between Samsung and iPhone for the sake of the thinner phone. Then the wild clash arose for the better and bigger camera. We all understand that this cannot go any further, hence smartphones take another path to evolve, and it’s the path that Galaxy Z Fold has: Not just a smartphone with new standards. 

The analysis and predictions show that the future of smartphones is the foldable option, and this is one of the most possible scenarios. There is a limit on enhancing camera capabilities, so phones will develop in a way that Galaxy Z fold does currently. Those who want to become early adopters of the future technology will definitely go with this product, leading to new market demands.

Of course, being an early adopter is not always easy and exciting, because there are some downfalls as well. For instance, this Samsung smartphone is a real powerhouse but it can also be a little uncomfortable in the pocket since it’s quite thick while folded. Moreover, it has 3 cameras that make it even thicker. On top of this, some people prefer having a phone case, which makes the device less portable, heavier, and even thicker. But this is okay because everything comes with a price and if people want to do more with their smartphones, maybe the compromise of comfort and portability is the price. 

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