Ripple Emulator Download and Install

Are you looking for a Ripple emulator what it is and how to download and install it on your computer? This article will cover everything you need to know about Ripple Emulator, including how to install it on Google Chrome and Firefox.

Ripple Emulator

What is Ripple Emulator?

Ripple emulator is a cloud-based iOS Emulator for Windows, specifically designed for testing HTML5 based applications. It is the chromes extension; hence visiting any site for it is not required. Ripple emulator is a multi-platform mobile emulator that helps you to promptly see how the application seems and functions on several platforms and mobile devices while using PhoneGap APIs and Blackberry WebWorks fastly in a browser-like setting. 

Ripple emulator can perform automatic testing and emulation in real-time without restarting the emulator of multiple devices and screen resolution, HTML DOM inspection, and JavaScript debugging. The ripple emulator decreases the difficulty faced by mobile developers caused by division in the market. 

How to Use a Ripple Emulator? 

Following are the key steps to use a Ripple Emulator.

  • Drop the cordova.js file back into your folder root and check its reference. You can grasp it from lib\android\example\assets\www\ from any downloadable version of PhoneGap.
  • Install Ripple Emulator extension on your google chrome extension.
  • Start your local webserver and run your mobile application HTML code remember (testing through direct file access is mainly possible in Ripple Emulator, but highly not advisable and may produce unpredictable results).
  • Click the Ripple Emulator icon on the address bar of the chrome extension and then click enable.
  • Make sure to accept the license agreement and also select a suitable platform.
  • Click the Ripple emulator again and start the Ripple Services if it does not starts automatically.
  • At last, you just have to select the destination device and start working with Ripple.
How to Use a Ripple Emulator?

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How to Install Ripple Emulator in Chrome?

Before starting to download, remember if you have already installed a version of the Ripple emulator. You do not have to worry about it; you need to have an active internet connection, as it will upgrade automatically in the background. And if does not start automatically go to the chrome extension and upgrade all the extension from there it might help.

How to Install Ripple Emulator in Chrome?
  • First of all, download the Ripple Emulator.
  • Open a Google Chrome browser.
  • Paste the chrome://extensions/ in the address bar of google chrome as it opens up. Then press Enter after that, so the chrome Extension window opens.
  • Open the file explorer tab and after that, move to the specific location where you have downloaded the file.
  • Search out the ripple_ui.crx file in your file explorer window, and drag the CRX file into the Google chrome extension place, keeping in mind that you will get the error message if you attempt to drag the file from the address bar.
  • When you add the chrome extension, just click Add. In case no prompt pops up on your screen, clear your browser’s cache, and after that try once again dragging and dropping the file. If it still does not pop up, clear your cache and restart the browser.
  • A Ripple button is added to your Chrome extension, and it also appears in the toolbar of Google Chrome. You can now start the ripple emulator to test your WebWorks applications. 
How to Install Ripple Emulator in Chrome?

Ripple Emulator is an excellent tool for testing HTML 5-based applications, and it runs on Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera Mini. I hope this tutorial was helpful; if you encounter any errors during installation, please leave a comment below.

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    I Can’t install,
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