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The Dreamcast was a failure. It was discontinued back in 2001. And yet, two decades later, people are still playing Dreamcast games, which is why emulators like Reicast are so popular.

Gamers want to recapture the joy they felt when they played video games on the Dreamcast in the 1990s. But they don’t have the patience required to find, buy, and configure a Dreamcast. Reicast is the next best thing.

What is Reicast?

Reicast is a Dreamcast emulator. The open-source program is compatible with Android, Windows, Switch, Linux, and the PS4. The developers took inspiration from nullDC and nullDCe’s code.

The emulator was an immediate hit because it had a higher internal resolution than its competitors, delivering superior visuals that did not rely on stretching the original image.  


Even though it has so many rivals, many people are calling Reicast the best Dreamcast emulator on the market. The application’s only significant weakness is the absence of revisions and updates.

But that can’t be helped. The developers abandoned the emulator. Stefanos released an announcement a while ago informing Reicast users that he was moving on from the emulator.

He attributed his decision to the fact that he couldn’t find developers to work on Reicast. He also blamed the 2019 Libretro controversy. As far as Stefanos was concerned, Reicast users had plenty of alternative Dreamcast emulation projects to choose from.

The developer’s fans agreed with his assessment. Reicast was not the only Dreamcast emulator on the market. Nonetheless, they mourned the emulator’s demise because it had been a mainstay of the Dreamcast community for so many years.

You can still download Reicast. But you should do so with the knowledge that works on the project has stopped. Don’t expect any new versions of the emulator down the line. If you encounter bugs and glitches, you shouldn’t expect fixes and updates. 

Experienced retro gamers are more likely to enjoy Reicast than newcomers because they can tinker with the emulator until it does what they want. 

File Size3.74 MB
PlatformAndroid, Windows
DateApr 20th, 2020

Download Reicast for Android

PC Version

How To Install Reicast?

  • Download Reicast from a secure source. 
  • Look for the Dreamcast Bios. You can’t run Reicast without it. Many Reicast sources will also offer the Bios. Look for ‘dc_boot.bin.’ If the file you downloaded has ‘Bios’ instead of ‘Boot,’ you can just change the name. 
  • Make sure you have ‘dc_flash.bin.’
  • Create a new folder called ‘DC.’ If the emulator came as a zipped file, extract the contents of the file into ‘DC.’ If you have a smartphone, create the folder in the root of the SD card. 
  • Create a folder called ‘Data’ inside ‘DC.’ Place the Bios and flash files inside ‘Data.’
  • You can launch the emulator.

How To use Reicast?

  • Download Dreamcast games. Look for the following extensions: .cdi, .gdi, and .chd.
  • Format the memory card. Otherwise, you can’t save your progress. 
  • Use the browsing system in the emulator’s interface to find the games in your device’s storage. 


Even though Reicast is one of the best Dreamcast emulators in the world, you should think twice before downloading it because it was discontinued. It can still deliver the impressive visuals and smooth performance that made the application famous. But you must realize that it won’t receive revisions or updates in the future. 

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