How to recover deleted data using MiniTool

MiniTool is one of those companies that rarely gets the credit it deserves, especially when you consider the wide range of products it offers. Then again, many people act dismissively towards MiniTool because they don’t know what the company does, let alone what they offer.

Data recovery

What is MiniTool?

MiniTool is a software development company. People think MiniTool is Chinese because the founder is Wei Ming. But they are actually based in Vancouver, British Columbia. They provide business solutions to individuals and businesses alike in the areas of data backup, data recovery, and partition management. 

They have managed to accumulate over 40 million downloads in the years since they opened their doors. People love the company because they customize their products to fit the unique needs of customers from different backgrounds. 

They can tailor their offerings to match the requirements of an organization of any size. 


Some people think that MiniTool is a program. But that is not true. MiniTool is a company that makes software. This is what you should know about them:

1. Products

Their catalog of products is extensive. It includes MiniTool Android Recovery, Partition Wizard, iOS Recovery, Power Data Recovery, Mac Photo Recovery, Shadowmaker, Photo Recovery, Moviemaker, Video Converter, and uTube Downloader. 

2. Payment

They accept PayPal and credit card payments. But you have to email them beforehand to acquire their banking information. 

3. Shipping

Because they sell software, you have to download their products. They make deliveries electronically. If you make a successful payment, they will send you the download link and license key via email. They send this information just minutes after a successful purchase. You can also request an invoice.

4. Guarantee

They offer money-back guarantees. This will put skeptics at ease.

5. Trial

They offer a trial version of their software. You can take their programs for a test drive before buying them.

6. Systems

Their programs support every modern operating system on the market. 

7. Recovery

The paid version of their recovery software allows you to recover unlimited quantities of data. It can restore the original folder structure. But it can’t repair corrupted files. Additionally, it can’t recover overwritten files.

How To Use Deleted Recovery Data?

Did you buy the MiniTool Power Data Recovery program? Using the application isn’t particularly difficult. Just follow these steps:

Data recovery

Step 1. Once MiniTool sends the link, download the application. Don’t buy this software from any other location. The official website is the most secure option. It will also autodetect your system. This allows the browser to highlight the appropriate version of the recovery software.

Step 2. Once you download it, find the program in your storage and run the setup. It will download a few more files before it finishes the installation process. In other words, you need internet access.

Step 3. If you installed the software correctly, you can go ahead and launch it. The interface will show you your computer’s drives. 

Step 4. Select a location and scan for deleted files. You can scan the entire drive. The program will show you the lost files. 

Step 5. You don’t have to wait for the program to show you every file. You can pause the scan once you find the files you want. The application comes with a search tool. Use it to search for specific file names. If the lost files are images, you can see a preview if you remembered to download the previewer. The previewer is not downloaded by default. If you don’t have it, you can download the previewer as an addon. 

Step 6. Select the files you want to keep by clicking their checkboxes. If you’re satisfied with your selections, click ‘Save.’

Step 7. Specify the folder that will hold the recovered files. Don’t save the recovered files on the same drive from which they are being recovered. Once you’re done, you can click ‘OK.

Step 8. At this point, you can sit back and wait for the recovery process to complete. This may take a few seconds or hours, depending on the size of the files.


Once the recovery process completes, a dialog box will alert you. If you have the free package, you can only recover a limited number of files. Therefore, the dialog box will also show you the amount of data left on your quota. 


As you can see, MiniTool is a diverse organization that offers a variety of software products. Their recovery tool is especially convenient because you can recover up to a gigabyte of data for free. 

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