How to Receive Fax Online for Free

How to Receive Fax Online for Free

Fax has always been a preferred communication method for official use. Most businesses are still relying on faxing for sharing important data among employees. 

The fax machine is an important apparatus for sending and receiving the fax. A few years ago, people were not able to do so without a fax machine. But today, sending and receiving fax is not only possible but an effortless and most adapted procedure. 

You can send and receive fax conveniently by just using your computer with an active internet connection. Fax machines are hard to manage as you have to invest a fine amount of money to buy them while maintaining fax machines is also difficult. Follow this guide to have a know-how of free online faxing.  

Online Fax transfer without using Fax Machine

In the modern age, fax is still preferred by professionals in a need to share confidential information. Faxing helps save data from third parties so that no one can sneak peek into your private information. Fax machines are vanishing as internet faxing is gaining popularity day by day.

For using fax machines, you need to be at your work desk all the time not to miss any fax. However, internet fax service providers here liberate you from this hassle. You can send and receive faxes from any device including laptops, android smartphones or iOS devices even when you are not at the workplace.

CocoFax- a free Online Fax Service Provider

Yes, you can believe what you just read. CocoFax is an all in one fax solution when being asked about how to receive faxes online for free. CocoFax is a technological solution tailor-made for you.  No need to check the specifications of your computers to receive online faxes. CocoFax has made faxing an entirely automated and convenient process for business owners and individual users.


CocoFax offers a better faxing experience through computers without connecting any hardware tools. Timers, paper and a dedicated landline connection are all unnecessary for receiving fax now. Get CocoFax services to relieve yourself from the hassles brought by Fax machines. 

How does CocoFax works for receiving fax online

Fax machines were designed many years ago whereas the advent of technology made computers a faster communication medium for information sharing. The computer is a digital platform where fax machines work on analog signals. CocoFax plays the role of a translator between them.

online fax

To explore the usage of CocoFax, check this post. CocoFax bridges the gap between them and translates the information communicated between both devices. It converts the file formats during transmission. CocoFax offers a variety of services for expedient faxing. The easy to use interface of CocoFax has made it a convenient faxing solution. 

1. The email-to-fax solution of CocoFax 

By default, you cannot use your email address to receive fax as email and fax work on different transmission mediums. However, CocoFax has made it possible by introducing an email faxing solution.

email to fax

You can use a variety of email clients for using CocoFax, either Yahoo, Gmail or any other. Follow this step-by-step guide for a detailed description of using CocoFax with email.

Email to Send Fax with CocoFax

Step 1: Signup to CocoFax

Register your email account with CocoFax. Log in to your CocoFax account and avail free trial for 30 days. CocoFax also offers free fax numbers for new users. Make sure that you have a valid email address.

online fax for free


Step 2: Open Email

After registering your email address, open your email from any web browser or email client. Create a new email, and get started with this fabulous email-to-fax solution!


Step 3: Create Fax

Sending a fax through email accounts is like sending casual emails. Fill in the required information as you can’t proceed without this.

Add receiver address incorporating “” as if the receiver fax number is 12345 then you should enter You are also allowed to enter the fax title and cover page by typing in the Subject and body of a new email.

Documents are added as attachments for sending a fax with email. The required document name should not contain any special character for the smooth delivery of the fax. You can add word documents, excel sheets, a pdf or images as an attachment for fax. 

receiver fax

Step 4: Send Fax

Make sure that you have entered the correct receiver address. Hit the send button and CocoFax will transfer it to the receiver fax machine by converting it into a tiff document. 

After the successful transmission of files, you will be notified by an automatic email alert. Unsent fax documents are also followed by automated alerts so that you can resend them.

Receive Fax to Email with CocoFax

You can get all the faxes sent to you using the free fax number provided by CocoFax. No procedure needs to be followed for receiving faxes with CocoFax

When someone sends you a fax, CocoFax sends an email notification. You can open the email to check the fax content and sender details. CocoFax translates received faxes into pdf format as tiff format is transmitted by fax machines.


You do not have to keep your email account active all the time. CocoFax transfers faxes even if you don’t have an internet connection. Once you get connected to the internet, you can access these faxes from any email client. 

2. Free Fax from Computer with CocoFax

CocoFax also offers a computer-based faxing solution without a phone line. Sending and receiving a fax with a computer does not require heavy fax machines and a dedicated landline connection thus easing the fax users. 

Send Free online Fax from Computer

For sending fax online, signup with CocoFax to get a free trial for 30 days and a free fax number. Open the dashboard and navigate to a new tab for creating a fax document.

You can attach the files, enter receiver details, subject and cover pages for the fax documents you want to send.  File formats supported by CocoFax include pdf, Xls, doc, jpg, and png. 

Hit the send button after filling in all the details and CocoFax starts translating the data into a fax document. All faxes sent by computers require a working internet connection. CocoFax also provides free alerts for the successful or unsuccessful delivery of the fax.


Receive Free online Fax from computer

You wouldn’t have to do anything to receive a fax. CocoFax does the fax receiving process automatically for you. You don’t have to keep your computer turned on for this purpose.

Login your CocoFax account to check your received faxes rather than buying a fax machine. After opening the CocoFax dashboard, click on the inbox folder to check all faxes sent to your fax number.

CocoFax inbox contains all the received faxes with timestamps and transmission logs. Sender details are also attached to CocoFax received faxes. Free online receiving of fax has made faxing quite easier.

3. Web-based online Fax using CocoFax

CocoFax has also introduced a web-based solution for sending and receiving faxes online without any charges. Open the official website of CocoFax and create your account. You can get a free fax number and 30 days trial for using CocoFax for the first time. 


You can create new faxes with CocoFax using any browser and send them to other computers, email them or directly communicate with the fax machine. All you need is to get the receiver fax number and CocoFax does the translating and transmission processes without human intervention.

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