Premiere Pro Free Download Windows/Mac (2024)

You can produce anything on Premiere Pro 2024, no matter what you are creating of film or of basic video it allows you to take your editing level Max level. You can download and install Premiere Pro on your Windows and macOS computer for a free full version with all the latest features.

Premiere Pro Free

Adobe Premiere Pro is another level of video editing software that provides you an advanced timeline and powerful features. The software is developed by Adobe which is a trusted company. They regularly release new features like Text gradients, Lebel Colors for captions, and caption trimming. Update your version and get new features.

It can easily handle 4K and 8K videos, so if you are wondering about the best video editor for ultra high resolution, it can be a convenient editor. It brings automation to reformat video functionality to accelerate your workflow, best suitable for social media content. Advanced Color grading, Adobe Sensei AI, and support 3D, 2D editing.

If you are looking for professional editing software and want to create a high-budget film, it will fulfill all your requirements. Now without wasting a lot of time, let’s download Premiere Pro for free.

Download and Install Premiere Pro for Windows

If you are looking for how to download Premiere Pro for Windows then you need to follow the instructions below. The editor is released for Windows 7/8/10.

Step 1: Download Premiere Pro Installer

To Install the editor, first, you need an installation file to extract on your system, you can find a below link click on that to start downloading the file size is less than 300MB.

Download Premiere Pro Installer

Step 2: Install Adobe Creative Cloud 

Go to the download folder and run the installer file, the file should be in (.exe) format. You will need WinRAR archiver software to unpack it, first right-click on the installer then click on “Extract File”. It will start the extraction process.

Now you have extracted the folder, open it then find the “Set-up.exe” file to run, this is the main file that needs to be install, finish the Creative Cloud installation. After that, you need to enter an Email ID and password. In case you don’t have one, register a new one.

Download Premiere Pro Installer

Everything is good, now you can download Premiere Pro on your desktop. Make sure you have connected to the fast internet.

Step 3: Get Premiere Pro 

When you complete the Creative Cloud installation, run it and set it up. Now you need to search “Premiere Pro” in the searching bar or you can scroll down to check. When you find it, you get 2 options “Try or Buy” so you have to click on the “Try” button to start downloading.

Download Premiere Pro Installer

Now click on the “Cloud” icon that you can find at the top of the menu, and confirm if it is downloading or not. It will download with the latest edition with all newly released features and can take a few minutes to save because of the larger file.

Download Premiere Pro Installer

These methods work only when you have Creative Cloud installed on your desktop, what if you don’t have it, then here is a solution.

Windows 10 
Windows 10
Windows 8, 7 
Windows 10, 8, 7
Download Download Download Download 

Other Methods to download 

When you have an offline installation file on your computer then you have to follow the below steps to complete the installation.

Go to the folder and run the “Set-up.exe”, if it is in WinRAR format, extract it then run. Now you will get a Pop-up Window on your desktop with some options, it asks you to select “Language” and “Location”. If you want to change your installation location then click on the locations option and select that “Partition and Folder” where you want to save files.

Now click on blue “Continue” to start installing, now you can see the progress bar with a percentage countdown so wait until it reaches 100%. Don’t close windows. After a few minutes, you get an Install complete successful message, click on the close button and run it from your Desktop or Taskbar.

It can take a few minutes to complete its first impression.

Now finally we have downloaded and installed Premiere Pro on your computer or laptop without a single error, you can start editing your videos and expressing yourself. 

Download Premiere Pro

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System Requirements

Operating SystemWindows 7/8/10 and macOS
ProcessorIntel 6th Gen or Newer
RAM8GB Minimum for better performance 16GB (4K) Editing
Storage8GB Free disk space
Display1280 x 800
Setup Size1.18GB

Download Premiere Pro for macOS

Adobe Premiere Pro is not an Apple Product but you can download it on your Mac Machines. Here is how.

  • First, download Premiere Pro macOS Version
  • Run it then click on “Above click to start installing
  • Sometimes macOS blocks untrusted software to install
  • Go to the System Preferences then Security and Privacy
  • Now you need to allow it if it’s not installing
  • Enter your email and password to log in with creative cloud
  • Now search Premiere Pro and click on the “Try” button to start downloading

When you complete the installation, launch it to test how does it work. The editor is well optimized for the macOS platform but you cannot expect performance like Final Cut Pro X which is developed by Apple and optimized with hardware.

macOS v10.12 or later Apple M1 computersmacOS v10.11 or earlier 
Download Download Download 

Adobe Premiere Pro.exe System Error

When you install Adobe Premiere Pro and run it on your PC, this message occurs “The code execution cannot proceed because MFPlat.DLL was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this Problem” If you are getting this error, follow the below instructions.

  • Open Taskbar
  • Go to Settings and select Apps & Features
  • Now click on “Optional Features
  • Then Click on “Add a feature
  • Now search “Media Feature Pack
  • Select it and click on the “Install” button. It takes few seconds.
  • Now Restart your PC and run Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro.exe System Error

This time this message will not pop up and you can enjoy your editing without an error.

Fix Adobe Premiere Pro 20/21 System Compatibility Report Error

If you have installed Premiere Pro 20/21 for the first time and you have opened it you might get this issue: system compatibility report this error usually shows up if you have outdated graphic card drivers or if you are using outdated chipset or graphic cards which are not supported by Premiere Pro 2024.

Fix Adobe Premiere Pro 20/21 System Compatibility Report Error

So to fix this issue what you need to do is you need to update the drivers for your integrated chipset as well as graphic.

If you have Intel HD graphics or Nvidia graphic cards, you need to update these drivers if you don’t know how to update the drivers for your Intel HD graphics and NVIDIA graphic cards. You need to simply visit the official website of your graphics, download the latest driver and install.

If you are using an older generation Intel CPU I want to get rid of this sister compatibility report by opening the Premiere Pro tangibility.

When you get this error, click on continue with known issues and create a new project once you have created the new project from the menu click on edit and click on preferences and click on General tab under the general tab at the bottom you have an option called as show system compatibility issues at startup you have to disable this option and click on OK.

Now restart the Premiere Pro and it will work fine. But if you have the minimum hardware specifications as required by the premier Pro 20 20 you will not get this system compatibility report issues.

Fixed Premiere Pro Cannot Play the Video Problem

When you press the play button, it shows an error. You cannot press the stop button and the video doesn’t play and the video also does not appear. So what to do? Here are the few steps that you have to follow to fix it.

  • Go to “Edit” – Preferences- Audio Hardware
  • Change the “Device Class” from ASIO to MME
  • Then press “OK” 
  • Problem is Solved 

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What Difference between After Effects and Premiere Pro?

Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing program that is wonderful for organizing a big quantity of recorded audio and video stuff. It is ideal for taking bits and pieces from different clips and arranging them sequentially, which is why Premiere Pro allows you to add more than one video on the same video track, allowing you to effortlessly put together a full film project from start to finish.

Adobe After Effects, on the other hand, is a video compositing program that is great for stacking a large number of different videos and other visual material on top of each other and then using different tools to blend cut and merge all of those layers back together into a single compositor shot because After Effects is a video compositing program rather than a video editing tool.

After Effects VS Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro does allow you to have multiple video layers on top of each other, and you can add various effects to them. This is not focused on producing animated titles, color correcting and calibrating your film, or blurring off someone’s face since they murdered a bunch of people if you want to go beyond the fundamentals and aim at integrated animations.

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Effects of particles Add new elements to your scene, work in 3D, or create extremely complicated visual effects. Because Adobe After Effects is focused on compositing several layers of visual material together into a final shot, you will most likely have a separate composition for each of them.

Premiere Pro, on the other hand, is focused on editing diverse audio and video material together into a single sequence. It does playback all by default and comes with a huge number of transitions that you can easily add between subsequent clips.

Color correction and color grading are also much easier in Premiere Pro since it includes several essential features such as reference monitors and scopes that allow you to study the color in your video and make better-educated judgments.

Knowing the difference between Premiere Pro and After Effects for video editing and compositing is critical, as is knowing when to utilize which one.

Is Premiere Pro worth buying?

Premiere Pro is not a basic video editor, therefore it is primarily dependent on your project; if you want to cut, trim, and merge videos, Premiere Pro will not be a good investment. If you want to make a short film or work as a freelancer, you can use it as a tool. The editor includes all features, from basic to complex, to ensure that your needs are met.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a good source of learning professional video editing, it lets you try its free version to test how it works, timeline and interface. If you are a beginner we recommend you to go for a free edition and once you are confident you can buy a subscription from the official website. Even it offers you effective student discount to reduce the price.

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It has monthly and yearly membership and also offers you a bundle pack with all Adobe Products. We hope you have successfully installed Adobe Premiere Pro on your Desktop PC for free. If you get the error while installing, leave a comment below.

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