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Powerdirector is a professional-level video editing software designed by CyberLink that enables you to make professional-looking videos on your computer or laptop. Download PowerDirector for Windows and macOS platforms for free full version with the latest features.


When it comes to video editing, only a few video editors come to mind, and one of them is Powerdirector Ultimate. The video editing industry is vast, and there are many professional video editors available on the market. However, PowerDirector Essential allows you to edit your videos effortlessly, as well as integrate audio scrubbing, video free cut, and preview 4K videos, Masking, Keyframing, and Motion Tracking.

One of the best features of this video editor is that it supports all of the most recent Intel Core processors. If you are looking for a 10th generation video editor, this might be the ideal tool for your PC. Since the company has optimized it so well, you can get superior editing efficiency.

In this article, we will download and install the latest version of PowerDirector 365 for Windows. It is compatible with both 32 and 64-bit architectures, so it doesn’t matter which architecture you use.

If you want to shoot your videos in high resolution, such as 3840x 2160, this video editor can handle 4K quality. PowerDirector Ultra is also compatible with 360 videos, if you have GoPro, Insta360, or other 360 Cameras then you should try it. Also, you can learn the best video editor for MacBook M1.

Powerdirector Features
  • Green Screen editing
  • Intuitive Motion Tracking
  • Dynamic Title Reveals
  • Sketch Animation Overlays
  • Motion Graphics
  • KeyFrame Controls
  • Mas Designer
  • Cinematic Transitions, Vlog, YouTube, and News
  • Audio Ducking
  • Create videos in high frame rate 120/240FPS
  • Color Presets and LUTs
  • Video Stabilizer
  • Subtitle/Captions
  • 360-degree video editing
  • 8K Videos support
  • Latest Intel Processor supported
  • Add Customized Shape Objects

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System Requirements

Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7 (64 bit OS only), and macOS
Processor (CPU)Intel Core™ i-series or AMD Phenom® II and above
MemoryMinimum 4GB RAM for better performance (8GB)
Disk Space7 GB free storage
Screen Resolution1024 x 768, 16-bit color or above
Sound CardA windows-compatible sound card is required

How to Download and Install PowerDirector

You must be eager to edit your videos with Powerdirector, here is the quickest guide to download and install on your computer or laptop.

Step 1: Download PowerDirector installer file

You can download it for both platform macOS and Windows, so save the installer file into your PC. CyberLink PowerDirector Downloader allows you to download files online. Click the below link to download.

Step 2: Run PowerDirector

Run PowerDirector

When you complete the download,  go to the download folder and run the installer file if you are and Windows user then it supports the [.exe] file, or if you are a macOS user then it will support [.DMG] format. It requires 600MB to download all files from the server, so make sure you have data to spend.

You can Pause and Resume the file, when it reaches 100% you will get a pop-up. The downloaded program will install automatically in 1 minute or you can click on “Install Now” to continue.

Run PowerDirector

Then it will start extracting files into your system.

Step 3: Select Language and Location

You will be presented with an interface where you can choose the languages to install and where you want to install PowerDirector (by default, it installs on drive C:). You can also adjust the disk by selecting “Browse.”

Select Language and Location

Step 4: Setup of PowerDirector

It will take a few minutes for the installation to complete, and then you will see a blue launch button to start PowerDirector. To run, look for a shortcut icon on your desktop and double-click it.

Setup of PowerDirector

Finally, we installed PowerDirector on the PC without error. You can now begin your video editing with PowerDirector by simply running it and filling out your project details, selecting the aspect ratio, and experiencing it. It includes a full mod and ad designer.

Download for Windows

Download for macOS

A benefit of the 365 subscription plan

The CyberLink Application Manager allows 365 subscribers to update PowerDirector to the latest version when available and also download all the content packs we release monthly.

If we need more content, we can easily download stock media within the application. 

Click on the Shutterstock button or click the Import Media button, and choose “Download Media from Shutterstock” from the drop-down menu. The media that we download from Shutterstock will appear in our Downloaded folder within the media library.

How to Get Started with PowerDirector – Key Features and Timeline Tools

We’ll run through the essential editing tools and features to get started with PowerDirector on Windows PC. 

Now let’s launch PowerDirector.

For the aspect ratio, we’re going to use 16:9 for this project. Next, we have 4 editing modes to choose from. 

Full Mode, we’ll have full access to multi video track editing where all of the program’s features are available to us. 

Storyboard mode provides a graphical, storyboard display of all our video clips and images on the first track in the timeline. With the Slideshow Creator, we can instantly turn our photos into stunning slideshows for presentations or just as a keepsake. 

Auto Mode is perfect for beginner editors. The “Magic Movie Wizard” takes us through a step-by-step process to help us make our first movie from scratch.

Full Mode. The workspace in the Edit module is where we’ll spend most of our time when using PowerDirector. On the left, find the library window containing all of the media in PowerDirector. When we’re in different rooms, it’ll contain the effects, titles, and transitions we can apply to our project. You will get few features different in PowerDirector 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21

PowerDirector 365

On the right, we have the preview window where we can preview our ongoing video project as we’re editing. Pause, preview, and playback the project from any position in the timeline. Then on the left, we’ll find the different editing rooms. First is the Media Room is where we can access our media library containing the video, audio, and image files we imported into PowerDirector. Also, find other content such as color boards and background music by clicking on the dropdown menu. 

Next is the Title Room where we can see all of the title effects we can add to make movie titles, screen captions, credits, and more. 

In the Transition Room, there are transitions that we can use on or between clips for the project. Then in the Effect Room is a library full of special creative effects we can apply to our videos. 

In the Video Overlay Room, find PiP objects or graphics that we can add on top of videos or images. The Particle Room includes an array of particle effects that we can apply on top of a video or image. And in the Audio Mixing Room, access controls to mix all the audio tracks in our project. Lastly, we have the Timeline where we can arrange all our source materials. 

To add items onto the timeline

  • Simply drag and place on the tracks.
  • Importing media files into PowerDirector is as simple as dragging and dropping files directly into the Media Room. Or we can import the file by clicking on the Import Media button. 
  • And select the files, then click Open. 
  • Our imported media is now in the Media Library. 
To add items onto the timeline

To filter media files that are in the library by file type, use the buttons above the library window. This helps us to find the files we’re looking for easily. Click to preview the media in the preview window. Here, we can also undock the Preview Window from the workspace for a clearer preview or change the aspect ratio if needed. 

Adding Footages

To start creating our video, begin by adding clips and images to video tracks on the timeline. Each editing track contains a video track and an audio track. We can also manually arrange the order of the tracks on the timeline. Or click on the Track Manager to add more tracks. 

Adding Footages

To mute a track

Click the checkbox for the timeline we want to disable. Unmute the track by click on the checkbox again. 

To mute a track

We can also lock and unlock a track by clicking on the lock. Zoom in and out of the timeline by dragging the slider or view the entire timeline by clicking the “View Entire Movie” button. And if we want to split a clip, we can do so by moving the timeline slider to the position in the clip where we want the split to be. Then click the Split button. 

To trim a clip

Simply drag the beginning of the end of the clip. And to delete a video clip, click the clip on the timeline and press delete on the keyboard. On occasion we make a mistake, we can undo the last action by clicking the “Undo” button.

Titles and transitions

It’s essential to make any video look good. To add a transition, head over to the Transition Room. We can select a transition to preview it first. After we’ve chosen which transition to use, drag and insert between any two clips. 

Titles and transitions

To adjust the length of the transition, drag its start or endpoints or double-click on the transition to open Transition Settings to modify the time. 

Next, let’s add a cool motion graphic title for our video intro. Go to the Title Room. Here we can find different kinds of titles we can use for our videos. We can also click on the Free Templates icon to download free titles from DirectorZone. Next, scroll down to Motion Graphics and drag and drop the title template on the timeline. Double click the title on the timeline to open the Title Designer. 

Here in Title Designer, we can edit the title, font, size, color, and position of the title. In the Transition Room, Title Room, and also other editing rooms, we can also favorite frequently used titles, transitions, and effects. Find these in the My Favorites Folder located in each editing room for easy access. 

Lastly, we can further enhance our video with effects. Head over to the Effect Room to look for video effects. Once we’ve got the effect we want, drag and place it on the footage that we want to apply it to. Now that we’re done editing our first video.

How to export videos

It’s time to produce and export the project. 

  • Click on the Produce tab. 
  • And in here, check that we’ve got the correct format and quality settings. 
  • The most common output setting is to use Standard 2D and H.264 file format. 
  • To upload directly to a streaming site like YouTube or Vimeo, select “Online” and follow similar steps. 
  • Next, we’ll need to select an output folder where we want the video to be saved. 
  • To see a preview while the video exports, checkmark “Enable preview during production” and hit the Start button to start producing the video file. 
  • And that’s it.
How to export videos

We’ve just made our first video! Hopefully you’re ready to take on all your video projects with PowerDirector.

Language Support
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish (European)
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Dutch

PowerDirector Online

PowerDirector is a powerful video editor designed specifically for high-end PCs. It is compatible with both the Windows and Mac operating systems. There is no online version available on the internet. A web browser is not capable to handle a video editor such as PowerDirector. However, you can use alternative video editing sites to start editing.

There are a lots of user searching for how to use PowerDirector online but it’s not possible. So don’t waste your time, go for an online editing platform.

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PowerDirector is one of the most trusted and stable video editors on the market. It provides a free trial version for you to see how it works; if you want to experiment with it, download the free version. Once you’re confident with it, upgrade to the premium version, which is available in monthly and yearly packages.

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