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Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular graphics editors in the world, developed by Adobe Inc. It entered the market in 1988. The brainchild of Thomas and John Knoll, people use the term ‘Photoshop’ as a generic trademark these days because the software has become the industry standard in most countries. 

Adobe Photoshop has undergone numerous changes over the years, which is why the company offers so many versions. Photoshop CS6 came out in 2012. Today, the program is outdated.

Photoshop CS6 13

Contemporary developers are unlikely to use it because they have superior versions like CC and Photoshop 2020. But the software is not necessarily obsolete. You can still find it in various offices today.

What is Photoshop CS6?

Photoshop CS6 is the 13th version of Adobe Photoshop. It attracted a lot of interest when it debuted because it improved upon the features of CS5, the 12th version, which came out in 2010.

CS6 boasted a redesigned interface, a new collection of exporting options and formats, color and exposure adjustment mechanisms, and more. Consumers could count on the canvas of an image to reorient itself, making any line they had drawn horizontal because of the straighten tool.

You could also trust the application to compile and archive your work while you performed various edits on images. Additional features include:

1). Field Blue Effect

2). Heads Up Display Adjustments

3). New Lighting Effects

4). GPU Acceleration Engine

5). State-of-the-Art Tool Kit

6). The Ability to Edit Animation Layers

7). The Ability To Transfer Files Between programs

Today, people barely remember CS6, especially if they haven’t used it in years. But when it first came out, CS6 was one of the best editors on the market. Promising support for Windows XP, the program stands out because it was the last Adobe suit to offer perpetual licenses.

Starting with the next version, Adobe switched over to a subscription model. Fortunately, they did not abandon CS6. The company continued to provide updates and fixes whenever the need arose.

But that did not last. Adobe doesn’t offer CS6 updates anymore. Keep this in mind before you adopt the software for your company. You are better off investing in more recent Adobe programs. 

Is Adobe Photoshop CS6 Free?

Adobe Photoshop CS6 is tricky. First of all, you cannot buy it today, not from the official Adobe website. They don’t support the program. But even if you could get it, the program is not free. You could spend as much as $700 to acquire it legally. 

Is there a way to get CS6 for free? Naturally, you can get every program for free if that is what you want. If you search the internet, you will eventually identify a viable cracked version of CS6.

But cracked programs are not legal. Depending on your location, the authorities may prosecute you for using software illegally. Even if your country’s laws don’t care about cracked software, the practice is still dangerous because it exposes users to malware.

How can you differentiate between a safe and unsafe program? On its own, CS6 is safe. Adobe does not make unsafe editors. They do not have a reputation for infecting their clients’ computers with malware.

However, bad actors on the internet can use Adobe’s editors to hide viruses and malware. Unless you have experience downloading cracked software, do not download CS6 for free. 

If you’re determined to use the photo editor, get a legal copy. As you now know, CS6 is very expensive. You might as well buy a newer version. If your only interest is CS6 and you cannot find it on the official Adobe platform, go to websites like Amazon and eBay. 

Don’t expect to enjoy the same discounts you would typically find with editors like Photoshop CC. You must pay the full price. 

Download Photoshop CS6 13 Free Full Setup

Photoshop CS6 13
File Size1.7GB
Developed byAdobe
Release dateMay 2012
CategoryPhoto Editor

How To Install Adobe Photoshop CS6 on Windows?

Step 1. System Requirements

Can your computer run Adobe Photoshop CS6? Make sure it meets the minimum system requirements, including the appropriate operating system (Windows XP – 7), processor (AMD Athlon 64, Pentium 4), RAM (1GB), Open GL 2.0, and 1GB of hard disk space. 

Officially, CS6 cannot run on Windows 10. You can try running the program in compatibility mode. 

Step 2. Download

Download the editor from a reliable source. If you have a cracked version, use a robust antivirus. Though, it cannot guarantee your safety. 

Step 3. Run

Find the editor in your download folder. Look for the setup file and double-click it to launch the setup wizard. 

Step 4. Install 

The installation wizard will give you options. You can either install with a serial number or select the subscription option. You can also install the trial version.  Like most installation wizards, you can navigate this one by simply clicking ‘Next.’


At some point, the editor will ask you to read through and accept the license agreement. If you chose the serial number option, you can find the serial number in the Adobe Photoshop folder. Look for a notepad file called ‘License.’ Once you find the serial number, you can enter the characters in the space the installer has provided.

If you entered a valid serial number, the installer will ask you to sign in or register. 

Eventually, you will click ‘Install,’ and the installation will start in earnest. The installation wizard will show you a loading bar that reveals the progress it has made so far. 


Step 5. Finish

The installation may take several minutes, depending on your system. Once you install the editor, look for the CS6 icon on your desktop and launch it. 

Because Adobe doesn’t support CS6, you cannot rely on them to help you if things go wrong. Fortunately, the internet has many tutorials and guides from users who have experience with CS6.

Find a forum of Adobe users that can help you navigate the various bugs and complications that can arise when you install CS6. They can also show you how to install CS6 on operating systems like Windows 10 that do not officially support the editor.

In a way, these forums are better than official support because the advice you get comes from people that use Adobe photoshop CS6 every day.

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