How To Get iPhone Emojis on Android Device Without Rooting?

iPhone Emojis on Android Device Without Rooting?

How to get iPhone emojis to Android phones?. Everyone loves Emojis because of the features that allow an online user to express emotions. Emojis are digital graphic Icon used to represent objects, thoughts, and emotions.

The use of emojis is increasingly high, so people soon start looking for ways to get more emojis from other operating systems, to make online conversation more fun as they express themselves better.

Well anyone can currently get emojis from an iPhone device easily, even without going through the process of rooting your mobile or stationary device. This post is not going to introduce you to a number of apps that claim to have ways of getting the iPhone emojis for you on your Android device because the emojis you would get will not be the exact ios iPhone ones, they are more like morphed emojis not the exact. Instead, a genuine way of getting the real emoji will be discussed in this post.

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How to get iPhone emojis on Android devices without rooting?

Step 1: Enable Unknows Source

You have to enable “Unknown Source” from your Android Phone that you want to enable iPhone emojis. Go to the “Settings” and open “Security” then, you will find “Unknown Source” tap to enable it.

Enable Unknows Source

Step 2: Install Emoji Font 3 Application

Install Emoji font 3 application. Emoji font 3 applications cannot be found on the Google play store, so you will have to download it before you can install the App on your phone. It used to be on Google play store but as a result of a couple of issues regarding copyright, it was removed. Click below to download Aptoide and install it into your phone then, download “Emoji Font 3“.

Download Aptoide

Install Emoji Font 3 Application

Step 3: Change Your Phone Font Style Using Emoji Font 3

Emoji font 3 should be your new font style. You will have to change your previous font style to emoji font 3 font style. This can also be done on the “settings” of your device. You will find the “font style” on the “Display” option. Having found it, select it, and then tap on any black space to save your settings. You have to follow these steps to get your desired iOS emojis on your Android device. You will notice a change in your font after this. Depending on how you look at it, the fonts might not be noticeable. You can correct it by going through the same step to increasing the size of the fonts and you’re good to go.

Change Your Phone Font Style Using Emoji Font 3

Step 4: Setup GBoard Keyword as a Default

The default keyboard has to be switched to Gboard. This has to be done so that whenever you want to make use of the Emojis on your keyboard, the iOS will appear too, especially if you have not rooted your device. Download and install Gboard from the Google play store, after this, it will suggest you make it your devices’ default keyboard. Simply click on the “Select input method” and select “Gboard”.

Setup GBoard Keyword as a Default to Type

After that, you’ll be able to enjoy iPhone emojis on your Android phone without rooting or using any bogus emoji apps. However, you want to use emojis that you can by using the GBoard Keyboard that has a lot of popular iOS emojis that you lack on your Android device.

Best iPhone Emoji Apps for Android

We’ve selected several Google Playstore applications to support iOS emojis to run on any Android smartphone.

1.Phone X Emoji Keyboard
2.Keyboard for iPhone
3.Emoji Keyboard
4.Os11 Keyboard Theme
5.Black Phone 11 Keyboard Theme

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Hope you find it helpful today, by following the guide iOS emojis will support any Android smartphone, and if you have any questions about How to get iPhone emojis on Android Device without rooting? Then, feel free to inquire in the comment section, we’re sure to assist you.

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