Netflix Keep Freezing on iPhone (iOS 16): 10 Ways Fix

Are you having problems with Netflix freezing or crashing on iOS 16? Apple recently released their latest iOS with several new features, but some users are reporting bugs and Netflix not working properly.

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As you may know, Netflix is one of the leading movie, drama, and web series streaming companies, and it makes every effort to give you a good user experience. We are experiencing freezing due to bugs. We will address this issue in this article, and we have more than 10 methods to resolve the crashing issue on iPhone 14/5 or older.

Method 1: Update the application

Updating an application can resolve many problems; if you haven’t updated your Netflix app in a long time, you should head to the App Store to do so. The most recent version will support the iPhone 14/15 UI and the most recent iOS upgrade. Here’s how to upgrade your iPhone apps.

  • Go to App Store
  • Tap on profile
  • Scroll down and look for Netflix App
  • If you see the “Update” option then click on it to download OR you see “Open” that means you app is updated. 

If you’ve upgraded the Netflix app and are still experiencing problems, the solutions listed below should help.

Method 2: Check Netflix Server Status

Did you check to see whether the Netflix server is operational? Sometimes Netflix does not function properly. Because Netflix is an online streaming platform, it is possible for the server to be down; nevertheless, Netflix provides their users with the ability to check the status of the Netflix server; you may visit this page to check Netflix server status (

Method 3: Reboot iPhone

Restarting your iPhone will quickly repair many problems; you must be experiencing some odd iOS 16 glitch that is preventing Netflix from working properly. If you have launched the Netflix app, we recommend that you close it and then reboot your device. Here’s how.

Step 1: Hold down the On/Off button.

Step 2: Press the Volume Up and Down buttons at the same time.

Step 3: Hold down both buttons for 10 seconds, or until your iPhone restarts and displays the Apple logo.

Step 4: Finally, release both buttons. The device will continue to boot normally.

Method 4: Check Internet Speed

Netflix streaming requires an active internet connection, which most people forget to check for. If you’re unsure about your internet speed, you may check it on Google. The iPhone version of Netflix won’t work if your internet speed is poor. Here is how to measure speed test if you are using WiFi or a data plan.

  • Go to browser
  • Enter “” This is the official website of Netflix to check net speed.
  • Now it will show you how fast is your internet
  • If you see high speed that’s mean your net is working great and no need to do it here.

If still facing problems then better to implement another method.

Method 5: Check if your subscription active

Did you look up the expiration date on your Netflix subscription? It’s possible that you are unaware that your Netflix subscription has run out. It’s best to verify your membership date since sometimes we switch off auto-renewal, which prevents Netflix from charging the usual amount. It is best to renew your membership and continue to enjoy streaming if you discover there is none.

Method 6: OffLoad Netflix

One amazing function on the iPhone is called Off Load, and it can solve a lot of issues. This method will stop freezing if you are experiencing cache file problems. After an iPhone upgrade, offloading is a better alternative to address the problem if Netflix keeps stalling. Here’s how.

Step 1: Go to the settings of your iPhone 

Step 2: Go to “General”.

Step 3: Look for iPhone storage: 

Step 4: It will refresh storage then scroll down and look for Netflix

Step 5: You will see blue “Offload App” tap on that to fix this issue.

This will free storage used by the app, however, it will not delete documents and data.

Method 7: Delete Netflix

You may resolve the freezing problem by deleting the application and then downloading it again. If you get tired of trying a variety of solutions without success, it is best to remove the Netflix app from your iPhone, restart the device, unlock it with a passcode, and then download an updated version from the App Store.

Method 8: Update to the latest software

Apple releases software updates often to address bugs and glitches; if you are still experiencing problems after updating, it is best to do so again with the most recent update. Software updates may cause the entire iPhone to freeze and several applications to crash. Apple just released an update to address this problem. How to update your iPhone is provided here.

Step 1: Go to settings

Step 2: Navigate to General

Step 3: Look for “Software Update

Step 4: It will refresh it and let you know if there is the latest update to install

Step 5: If you find that you have a new update, then install it.

This approach will undoubtedly resolve your problem. It’s always best to constantly upgrade iPhone because there are times when we utilize outdated iOS, which can lead to numerous issues and a black screen.

Method 9: Sign in and Sign Out

If none of these solutions worked for you, it would be best to try this one: sign out of your iPhone, uninstall the app, download it again, and then sign back in. This will update your account and resolve the problem. The Netflix staff suggests using this solution to fix the issue.

These are the best ways to fix Netflix freezing on iPhone 14/15; if you continue to have issues, please leave a comment and we will discuss how to resolve them.

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