Download Netflix App for MacBook and iMac M1 (2024)

You can download and install the Netflix app on MacBook and iMac M1 without using any third-party emulator. Follow step-by-step guidance.

Do you want to watch Netflix on your M1 Mac? It’s easy. Open your browser and enter the Netflix URL ( If you have an account, click ‘Sign In’ and enter your username and password.

Once the site authenticates your information, you can watch as many shows and movies as you want. You can use any browser that suits you, including Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Netflix for MacBook and iMac M1

However, people with mobile devices do not rely on this method. Instead, they have a Netflix app that anyone can download and install. And once you have the app on your iOS device, you either watch the content online or download it to your storage to watch when your internet fails.

That is not an option for Mac users. You won’t find any Netflix apps for Mac on the internet. What does this mean for you? What can you do to download, install, and use the Netflix app on an M1 Mac? Mac users have gravitated towards the following options:

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Method 1: Use Netflix on M1 Mac

1). First of all, if you have an M1 machine, you can probably run the Netflix iOS app on the computer. Don’t forget: M1 Macs are compatible with iOS apps. You can download and install iOS games and programs on M1 machines without using an emulator. 

Therefore, if you have an M1 computer, don’t bother looking for a macOS version of the Netflix app. Install the same iOS Netflix app you have on your iPhone or iPad.

Method 2: Install Netflix on M1 Mac using iMazing

2). Do you have the iMazing app? If you don’t, you should get one. iOS apps have files with an IPA extension that runs on M1 Macs. But IPA files are linked to a user’s Apple ID. You have to transfer the IPA file from your phone to the Mac. If you acquired Netflix officially from the App Store on your phone, you could use the following steps to run it on an M1 Mac:

Netflix on M1 Mac using iMazing
  • Download iMazing on your iOS device
  • Run iMazing
  • Connect the iOS device to the Mac
  • Open iMazing and look for ‘Apps’ followed by ‘Manage Apps’ and ‘Library.’
  • Identify the Netflix app and download it
  • Export the IPA by right-clicking the downloaded Netflix application and selecting ‘Export IPA.’
  • Install the IPA

This method is highly experimental. It worked flawlessly in previous years. But that is no longer the case. It won’t work for most people. You have to get creative to sideload Netflix to your Mac. 

Unfortunately, this applies to every other method that allows users to run the Netflix app on an M1 Mac. They can’t guarantee positive results. For instance, you could use the Airplay function to stream Netflix from an iOS device to a computer in previous years.

But that option died in 2019. Apple realized that they couldn’t control the viewing quality on the new device. As such, you can’t use Airplay to watch content on your Mac. This could change in the future. But until it does, you should look for alternative options. 

One viable solution is Windows. Use a virtual machine to install Windows on your Mac. This option allows Mac users to run Netflix for Windows on their Mac. The process is convoluted, but it works. 

Screen recorders are another interesting alternative. However, they have limitations. For instance, Netflix may punish you if they discover your activities because their terms and conditions prohibit the use of screen recording software. 

They may suspend your account. Additionally, the strength of your internet connection will affect the quality of the video and audio files. A poor internet connection can saddle you with bad audio and video. 

If that wasn’t annoying enough, screen recorders generate massive files that are likely to clog your hard drive. 

What does this mean for you? You can experiment with Automator and Quick Time. But at this point, you are better off waiting until Netflix releases a version of their application for Mac.

The M1 chip is extremely powerful, and many companies have expressed an interest in developing apps that can take advantage of the technology. Netflix will eventually release an application that can accommodate the needs of M1 Mac users.

Many app developers are already taking this route. They are releasing iOS and Android applications that work on PCs and Macs. Netflix has to embrace this trend to compete with its rivals. And if they don’t, you can still access Netflix via the Safari browser on your M1 Mac. 

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