MX Player Custom Codec (ARMV8, AC3, DTS, MLP) Download

Have you heard the term ‘MX Player Custom Codec?’ Do you even know what it means and why it matters? A codec is a file that applications like MX Player use to run videos with unsupported formats on ARMv7 NEON CPUs. 

But that explanation won’t mean anything to you if you’ve never even heard of MX Player. Although, that is unlikely to be the case.

MX Player is very popular. The media player works on Android, and people use it because it can play every video and audio format you can imagine. Admittedly, it was more impressive in the past. But circumstances forced the developers to remove some codecs. 

MX Player Custom Codec

That being said, MX Player is still a force to be reckoned with, boasting various impressive features such as a sleep timer and background playback. Also, the player’s inability to run formats like TrueHD and AC3 shouldn’t concern you because the application gives you the option of downloading the relevant codec files and installing them.


  • The software supports multi-core decoding. Few other Android players can deliver that function. 
  • The ‘Kids Lock’ function prevents children from tampering with your device. You can leave your mobile device with your children, knowing they can’t make phone calls or delete apps.
  • You can move back and forth, up and down, through the text. You can also change the size of the text using the subtitle gestures.
  • You can apply hardware acceleration 
  • You can use pinching and swiping gestures to zoom in and out. You can also pan.
  • MX Player has a codec pack that includes the FFmpeg library. It will play every significant format. You have the option of finding codec packs from external sources and installing them. 

How to download MX Player Custom Codec

Custom Codec (file name)Download[Download Link][Download Link][Download Link][Download Link][Download Link]

MX Player Custom Codec

How To Set Up?

As you now know, the missing MX Player codec files are not a problem because you can download whatever you need. Of course, that raises a question. How do you identify the files you’re missing?

First, you have to figure out which codec files you have. You can accomplish this task by going to settings, decoder, and then general. Select the custom codec tab to see the codec you need.

Various platforms offer MX Player downloads. But you have to find a source with a strong reputation because they are less likely to saddle your computer with malware.

It is worth noting that the MX Player Custom Codec (the one with the FFmpeg library) can play several formats, including MLP, DTS, and EAC3. It can also work on the most recent MX Player versions. 

If you want to install an MX Player custom codec, you can use these steps:

Step 1. Download the relevant file. Make sure the version matches your device.

Step 2. Unzip the codec file

Step 3. Place the codec file in the root of your device’s internal storage

Step 4. Find MX Player in your app drawer and launch it.

Step 5. You don’t have to do much at this point. The player will detect the new codec file. It will also prompt you to install the file. If you’re confident in everything you’ve done, press ‘OK.’

Step 6. The player will restart once the installation is complete. 

You can test MX Player. Is it playing all the media formats? If it isn’t, you probably made a mistake somewhere. Try this second approach:

Step 1. If you transferred the codec file to the internal storage, look for the settings.

Step 2. Go to ‘Decoder,’ ‘General,’ and finally ‘Custom Codec.’

Step 3. A dialog box will open. It will show you the internal storage. Look for the location with the codec file and select it.

If you select the correct file, you will get a pop-up asking for permission to restart the app. Press ‘OK.’

MX Player will restart and load the codec file. If it still isn’t working, you probably downloaded the wrong file. It is worth noting that you can download an APK or zip file. 

The custom codec file is the most convenient because it allows MX Player to play every media format. But if the custom codec file has failed to deliver the results you expected, try identifying and installing the specific codec file you need.

A simple Google search will reveal the codec files associated with the media format you want. 

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