MS Office 2010 Free Download Full Version for Windows (32-64Bit)

Free Download and Install Microsoft Office 2010 Editon for PC, you can install it on your computer or laptop (32/64Bit) with Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11. Complete installation setup.

Ms office 2010 is a powerful and easy-to-use office software. It has a sleek GUI, it is user-friendly, and you get all the features you would expect from an office suite. It even contains a graphic design tool for your documents that makes the transition from paper to digital document much easier than ever before. This will help you save paper, generate more revenue by cutting down on printing costs, and avoid having to worry about data loss through physical damage or theft by adding back-ups of your files in case of a hard drive failure or end-user deletion.

Features of Ms office 2010

Below are some of the features of Ms office 2010.

1. Ms office 2010 has been designed by keeping in mind the needs of the end user

The interface of the software has been created in such a way that it has all the necessary tools at your fingertips. The taskbar on the side gives you a quick overview of the tools available to you, making it easy for you to find and launch any particular tool as soon as needed.

2. Flexible and easy menu

The menu in the software has been designed to be flexible, making it easy for you to change or delete some of the functions at any time without having to spend a lot of time learning new software. You can easily change the icons on the toolbars if you want to keep one tool on your toolbar, and move another one.

3. Windows 7 Integration

Ms office 2010 comes with a number of features that are specific to Windows 7, including: Create new documents with a ribbon interface; customise your layout by creating multiple versions with different layouts; and simplify data access through OLE technology.

4. One click printing

The option allows you to print a document with a single click, giving you the flexibility to print even if you have lost your internet connection. You can also set up individual printers for different purposes so that your documents are printed according to the printer that has been allocated to a particular type of document.

5. Online backup and storage of your documents

Microsoft has come up with a product called SkyDrive that allows you to store your document online. The online storage system allows you to access your documents from any location as long as you have an internet connection. Moreover, even if you delete the file from your computer, the copy on SkyDrive will remain intact.

Download MS Office 2010

Publish dateJune 15, 2010
Software typeDocument/ Presentation editing
LicenseRequires key
Released byMicrosoft
UpdateNo longer getting updates

? Safe & Secure

Download Now

System requirement

Minimum System
  • Processor:  Intel Pentium III processor, 500 MHz
  • Ram: 512MB
  • GPU: Directx 9
  • Storage: 2GB

How to Install Office 2010

1. Download Microsoft Office 2010 on your system.

2. After you have installed the Microsoft Office 2010, you need to run the installation wizard by going to Start and then clicking “Next”.

3. Now, if you want a user interface optimized for touch, choose “Optimized for touch” option.

4. Choose an installation option and click Next. You can choose between Typical or Customize. If you choose Customize, all options will be displayed in order to install the necessary components according to your needs. Here, we’ll choose typical and click Next again.

5. Run the wizard again and it will ask you for the Office product key. Once you have registered the product key, click Next.

6. The next screen will display all the components of your Office environment setup. A setup package is also available that allows you to complete the setup even if some of your hardware components are missing or not detected by Windows.

7. Click Next and finish the installation process.

Can you still use MS Office on Windows 10/11

Microsoft Office 2010 is one of the more well-known editions that the company has released, and yes, you can still install and download it for the most recent version of the Windows operating system. Although the company regularly releases new versions of MS Office, many users still prefer to use older versions.

How to activative MS Office for free

As you are aware, MS Office is a premium programme that needs to be activated with a key purchased, but there is a way to do it without spending any money. It works once MS Office has been installed on the computer and is known as MS ToolKit or MS Activator.


Microsoft Office 2010 is a must-have software for all kinds of users. You can use it on your home PC, or office computer, and even do your homework with its help of it. It is user-friendly, you can create and save documents in minutes. It has an excellent collaboration feature that allows all your colleagues to work together on the same document from their own computers.

Microsoft Office 2010 is available in various packages like MS office home and student 2010, MS office small business professional plus 2010 and MS office Professional plus 2010.

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