How to Find Out Motherboard Model Number on Windows Computer

What is my motherboard model number, and where can I find it? Windows computer owners often ask these questions when seeking to fix their computers. 

How to Find Out Motherboard Model Number on Windows Computer

What Motherboard do I have?

It is essential to know key computer specifications if you desire to upgrade your computer correctly. Without your motherboard’s make/model, you cannot update your processor speed correctly. Though the task of finding your model number might first seem daunting, it is relatively simple to find your motherboard model number. This article will address four ways to find the information you seek.

Best 4 Ways to check Motherboard Model/Serial Number on Windows 7/8/10

We’ve covered 4 methods that let you quickly find out which motherboard specification is built on your computer system. You will not need to access your computer in any way other than software. No need to open physically.

Visit the command prompt

Using the command prompt is a painless way of figuring out your motherboard model number. Just type in a few specific phrases to complete the task.

  1. First, find the Windows search bar. You will need to type cmd into the search bar and then hit enter.
  2. Second, type the phrase wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer into the command prompt. You will want to make sure that you key it in exactly as presented. 
  3. Click the enter button and wait for your desired data to emerge.

Try system information

System information reveals your computer’s inner dynamics. The program is straightforward to use. With this program, it is unnecessary to dismantle your computer; however, this method does not always get the specific data you need.  If the information is too general, select another avenue to detect the needed particulars. 

  1. Start by locating the Windows search bar. Type in system information to retrieved the necessary program.
  2. Scroll down the system information summary tab until you locate the words motherboard (sometimes called baseboard) manufacturer. These words will appear on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. The pertinent information should appear across from these words. If not, explore a different method.


If other avenues of exploration fail, you can always conduct a physical search. To do this, you must open up the computer so that you can see the motherboard. Each motherboard has a manufacturer and model number silkscreened onto it for easy identification. 

  1. Start by locating the name of the motherboard’s manufacturer. Look for manufacturer names like ASRock, Gigabyte, and MSI.
  2. The model number will appear as a four-digit code. The code consist of a letter followed closely by three numerical digits.

Alternative software companies

You can always take an different route, though it is usually a more expensive option. Third-party software websites offer tools to find information about your motherboard for you. 

Most likely, there will be a fee for using their software. If you have some basic computer knowledge, you can find this information on your own, and it will not cost you a penny.

Problems finding the motherboard information


No information about your motherboard is necessary if you own a Dell or Hewlett Packard computer. With an OEM computer, you only require the computer model number. You can get detailed technical data about your computer from the company that made it. 

To get hardware or software parts, you have to call the company that made the computer. After all, they produce their parts in house.

Checking the FCC

In the United States, the FCC marks its computer parts with its own codes. If you have this number instead of the motherboard code you can find the information you need. Simply perform a search of the FCC identification number.

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