Microsoft Office 2021 Free Download Full Version for Windows (32/64Bit)

Through this blog, we will provide you with complete and correct information about what is new in Microsoft Office 2021, how to download it for free, and its importance in today’s daily life.

Microsoft Office 2021 Free Download Full Version

MS Office was released with Windows 11 on October 5, 2021. And replaced Office 2019. It consists of an office suite of desktop applications, servers, and services for Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems. It contains apps like MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

MS Office 2021 is a version of the MS Office suite of applications for Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems. The codename of Office 2021 is Office 16. And it is also known as Office 365.

Importance of office suites in modern computing

Microsoft Office suites are one of the most widely used computer software. Many companies around the world use this software. This is a package through which all office related work can be done easily. Microsoft Office Suite was launched in 1988.

Microsoft Office is a popular set of software programs from Microsoft that includes a word processor, a spreadsheet tool, a database program, an email utility and other productivity software communities used in modern offices. 

Word– To create documents, flyers, publications.

Excel- To store, organize and manipulate data .

Powerpoint – to create presentations.

Onedrive– to store data online.

One Note– to organize data you collect including handwritten notes, drawings, screen captures, audio clips, and more.

Publisher: for producing large-scale publications, flyers, posters, and menus.

Outlook: for handling calendars, emails, to-do lists, and contacts.

Access: for gathering and evaluating data from computers or networks.

New features and enhancements

Office 2021 brings new co-authoring features, simplified data types, inking tools, functions, translation and editing tools, motion graphics, and more. So that your work will be completed quickly.

The Office suites update includes improved support for the Oasis Open Document file format. It has better search for xmatch functions, dynamic arrays, xlookup. And it extends Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft tools increase productivity and collaboration. And this has also strengthened the security measures. 

Artificial Intelligence AI is the defining technology of our time. Microsoft is integrating these powerful innovative AI technologies into its services and products to help customers do more.

Comparison with previous versions

Microsoft Office 2019 is a version of Microsoft Office for both Windows and Mac. It replaced the Office of 2016 and was replaced on October 5, 2021. Compared with previous versions, Office 2021 is quite dynamic as it addresses user feedback and refines existing features. Compatibility with older versions and cross-platform functionality.

Target audience and use cases

Microsoft Office 2021 has made work much easier for business professionals and new enterprises

For families and small businesses that want to install classic Office apps and email on one PC for use at home or work. Includes classic editions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access installed on one PC.

Pricing models and licensing options

  • MS Office apps for business include Office Home and Business 2021 License extended to 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets and 5 mobile devices.
  • Office Home for Students includes Windows Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Includes 1 license for PC or Mac.
  • The Microsoft 365 Business Standard includes MS 365 Apps for Business with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Bookings, and Microsoft Teams.

Office 2021 can be considered a one-time purchase because it comes with the classic apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Mac or PC. No service is included in this. Which comes with Microsoft subscription.

Direct Download

Outright Purchase Option 2021

Co-authored document

With real-time co-authoring, you can work with multiple people on the same document at the same time. There is no need to send additional notes or emails as everyone is notified when the file is updated.

Dynamic tables

Write a formula and return a range of values. Accelerate calculations and insights with new functions like Filter, Sort, Render, SortBy, Unique, Sequence, and more.

Xmatch functions

Xmatch functions search for a specified item in a table or range of cells and then return the relative position of the item. Xmatch can be used to return values ​​in any table.

Reduce eye strain in dark mode

Earlier Word had dark colored ribbons but in 2021 you can do it in dark mode also. So that the strain on your eyes will be reduced.

Choose the right color

You no longer have to waste time converting hex color values ​​to RGB values. For any property where you can enter a hex color value in the hex box.

Installation and Support 

Go to, it will be in the Services section once you redeem it for Redeem and Download Office. Click the Install button. Office 2021 will be downloaded automatically, after downloading Open Words or Excel and installing it. According to Office 2021, it will be supported until 2026. You can also use the product for a long time.

Future Outlook and Roadmap

Outlooks: The new Outlook for Mac will have support for AppleScript, a language that allows the Mac OS and many of its programmes to be automated.

Rollout Start: December 2024

Microsoft Forms : Support live data sync to Excel 

Microsoft forms support quickly and easily syncing form responses to an Excel file. Now you’ll always have the latest information, updated automatically, so you can leverage the full range of Excel functions to analyze your data and collaborate with your peers.

Rollout start: july 2024 

Outlook: Newsletters

Customers will be able to design, publish, and monitor the success of their internal email newsletters with Outlook thanks to the new feature that will be included in Outlook for Windows and the web.

Rollout start: July 2024


Microsoft Office 2021, also known as office suites. This is very beneficial for business, consumer and client. The apps updated in it are – Word, Excel, Power Point, One Note, Access, Project, Outlook, Publisher and Visio. MS has introduced new dynamic array and Xlookup features in Excel, dark mode support and many improvements in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

With the help of all these apps, your work will become very easy. So that your time will also be saved.

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