List of Products Microsoft Ends Support (2024)

If you are a user of Windows or Office you need to know all about the Microsoft end of the support program.

“Nothing is permanent” we used to hear it and deny it because we thought that there is something permanent, and we call it Microsoft support. But guess what? The most recent update of Microsoft revealed that Microsoft is ending its support for Windows 7 and office 2013. End-of-life dates of Windows 7 and Microsoft office 2013 are just around the corner. 

List of Products Microsoft Ends Support for the Version of Windows and Office (2021)

Microsoft announces end of mainstream support for Windows 7, Microsoft has announced that by January 2015 several products would be reaching the end of mainstream support including all versions of Windows 7 this means the company would stop providing free updated features and performance improvements to Windows 7.

After the ending of mainstream support the company would start to provide extended support in which security fixes would be free, it should be noted that Microsoft has confirmed that all Windows 7 users will continue to receive security fixes and patches up to 2020 although the percentage of Windows 7 users around the globe is quite high.

It is likely to remain high due to the unpopularity of Windows 8 and its different interface Windows 7 users need not worry over this announcement although you have the option of upgrading to the new Windows 8 at this point there is no need to since there will be extended support by the end of the extended support a large number of Windows 7 users would likely already have upgraded to a newer operating system.

Microsoft might possibly decide to continue the mainstream support for all versions of Windows 7 for a little longer this was the case when they announced the end of mainstream support for Windows XP in total Microsoft supported Windows XP for almost 13 years.

How to check when Microsoft office 2013 will expire?

We know you must be thinking of checking when your office 2013 will expire so that you can get a new one for you. The following are some steps that you have to follow to check your expiry date. 

  • First of all, open any of your office 2013 apps. For example, a blank word document. 
  • Click on the “File” tab and then click on the “Account” menu. 
  • Look for the product information on the right side of the screen.
  • Click on the “About word” option to check the product ID.

Following these steps will help you find out the exact date when your office 2013 will expire. Check for your expiry date so that you can arrange alternative tools for your tasks.

Microsoft ProductMainstream Support EndsExtended Support Ends
Windows Vista SP2No longer supportedApril 11, 2017
Windows 7 SP1
Windows Server 2008 R2
No longer supportedJanuary 14, 2020
Windows 8/8.1
Windows Server 2012/2012 R2
January 9, 2018January 10, 2023
Windows 10October 13, 2020October 14, 2025
Office 2007 SP3No longer supportedOctober 10, 2017
Office 2010 SP2No longer supportedOctober 13, 2020
Office 2013April 10, 2018April 11, 2023
Office 2016October 13, 2020October 14, 2025
Office 201920200/14/2025
Windows 10, version 1803May 11, 2021No update

What will happen when Microsoft ends the support for a version of Windows and Microsoft Office 2013?

Some people still don’t know that Windows and office 2013 end of life is round the corner. Do you know what will happen after Microsoft ends support for these tools? When Windows and Office 2013 end of life has arrived, it means that the tool is effectively dead. It means that Microsoft will never launch any updates for the tools. Even the security and privacy policies also don’t get updated, which casts a significant risk for the data of the people who keep on using the tools. 

Although Windows will keep working on your system, your computer will become more insecure and vulnerable to hacker attacks and other virus attacks with time. Even if the attackers find any chance to attack your privacy, Microsoft won’t take any responsibility. It makes your system super insecure and prone to virus and hacker attacks. 

What to do before Windows and Office 2013 end of life?

Now, it’s time to know what you should do; either keep using these tools or switch to some other alternatives. So, as far as Microsoft office 2013 is concerned, maybe, Microsoft launch a new version really soon. So you can switch to an alternative for a brief time, and when the new version is launched, you can shift to Microsoft utility. 

On the other hand, you must update your Windows 10 before the end of life. Keep a check for the upgrade and know if the upgrades are being installed automatically. If it is automatic, that is incredible. But if the updates don’t get installed automatically, you must install them manually because it is way more important to keep your system safe from security breaches and virus attacks.

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