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Maya is one of the most popular modeling applications on the market. People use the program to create 3D effects. You can use Maya to apply the laws of physics to virtual objects. You can also use it to create effects that are much closer to real-life than what other programs can produce. 

Maya for Android

Before Maya came along, producing realistic natural effects like the billowing of smoke was an arduous task that took a long time. Maya makes the process easier and more efficient, which is why it has become so commonplace in film and animation studios around the world. 

Is Maya Software Available For Android and iOS?

A version of Maya for Android and iOS does not exist. The program is only available for Windows and Mac OS. This limitation doesn’t surprise anyone. Maya is a very powerful tool. The developer has yet to release a version of the application that can work on mobile devices.

List of Best Alternative Applications for iPhone and Android

If you don’t want to wait for the developer to release a version of Maya for Android and iOS, you can experiment with one or more of the following alternatives:

1. Unreal Engine 4

This 3D rendering application is popular among game developers. In fact, numerous studios have used Unreal Engine to create hundreds of games in the last few years. If you have played the likes of Fortnite, you have seen what the application can do. 

But you don’t have to work in video game development to find a use for the program. You can use it to create three-dimensional graphics and effects. The application is only free for individuals. 

Companies that want to use it for commercial purposes must pay $19 a month. Unreal Engine 4 has a mobile version that works on iOS and Android. 

2. Onshape


This is a cloud-based platform with a multitude of features that enable designers and engineers to collaborate on projects. You can use any device and any browser you have on hand to access the single master CAD data version. 

The platform has eliminated the need for copying files. You can design, create, and share your progress. The features you can use will depend on the subscription plan you have selected. 

Download for Android, iOS

3. Dead Deer

Dead Deer

This is a 3D modeler and game maker. You can also use it to create demos of video games. It supports Direct 3D9, 3D10, and 3D11, Shader Model 13, 14, and 15, Open GL, GLES, GLSL, and GLES20, and Metal.


4. Adobe Comp CC

Adobe Comp CC

This application relies on the user’s drawing gestures to create layouts. Compatible with tablets and phones, it will make amazing graphics out of your rough lines and shapes. It will also use the Creative Cloud Libraries from Adobe to add colors, vectors, and text styles. 

You can add, design, and edit images quickly and easily. The application allows you to export your projects to photoshop on your computer where you can fine-tune them as required. 

Download for Android, iOS

5. Bot3D Editor

Bot3D Editor

This app is compatible with iOS. It will create and animate poses in mere moments. It has a Face, Scene, and Hand Editor. You can use the photos you have imported to the program to create characters. The program is easy to use. It offers the consumer a multitude of emotions. 

Download for iOS

6. Animate It!

Animate It

This one works on Android devices. It has intuitive controls that allow you to effortlessly create sketches and poses. You can do so much by simply using your fingers to touch and drag. 

If you have a child that wants to experiment with graphic design, they can use this application to make simple animations and games. Admittedly, the child in question will require some guidance because the application doesn’t provide any tutorials. 

Download for Android


As you can see, you have plenty of 3D modeling tools for Android and iOS to choose from. Though, you shouldn’t expect them to produce the same results as Maya. At the end of the day, Maya is popular because it can do things that previous programs could not do.

It can produce realistic three-dimensional effects quickly and accurately. Don’t expect the Maya alternatives to replicate the power and performance of Maya. That being said, the tools listed above offer flexibility. They are perfect for people that want an app they can access at a moment’s notice whenever the creative spark strikes them. 

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