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LumaFusion for PC

LumaFusion is a video editing application that many have compared to Final Cut Pro X, except that you can use LumaFusion on your mobile device. It has every tool you need to edit videos for movie or television purposes. Because it is so comprehensive, it has a lot of features that might make it difficult for people to navigate the program.

In fact, the application has settings that the average video editor won’t ever use. People are drawn to it because of its portability, speed, and affordable cost.

LumaFusion For Windows and macOS

Unfortunately, even though it has so many powerful functions, LumaFusion is only available on iOS. If you want to run it on windows, you need an emulator like BlueStacks. It will create an environment on your computer that can load and operate LumaFusion.

Though, people that have used this method have noticed that it makes the operations of the application sluggish. If you want to run the video editor using a Mac, you can also use emulators like iPadian,, Test Flight, and Electric Mobile Studio, to mention but a few.

List of Best Alternatives for LumaFusion PC

Rather than scouring the internet for LumaFusion for PC, you should consider experimenting with one of the numerous alternatives on the internet, including:

1. Alive Movie Maker

Alive Movie Maker

This app allows you to capture and create videos for platforms like YouTube and Instagram. It comes with several filters, animated objects, music, and video samples. You can use the program’s features to trim, crop, and reorder your content. You are free to change the video format to a ratio that suits the needs of your project.

Once you finish your edit, the application comes with tools that enable consumers to share their work. The app is intuitive, so it won’t take you long to learn the ropes. It comes with a plethora of effects, including explosions, light rays, bubbles, and the like.

Download for macOS, Android

2. Kdenlive

This non-linear editor works on Windows and Linux. The open-source tool is free. It uses an MLT Framework to process videos. Some of the application’s features include key frameable effects, proxy editing, multi-track video editing, timeline preview, and the ability to create 2D titles.

Kdenlive supports ProRes, HDV, AVCHD, and other HD standards. You can take advantage of the render profiles and title templates found in the application’s online resource.

Free Download

3. FilmoraGo

This editor has a user interface that is so simple that a child can understand it. It shouldn’t take you more than an hour or two to find your footing, at which point you can start editing videos on your phone. You can adjust your projects to fit a variety of platforms. The software comes with numerous resources, including musical samples for you to apply to your videos.

Download for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

4. Shotcut


This is another free, open-source editor. Developed by Meltytech, it works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. The application permits native editing as well as multi-format timelines. You can use the hundreds of formats and codecs it supports to capture and refine your video and audio projects.

You can use various avenues to capture and record content, including SDI, webcam, and Windows DirectShow devices. You can dock and undock multiple panels at once. The jobs queue, encoding panel, filter panel, and playlists will make it easier for consumers to streamline their operations.

Download for Windows

5. PowerDirector


This is a full-featured editor that works on Windows and Mac. It offers fast rendering, a neat interface that is easy to navigate, screen recording, and Multicam editing, to mention but a few.

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Created by CyberLink, PowerDirector stands out because it is an editor that both professionals and amateurs can use. It has every tool you need to succeed in a corporate setting. However, any hobbyist can use it to make a compelling movie as well.

If you have a subscription, you can take advantage of all the updates and upgrades that CyberLink releases for PowerDirector throughout the year.

Download for Android, iOS, PC

As you can see, there is no shortage of efficient alternatives for you to use if you are tired of waiting for a version of LumaFusion for PC or Mac. You just have to determine whether or not it is easier to use an emulator. Some people do not mind installing BlueStacks to run LumaFusion on their PC. Others prefer a program that has a wider reach with regards to the number of platforms it supports.

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