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If you want to play Android games, but you hate playing games on your phone or tablet, you should think about downloading an Android emulator like Leapdroid. With the right Android emulator, you can play your favorite Android games on a computer using a keyboard and mouse, which offer more flexibility.

What is Leapdroid?

This is an Android emulator. People use it to install and run APK files on a PC.  In normal circumstances, you cannot run Android applications on a PC. But an emulator like Leapdroid creates an environment on your computer that allows Android software to run.


Leapdroid is not the best emulator on the market. It has a few factors working against it. For instance, it has few customization options. You cannot adjust the resolution or any significant settings. 

Some people defend the emulator by arguing that the limited settings and customization options allow the program to prioritize the speed. And in truth, the emulation speeds are impressive. 

But unfortunately, Leapdroid was discontinued in 2016. The project is no longer in active development. This limits the amount of support you can expect to receive. You are better off identifying an alternative emulator that gets regular updates.

Admittedly, the discontinued development has not stopped people from using Leapdroid. The emulator has an enthusiastic following of users that love the program’s smooth performance. 

Leapdroid Features

  • Supports Open Graphics Library on PC
  • You can search for and download apps
  • Friendly user interface
  • You can map Android controls to the keyboard and mouse. 
  • Faster booting and loading of Android apps
  • Support for x86 and ARM programs
  • Basic Android features like GPS and rotating
  • Uses Android 4.4.4 Kit Kat
  • The emulator is free. You don’t have to pay to use it.

Download Leapdroid for Windows

File Size250MB
CategoryAndroid emulator
License Freeware
Operating SystemWin 7/8/10/11
Developed byLeapdroid

Best Android emulator

How To Use Leapdroid?

1. System Requirements

  • AMD Processor (2.5GHz) or Quad-Core Intel
  • 2GB (RAM)
  • 2GB (Storage)
  • Windows 7
  • Direct X
  • Visual C++
  • Net Framework

2. Installation

  • Find a safe Leapdroid download. The emulator is free. Any website that asks you to pay for this application should concern you. Look for sources with several solid reviews. Make sure other people have downloaded the emulator from the platform, and they’ve confirmed that the download is safe. Otherwise, the download may infect your PC with malware. 
  • The file is just 255MB. Therefore, it won’t take long to download. Look for the emulator in your download folder. Select the .exe file to launch the installer.
  • Follow the instructions. In most cases, you can just click ‘Next’ until the installation process starts. 
  • Once the installation is done, click ‘Finish.’
  • Look for the emulator’s icon and double-click it to launch Leapdroid. 
  • Provide your Google credentials to sign in. 

3. Using Leapdroid

  • You can install and run this emulator on any modern computer. It isn’t particularly heavy. More importantly, it won’t become heavier in the future because development on the program has stopped.
  • When you launch Leapdroid, it will show you the standard Android screen. You cannot proceed without logging into your Google Account. This is because you have to access the Google Play Store. 
  • The menus are the same as those found on a conventional Android device. That includes a notification screen that drops down and provides access to the settings. 
  • You can either map your Android controls to the keyboard or disable the keyboard if you want to use separate software. 
  • You will find the toolbar on the right side. It has volume buttons, a back button, and recent apps. 
  • You can press a button to enter full-screen mode. 
  • You can replicate the clicking and dragging functions of a mobile device. Instead of your fingers, you can use the mouse. But some PCs have a touchscreen feature. You can use it with Leapdroid to select and drag objects across the screen using your fingers. 
  • You can access basic applications like Google Docs, Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, and Slack. You can even take notes in Evernote. 
  • Some apps are buggy. It may take Google Play a while to recognize them. You may have to restart the emulator a couple of times to resolve this issue. 
  • While the keymapping is complicated, the developers have provided a tutorial that newcomers can use to understand the feature.
  • Most games are straightforward. On a mobile device, the games expect users to point and click. You can perform these actions efficiently on a PC if you have a mouse. In fact, the mouse is more accurate than the options a mobile device provides. But games that require pinch-to-zoom actions may present a challenge. 
  • The emulator is compatible with 99 percent of all games and apps. Therefore, most of your favorite apps and games will work on Leapdroid. 


  • Leapdroid is a fast emulator that can compete with the likes of BlueStacks
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • The developers did not weigh the emulator down with bloatware. This is a simple, lightweight program.
  • It delivers a decent performance where Android games are concerned
  • You can personalize keyboard and mouse controls
  • It comes with a tutorial that shows you how to use Leapdroid
  • It can run most Android apps and games


  • Development stopped several years ago. Don’t expect updates. Support is limited
  • Even though it offers 99 percent compatibility, Leapdroid cannot run every Android app. Some apps are missing. Others, like Snapchat, do not run well.
  • The keymapping tool is a little complicated 
  • It is not compatible with newer Android versions 


Is Leapdroid the best Android emulator? No, it isn’t. That is not a surprise. The developers abandoned the project a few years ago. But that doesn’t make Leapdroid any less appealing.

Even though development was discontinued, you can still download and install this program. It will run the majority of Android apps. You need a Google account to access the Google Play Store.

Don’t expect the Play Store to recognize every app you purchased. It may take some tinkering for the emulator to run some of your favorite games and apps. That being said, if you don’t have the patience for heavier emulators like BlueStacks, Leapdroid is a great alternative. 

More importantly, it is free. You don’t lose anything by downloading the emulator. 

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