12 Best Korean Drama and Movies Sites to Watch FREE (2024)

Korean dramas are slowly morphing into a global phenomenon, making waves on every continent because of their creative storytelling and cultural novelty. But if you don’t live in South Korea and don’t have access to channels that show Korean dramas, you might be surprised to learn that you can watch these shows online.

The internet has several websites that show Korean dramas. In some cases, you don’t have to pay anything to watch your favorite shows. If you don’t know where to start looking for these websites, you can make your selection from this list. These are the best Korean Drama websites on the internet:

Best Sites to Watch Korean Drama for Free

1. Viki


Viki is not a dedicated K-drama website. Their database includes hundreds of TV shows from all over the globe. Korean dramas are just one small aspect of their offerings, which is good if you have diverse tastes.

Their K-dramas have English subtitles. More importantly, you can watch all these shows legally. Everything Viki does is above board. 

2. Fast Drama

Fast Deama

With Fdrama, you can watch Korean dramas on your computer or mobile device. The website attracts mobile users because it is surprisingly lightweight. It won’t overtax your phones and tablets. The interface is easy to navigate.

Select a show you like and start watching. Some of the links may redirect you to a different domain. Either way, you can trust the site. It won’t send you to dangerous platforms. 

If you need subtitles, the interface has a button that activates them. If you want to download an episode, click the download button.

3. iFlix


iFlix is a decent starting point for anyone trying to experiment with Korean dramas for the first time. They are not as popular as some other entities on this list because their library is not particularly extensive. 

However, their collection includes movies as well as TV shows. Once you create an account, you can stream or download as many movies and shows as you want.

The website is free, but it comes with ads. You can pay a small subscription fee if you don’t want to see the ads. 

4. Kocowa


Kocowa is a popular hub for Korean entertainment. You can stream Korean dramas and music legally. English-speaking audiences will appreciate the English subtitles.

The content is available in 1080p. On top of watching full seasons of shows, you can watch the latest episodes of ongoing shows. The platform has a section that keeps users abreast of the latest releases. They offer their services to audiences in North and South America. 

5. WeTV


WeTV is the answer to all your Asian entertainment needs. The best websites allow users to stream Korean dramas at a decent resolution. But Fix Drama has taken things a step further. 

They offer movies and shows from Thailand, South Korea, China, and Hong Kong. Naturally, they include English subtitles. Although, if you know the native tongues of the movies and shows, the subtitles may annoy you because you can’t switch them off. 

If your internet is not stable enough for streaming, you have the option of downloading Fix Drama’s content. 

6. Netflix


Netflix is the best source of Korean dramas in the world. Yes, Fix Drama has Chinese, South Korean, Hong Kong, and Thai dramas. But Netflix is even better because they have shows from every country. 

In fact, Netflix offers movies, television shows, animated movies, game shows, sports shows, and even anime. They have every genre of entertainment you can imagine.

In other words, you don’t have to subscribe to multiple websites to scratch your entertainment itch. Netflix has everything you need. 

7. Asian Crush

Asian Crush

Asian Crush is a little irritating because you can only access the website from North America. But this is not a problem if you have a VPN. Any credible VPN will bypass Asian Crush’s restrictions.

You will probably get the most reliable speeds from paid VPNs. But you can still get by with a free VPN where necessary. Asian Crush is worth the trouble because it has a sizable library of Korean Dramas. All their shows are free. They also offer instant updates. 

8. Hulu


Just like Netflix, Hulu’s library is not restricted to Korean dramas. They have a variety of shows and movies. Hulu is a Disney company. That should give you an idea of the quality of movies and shows they offer.

Their library includes Korean dramas. They have a much wider reach than you realize. Although, they are not available everywhere. You should check their platform beforehand to determine whether or not Hulu is available in your region.

But again, you can use a VPN. Hulu has an app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. 

9. KShows


This Mediacorp on-demand streaming service has a little bit of everything. People flock to the platform to watch movies, shows, kid’s programs, and comedies. 

Korean dramas are a relatively recent addition to their library, which is why the site is not as popular among Korean drama enthusiasts as other Korean drama websites. They have free and premium content. 

10. Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the biggest streaming services in the world. Their collection of Korean dramas is still small. But it will probably grow in the next few months and years as they slowly establish themselves in the streaming industry.

All their content is available at the highest possible resolution. Amazon Prime members can access this streaming service for free. Their app works on most mobile devices. They have a ‘Watch Party’ feature that allows viewers to watch shows with other Amazon Prime members. 

11. Mewatch


Mewatch is also another website that covers Asian and Korean web series and TV Shows. It contains a variety of categories.

12. Yepdrama


Sometimes we all want to watch different types of TV Shows and Movies but can’t find a reliable source, therefore your search is over. You can also enjoy your favorite content on YepDrama, which is a great website with a lot of Movies and Shows.


This is as good a time as any to try your hand at watching Korean dramas. You’re going to miss out on interesting conversations with your friends unless you plug into these shows.

Some local channels in some countries have started broadcasting Korean dramas. But they are inconvenient because you can only catch these shows at certain times of the day or night. But if you use one or more of the websites above, you can watch Korean dramas anytime you choose. 


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