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Kinemaster is a really convenient video editor in the mobile phone industry. It brings powerful features and a popular aspect ratio. The video editor comes with Premium and Free both plans. You can download a free version to test the interface and features, but the Pro edition is worth buying, here is how you can set up payment.

If you are searching for a Kinemaster Premium subscription how to buy and how it works then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share with you a step-by-step guide to purchasing the Kinemaster Premium version.

If you produce stunning videos for your work or social media platform then it’s good manners to invest in Premium tools so that you can remove watermarks and access premium assets.

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How to buy Kinemaster Premium Subscription (Pro Version)

Here is the complete guide to purchasing Kinemaster Pro. As you know the editor developed for Android and iOS devices so you cannot use it on your desktop. But the Android emulator makes it easier, it can run Kinemaster on Windows or macOS even you will be able to subscribe to it. 

Step 1: Uninstall Kinemaster from your device

If you are using the old Kinemaster version, then you need to remove that app from your smartphone. Tap on it then delete. If you want to subscribe to Kinemaster then it’s better to update it so that you can get the latest features.

Uninstall Kinemaster

Step 2: Download Kinemaster latest version 

Open Google PlayStore and download the video editor, don’t use any third-party website to download applications, use a secure way to access it because it uses your debit card details. Click here.

Step 3: Tap and open it

When you complete downloading, you have to open it, you will see some annoying ads and it asks you to subscribe.

Step 4: Click on Crown icon

When you open it, it will show you some options, so you need to click on the Crown icon which you can see in the image below.

Click on Crown icon

Step 5: Upgrade to Professional edition

It will show you both plans monthly and yearly. If you go for a yearly subscription then it will provide you a decent discount of 33% to 70% or you can also try a monthly plan to test premium features. Select one of the subscription plans.

Upgrade to Professional edition

Step 6: Complete Payment

Complete Payment

It allows you two payment methods one is a credit or debit card and the second one is Redeem Card, you can purchase a Google Play Gift card to buy Kinemaster Pro otherwise use your ATM card. Complete payment method after that it will show “You are a Kinemaster Premium”.

You are a Kinemaster Premium

To Check Premium Subscription

  • Open Kinemaster application.
  • Go to the Settings tab.
  • Tap on My Information.
  • Check Subscription status.
  • If you have done successfully payment, it will show you a Kinemaster Premium User.

Sometimes, credit and debit card doesn’t work with Kinemaster, there are few banks available which support Google Payments. If your transaction gets failed and money debited from your account then don’t worry, they will send your amount bank in few business days.

Tip to buying Kinemaster Premium

If you are not able to purchase Kinemaster using an ATM card then you should try a Google Redeem card that will be easy to buy. You need to order a Google Play Gift card from Amazon, it comes digital and physical. We recommend you buy a digital gift card, Amazon sends you Redeem code on your Gmail ID.

When you buy a Google Play Gift card, you get a unique code on your email which you have provided while ordering. Copy that code then opens Kinemaster and select plan then paste to Redeem it. Make sure you buy a card that matches the Kinemaster plan price.

Watch Video To Subscribe Kinemaster Premium (Live Proof)

Kinemaster Payment methods?

Kinemaster offers you 2 payment methods: Debit or Credit card and Redeem Code. If you have an ATM card then you can use this gateway otherwise get a Play gift card and redeem it. 

Example: Redemption Gift Code : 0ET0NP9FV3KFHSJH.

Why buy Kinemaster Pro?

There are many reasons to purchase the Kinemaster Pro edition. You can remove the watermark, no annoying advertising, and premium features. If you use Kinemaster free version from a third-party site then you are inviting viruses and malware into your device. If any site owner providing you premium products for free then definitely they will use your data or something else to earn revenue.

To be safe in the internet world, always download applications from trusted sources like Google PlayStore or iPhone Store.

This is the complete guide that lets you subscribe to Kinemaster Pro. We hope you have purchased it yet and if you face any payment error then comment down below.

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  1. Amy says:

    Hi.. I have been having problem for a week k tried cards of my five family members, but still they’re not accepting my card. I used to be a premium user for years until my own atm card got blocked. So I tried my family’s but it ain’t working.???? what should I do? I need the premium version somehow

    • TechM says:

      Don’t Worry, Thanks for Contacting us

      You can use GPay to complete Payment, Simply, open GPay then selects Google Play Recharge code after that you have to pay 1300Rs then money will be added to your PlayStore ID after that open Kinemaster App and select payment methods Google Payments then pay money using PlayStore. Payment will be done quickly.

      We have created a separate video on it, please watch check it out

  2. GURUKALYAN says:

    Hii I have already bought the kinemaster pro version but still unable to remove the watermark kindly help

  3. Star Skillshare says:

    I wanted to buy yearly pro package but automatically monthly package has been active. How can i upgrade to yearly package. Because yearly package is cheaper than monthly package.

  4. vinay solanki says:

    hii i bought kinemaster premium plan but when I purchased after purchasing storage are same massage is appearing no enough space on device

  5. Martha says:

    Please i need your whatsapp number for a private conversation.THANKS IN ADVANCE!

  6. mayank sharma says:

    we use kinemaster in windows as well as android???

  7. abdulla kunhi says:

    If i subscribe kinemarster on how many devices I can use kinemaser. somebody told me we can use on six gadgets, mobile or desktop. please reply

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