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Have you heard of Jabo? If you haven’t, more than likely, you have used project64, one of his most popular projects. Jabo’s work in the emulator arena did not end with Project64. He is also responsible for JNES, an NES emulator with decent compatibility.

What is Jnes?

Jnes is an NES emulator that works on Windows and Android. As you now know, it was made by the same person that worked on Project64, a prominent NES emulator. The first version of the program came out in 1999.

Because it uses Kaillera Service, the emulator supports online gaming. You can also use cheat codes. Jnes, which runs on Direct X, uses separate pulse channels to create the virtual stereo effect that many NES gamers love. 

Jnes Emulator

You can adjust the interface, either playing games in a small window or activating full-screen mode. You can also adjust the resolution where necessary. If you hate classic games because older consoles won’t let you save, you will be happy to hear that Jnes has a function that allows you to save your progress by pressing a few buttons. 

Speaking of buttons, you can map the buttons of an NES gamepad to the buttons of a keyboard. You can also use different types of controllers, configuring them to fit your playing style. 

If you want to share your success on the NES with your friends, Jnes has features that can record and save your gameplay for you to review later on. The program is lightweight. It doesn’t consume quite as many resources as some of the biggest emulators on the market today, which is why it can run on lower-end computers. 

Overall, it is a decent addition to your collection of NES emulators. Though, some people dislike the program because it has questionable noise emulation and accuracy. 

Features of Jnes

  • Supports online gaming
  • Instant Saves
  • Cheat Codes
  • Compatible with Windows and Android
  • Supports English and Spanish
  • The user interface has portrait and landscape modes

How To Install Jnes?

Step 1. Download Jnes from below link

Step 2. Make sure your computer meets the basic system requirements, including:

  • Pentium 3
  • Windows XP, Vista, 2000
  • Direct X 7.0
  • Video Card (At least 16MB)

Step 3. Find the zipped folder in your downloads and extract the file

Step 4. Launch the executable Jnes file.

Download Jnes 1.2.1 Emulator for Windows

Download for Android

  • Size: 0.5MB
  • Platform: Windows, Android
  • Date: Jan, 15, 2017
  • License: Freeware

How To Use Jnes?

To use the emulator, you have to learn all the basic shortcuts. For instance:

  • F3 is for capturing the screen
  • F4 records sounds
  • F5 records your progress
  • F7 loads a state from the file


Jnes cannot compete with recent NES emulators. The market has plenty of emulators that are far more accurate. But Jnes has its merits. The emulator is lightweight. You can run it on older, less powerful computers because it uses fewer resources.

The interface is friendly. You can make adjustments to sound and graphics. Like every other emulator of note, this one allows you to configure your controls. You can save your gameplay and either share or review it later on. 

Project64 is renowned among NES fans for its efficiency and performance. You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that one of the people that worked on Project64 is also responsible for the Jnes emulator because it tends to meet expectations despite its age. 

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