Are you using the JioFi MiFi Device? You need to update them so that you could get well experience. The Reliance JioFi is the best solution to Wifi problem because you can carry it anywhere, wherever you want to use Wifi, perfect fit into your pocket and use with several devices like Mobile Phone, Computer or Laptop even you can make HD Voice calls and High-Quality Video call with the help of Jio Phone call app.

JioFi Update Firmware

If you are going to buy a JioFi device for your devices then you get to see amazing battery life and it comes with Free Jio Sim and for that you no need to pay extra and also get a USB cable that will help you to charge JioFi.

After joining the device to the PC, it is not going only to offer internet connectivity, but it is also going to be charging. You can also set your JioFi device on power-saving utilizing pre-defined slots. Setting up your JioFi device in the following way will help you acquire the most speed and elongated battery performance. That’s quite an improvement!

How To Update Jiofi and get the latest version

In this article, we will learn how can you update your JioFi Firmware. fxn_jmr540_r6.11

Step.1 You need to open the browser on Android, Computer or Laptop, Mac

Search this URL: Www.JioFi.local.html

Step 2. Now you need to log in your JioFi Account

Step 3. Go to the Firmware section and go to the settings option, get in the site.

Step 4. You will be able to see the configration setup.

Step 5. Press on backup after that you have to back up the JioFi settings and basic information

Step 6. After downloading backup files, go to your PC download folder and locate the latest JioFi firmware downloaded file.

Step 7. Go to the Firmware Upgrade section and open software upgrade after that click on the choose file option so press browse button and select that file which we have downloaded above step.

It will start the Upgrade process

After updating, you have to wait a couple of minutes and it will update automatically. Once you have done these steps you will be able to enjoy updated JioFi Device.

If you face problems with JioFi then this update will fix those issues like battery drain problem, lag issue, connection and etc.

You can download the latest Firmware below link. FXN_JMR520_V3.0

Download JioFi Firmware

I hope this article will help you to update your JioFi Firmware and if you get an error with it then feel free to let us know comment down below.


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