iPadian Emulator Download for Windows 7/8/10

If you’re looking for the fastest way to run iOS applications on a Windows PC, the iPadian simulator is the best one. To use the Apple iPhone application, download and install it on your system.

ios emulator for pc

Have you ever had the idea of having an Apple device running the latest version of the macOS?

Or does the iPad and MacBook inspire and fascinate you and you wish to own them someday?

Well, if the answer to our questions is a ‘Yes, then indeed you are reading this article at the right time because we have a solution for you.

And the solution is the ‘iPadian emulator’ for your Microsoft Windows PC.

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What is the iPadian emulator?

Although it is generally called an emulator, iPadian by no means is one.

However, it actually is nothing but a simulator or a theme based on the design concept of iOS.

By installing the iPadian simulator, your PC running the Windows OS transforms its interface as an iOS running device.

This means that while you are seeing and experiencing a different look and design at the front, in the background it is the same Windows OS from Microsoft that you are operating.

Is iPadian safe to use?

While we did research on the internet for the safety and security concerns regarding the use of the iPadian simulator, we couldn’t form an opinion of our own on this issue.

This is because we found a mix of various opinions from users who have actually experienced using it.

According to some, you shouldn’t install it as it is malware and adware.

On the other hand, some users suggested installing it while also highlighting its significance to those who do not have an iOS device and would wish to experience it to some extent.

How does iPadian works and is iPadian reliable?

Again, we found mixed opinions on this question as well.

The thing is that the iPadian is available on its official website as a free and paid version both and there is definitely a clear difference between the two.

Since the basis of this simulator is to give its users the feeling that they are using an iOS run device, many apps have to be specifically redesigned to comprehend this technicality.

And while there are a lot of apps that are available to use while using this simulator, there are still some issues that may arise.

Issues like apps getting crashed or not working and functioning properly and lagging are known to occur while using the free version of the iPadian simulator.

Additionally, your experience will also get occasionally interrupted because of the untimely ads that come with the free version.

Contrary to the free version, the paid version is known to address these issues such as better and more smooth performance with the different apps and a lot more apps as well.

Also, the disturbance caused by the untimely ads will also stop in the paid version.

How to Install iPadian on Windows

Here is the easiest steps to download and install iPadian on your Windows computer or laptop. Follow below instructions to complete installation.

Step 1: Download iPadian Installer

You need to download setup file to start installation, you can find a below button click on that and start downloading. File size is less than 50MB.

Step 2: Run Setup

Run Setup

Go to the download folder then launch the installer file, then you will get a window to install, it will start preparing the iPadian setup after that click on the “Next” button.

Step 3: Ready to install

Ready to install

Now will appear an “Install Now” button click on that, it will let you select the installation location where you want to extract all files, “Browse” then select the drive, “Next“. Again click on Install. It takes few minutes to complete the installation.

Step 4: Finalizing extracting

Finalizing extracting

When you see the “Finish” button click on that, then the emulator will start on your Windows and you will be able to use the iOS application on your PC.

Run iPadian

Using iPadian to test iOS apps

It is generally believed that the iPadian simulator can test iOS apps on it which isn’t true at all.

This is because to test an app, you will need an emulator which iPadian isn’t.

It actually is, as discussed above, simply a user interface that runs your Windows PC by making it look like an iOS running device.

Building on this fact, it is also true that the iPadian simulator is also not capable of running any existing iOS app, let alone test it.

Should you download the iPadian simulator?

While we do not recommend using the iPadian simulator, we also tend to not discourage you from installing and using it to create the iOS virtual environment on your Windows run PC.

However, we do suggest that before downloading the iPadian, make sure to have good anti-virus software installed on your PC first.

Then depending on whether it allows you to download, install and use it is totally dependent on your anti-virus software.

As a general fact, many anti-virus software does have issues with the iPadian simulator as it tries to download third-party apps and show advertisements.

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