5 Best iOS Emulator Online Free PC/iPhone/Android

Can you run iOS games and apps on a PC? Yes, you can. You just need an emulator. Even though the hardware is different, an emulator will create an environment on your PC that can support iOS apps and games.

iOS Emulator online free

List of Best iOS Emulator Online (App Development)

  • Appetize.io
  • Ripple
  • TestApp.io
  • Smartface
  • RunThatApp

Finding the best emulator is no picnic. You have so many options to choose from. Fortunately, you don’t have to find the best iOS emulator online on your own, not when you have the option of choosing from the list below.

These emulators stand out because you don’t have to install the programs to run them. This makes them appealing to individuals that are hesitant to add new applications to their devices. They include:

1. Appetize.io


Appetize.io is popular because it is cloud-based. You can run it at any time, from any location if you have an internet-enabled device. The developers have provided 100 free minutes for people that can’t decide whether or not it is worth their time.

If you like the emulator, you have to pay $0.05 for every minute. The developers are always polishing the program, which is why it is always up to date. The interface is simple and easy to navigate.

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Some people have complained about the long report generation time. But that hasn’t stopped them from using the emulator. The cloud-based function is a powerful attraction because it allows consumers to stream instantly in a web browser.

2. TestApp.io


This is another cloud-based emulator that can run iOS apps on a PC. The program tends to attract app developers that need an iOS environment to test their applications before they can launch them in various online stores.

The cloud-based component is the biggest draw because of the flexibility it brings to the table. App developers can test as many apps as they want from any location. They can also use the platform to invite other people to test their apps. You couldn’t ask for a better partner in your journey to develop your dream iOS app.

The platform has a free version that has every basic tool that most developers need to test their apps. But you can access additional features by paying $8 every month. The user interface is intuitive. You can drag and drop the apps you want to share.

  • It offer you free demo version to test
  • Affordable plans for everyone
  • Just Upload & Install
  • Install iOS from app & browser
  • No account needed

Once the apps are in place on the platform, you can share them as you wish. Even with the free version, TestApp.io doesn’t place any limits on the number of apps you can upload and download.

The number of users you can invite is also unlimited. Their chat function will come in handy for people that want to collect feedback. Some app developers hate the fact that the majority of features are hidden behind a paywall.

But the $8 fee is more than fair for everything the platform brings to the table. And if you don’t have the money, the free version is sufficient, especially if all you want is a platform that can test your apps for free.

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3. Smartface


Smartface sounds off-putting because the paid version costs $99, and that is just the starting package. But the cloud-based emulator supports both iOS and Android apps. This elevates the platform above ordinary emulators that exclusively support iOS programs.

This one provides a platform that developers can use to create and test iOS applications using a PC. Beginners will flock to it because it has the WYSIWYG design editor which allows people that are unfamiliar with coding to develop apps.

Not only does the platform generate the code that developers need but it allows them to preview the results. Smartface has everything you require to manage the development of your app from start to finish.

The cloud-based attribute is a bonus. They have a free version. Though it only lasts 15 days. That duration sounds short. But many developers are more than happy to pay for the platform because of all the third-party applications and libraries it has integrated. No one would argue if you called it the best iOS emulator online for developers.

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4. Ripple


This cloud-based emulator works on PC and Mac. But it comes as a web browser extension that has to be downloaded and enabled on your computer. Like the options above, this one appeals to app developers.

Even though it is free, you can use it to test and debug JavaScript. Because it is cloud and web-based, it doesn’t affect your operating system. Though, you have to download and install the extension before you can use it in Google Chrome.

If you want to know what your app will look like on the devices of your clients, this platform has several screens and resolutions that you can use to preview the output. If you want an iOS emulator online that develops and tests apps but you don’t want to part with your hard-earned money, Ripple is a great solution.

5. RunThatApp


This emulator creates a virtual phone in your PC’s browser that can run iOS apps. The platform is not free. You have to pay $0.05 for every minute you spend on the emulator. If the work you want to do requires high volumes of data, the cost of using the emulator will rise.

The platform guarantees the privacy of its users. They use a secure server to stream apps that developers have uploaded. Once your app is on the server, the emulator will create a link for sharing purposes. This assumes that you want other people to test your app.

You don’t have to worry about your betta testers stealing your work. You cannot generate copies of the apps on the emulator’s server. Developers can create and test their apps knowing that their projects are safe.

The virtual phone created by the emulator is comprehensive, allowing developers to test the responsive touch of their apps on an iPhone screen. RunThatApp doesn’t limit users to one particular smartphone model. You have various virtual mobile devices at your disposal. Like all the other cloud-based platforms, you can access this one at any time, from anywhere.

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