6 Best iOS Emulator for Mac M1 & M2: Run iOS Apps (2024)

Are you looking for the best iOS emulator for Mac M1 or M2? Apple’s released M1 and M2 chip is one of the most powerful processors ever released. Because this is new hardware, many software does not support it yet. However, if you want to use iOS emulator on Mac M1, we have tested and found some good emulators that work with this processor and can be used to run iOS apps on it.

iOS emulator for Mac m1

iOS emulators allow you to run iOS applications on Windows or macOS platforms, allowing you to play games and test apps. The emulator is a very valuable tool for developers because it allows them to run tests and perform advanced security vulnerability research. This list includes several online and offline iOS emulators that must be installed on the M1 chip.

You may be aware that the Mac M1 processor is already capable of handling iOS applications and that you may use apps on your MacBook without needing any emulator software, but some users prefer to utilise an emulator, therefore here is a detailed step-by-step guide for you.

We will show you how to utilise iOS emulators on Mac OS X M1 or M2 in this post. Here are the top emulators you can use.

Top 5 Best iOS emulator for Mac M1 or M2

1. Corellium

Corellium is a web-based iOS emulator that requires only a browser to access; no software needs to be installed on your Mac. Corelliumis a mobile testing emulator that is specifically developed for developers to test their apps and identify vulnerabilities. It allows testing on ARM-native device virtualization, however, it does not operate like simulation or emulation. It provides a number of tools to improve the security of your app.

It supports both Android and iOS devices, allowing you to execute emulation for any application. You will be assigned a specialized support team, and if you have any questions, you may contact the help centre. It allows Corellium Cloud, allowing you to connect to AWS private servers.

Supported Platform: Web-based

Visit Website: Corellium

Price: Starting price is $99.

2. Xcode

XCode is the best software to use as an iOS emulator because it was created specifically for developers to test and deliver apps for the iOS platform. It is completely free to use; there is no need to pay anything here. The best aspect is that it works with Apple’s silicon chip M1 or M2.

If you are looking for an iOS emulator for gaming, this is not the emulator for you. We’ve listed various gaming emulators that you may use to run games on your Mac.


  • Free to use
  • Faster and lighter than another iOS emulator
  • Works best for debugging

Supported platform: Only macOS

Price: Freeware

Visit Website: Xcode

3. Testapp.io

Testapp is another great iOS emulator that has an easy-to-use UI and can be used as a private app store to test app security. It supports both Android and iOS platforms and can be automated via CLI. You will be able to share your applications with anyone without having to publish them.

You may use the emulator to connect to Slack, Github, Microsoft Teams, GitLab, and Jenkins. It features a free everlasting plan that includes 1 project, 2 team members, and limitless installation and release.

Supported platform: Cloud-based (Web-browser)

Price:  Free/$8/month

Visit Website: Testapp.io

4. Smartface

Smartface is also a legitimate emulator capable of simulating Android and iOS apps. This emulator is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. As a result, you can use it on your M1 laptops. JavaScript development using a full-featured IDE with nex-generation. On the virtual device, you may see an instant preview.

Supported platforms: Windows 

Price: Plans begin at $99 and go up from there.

Visit Website: Smartface 

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Best iOS emulator for gaming

#1. Delta

Delta emulator for ios

One of the most well-known emulators for gamers is called Delta. With this emulator, you may play games for the SNES, N64, and Advanced Emulator GBA4iOS. You may load games using cloud storage thanks to the emulator’s free iCloud sync functionality. You will receive functionality for multiple systems and controller support.

Price: Free

Supported Platform: iOS, Android

Visit website: Delta

#2. Eclipse  

Best Emulator For Eclipse iOS/Android (2022)

This is another popular emulator among iOS players. It is compatible with GB, GBC, GBA, SMS, and NES. You may add game ROMs from a repository or Google Drive, and Dropbox is also supported. You do not need to install this emulator on your iPhone or Mac to utilize it. Because the emulator is web-based, you will be able to play games in your browser.

We tested this emulator and wrote a specific article about it, which you may also read.

Supported platform: Webbased

Price: Free

Visit website: Eclipse

How to use iOS apps on Mac M1 or M2 without an iOS emulator?

The ability to download and run iOS apps on the Mac is one of the new features of the M1 Mac. I was overjoyed when I heard this news, but I soon learned that many of the applications I wanted to use had not yet been made accessible by developers. However, there is a workaround if you don’t want to wait. You’ll need to use your phone to download the IPA files for the apps you want to use.

There is another method that is a free way of doing things by simply opening  Make sure to select the iPhone/iPad tab, and from here you can simply download and install apps directly to your m1 Mac while there are more apps available using this method. Unfortunately, not all apps are available to you.

Right now, the only way to achieve this is to download a premium application such as Imazing. It’s the only way we’ve been able to install every app from our iOS device on a M1 Mac, so once you’ve chosen Imazing and downloaded the app, run it and connect your phone to your Mac. Make sure your device is chosen in the left corner, then browse to manage apps, and then press on the library to see all of the apps you possess.

Is there an iOS emulator like BlueStacks?

BlueStacks is a powerful emulator that exclusively supports Android applications. It has a dedicated Google Playstore. There is no iOS emulator available like BlueStakcs. However, you may utilize iPadian or Smartface to access iOS applications on your PC. However, you cannot utilize the App Store in the same way that you can with Google Play.


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