What’s New iOS 17 Public Beta, Bugs & Features

We’ve had the iOS 17 public beta and iOS 17 beta 3 re-release out for a few weeks now, and it’s time to discuss the overall experience and see how it has evolved In this blog post.

Important Updates and Features

Before we dive into the details, let’s touch upon some noteworthy updates and features that came with iOS 17.

  1. Apple Pay Now Available in Morocco and Vietnam: If you use Apple Wallet and Apple Pay, you’ll be glad to know that these services are now available in Morocco and Vietnam.
  2. Improved Apple Watch Buying Experience: Apple has updated its website, making the Apple Watch buying experience more intuitive and user-friendly, offering options for aluminum and stainless steel versions, and simplifying band selection.
  3. Stardew Valley Plus on Apple Arcade: Fans of Stardew Valley will be delighted to know that it’s now available on Apple Arcade, offering a fantastic gaming experience.

New Features in iOS 17

  1. Enhanced Live Photos: You can now scrub through the motion footage of Live Photos, similar to a video. Additionally, search for live text within photos now supports more languages like Thai, Turkish, Dutch, and Russian.
  2. Updated iCloud Sign-In Screen: When signing into iCloud for the first time on your device, you’ll notice a new sign-in screen with a cool animation showcasing the process.
  3. Notes Improvements: In Spotlight search, you can now quickly create a new note. Furthermore, the drawing options in Notes have been expanded with various colors and thicknesses.
  4. Music Optimized Storage: If your iPhone is running low on storage, you can enable Optimized Storage, which automatically removes music you haven’t played in a while. You now have additional options for storage limits.
  5. Redesigned AirPods Controls: When using AirPods or third-party headphones with your iPhone, the control center now offers a slight redesign, making it easier to access background sounds and other settings.
  6. Siri Authentication with AirPods: A fantastic accessibility enhancement allows locked devices with AirPods in range to be considered authenticated. This feature is particularly helpful for users with accessibility needs.
  7. Siri Reads Web Pages: If a web page supports the Reader option in Safari, Siri can now read the page aloud, even if your device is locked.

The Overall Experience

iOS 16.5.1 and iOS 16.6 RC have been relatively stable, with some users experiencing decent battery life. However, iOS 17 beta 3 re-release and public beta still have several bugs and performance issues. While some users report great performance, others face glitches with keyboard, cellular connectivity, and overheating.

Users’ Experiences with iOS 17 Beta Versions

  • iOS 17 Beta 3 on iPhone 11 and SE 2020: Some users reported great performance with minimal bugs, but the phones did get hot from time to time even with light usage.
  • iOS 17 Public Beta on iPhone 11 Pro: Users mentioned decent overall performance, but some widgets appear blank occasionally, and the text box in Messages doesn’t show up until they back out and return.


As we eagerly await iOS 17 beta 4, it’s crucial to remember that early betas can be buggy and may affect battery life. For those who are hesitant, waiting for the next beta may be wise. Meanwhile, iOS 16.6 public release may come on Monday or Tuesday, leading to iOS 16.7 betas before the official iOS 17 release in September.

Let us know in the comments what features you’d like to see in iOS 17. We’ll keep an eye out for iOS 17 beta 4 and hope it brings substantial improvements and bug fixes for a smoother experience!

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