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InShot is one of those revolutionary applications that rose to fame quickly because it allowed consumers to edit videos on their mobile devices. It placed numerous features at the fingertips of the average smartphone owner, including the ability to add video transitions and animations, adjust video speed, trim videos, and more. 

But the video editor has its limitations, with its compatibility being the most prominent issue.

How To Use InShot Online? 

InShot is an independent application that users must download and install on a mobile device. You cannot use it online within a browser not unless you use an illegal hack designed explicitly for this purpose.

InShot Online Video

7 Best Online Video Editor

Here are the greatest free online video editors that you can use in your browser. It has all of the features that an offline video editor, such as InShot, offers.

No.Video Editor Online
1Adobe Spark
2In Video
4We Video
5Flex Clip
8Clip Champ

Can You Download InShot Video On PC?

You cannot download InShot Video on PC, not officially. The video editor works on iOS and Android. The only way to run InShot on a PC is to download an emulator like BlueStacks. An emulator creates an environment on your PC that allows the machine to run iOS and Android apps. 

Can You Download InShot Video On PC?

5 Best Alternative Online Editor

The only way to run InShot on Windows or even Mac is to use an emulator. But if you don’t want to use an emulator, your only option is to experiment with some decent alternatives to InShot that can work on a computer, including:

1. VideoProc Vlogger

VideoProc Vlogger

This application, which is compatible with Windows and Mac, offers all the features and functions you expect to see in a decent video editor, including filters, stickers, transitions, the ability to use keyframes, and more. 

It has a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of importing and organizing your content, not just videos but photos and songs. 

2. Power Director


This video editor’s biggest attraction is the incredibly fast rendering. Power Director was designed to make optimal use of intel chips and their related hardware, which is why both amateurs and professional editors love it. 

Besides the extensive library of transitions, stickers, and effects, you can use the editor to combine clips, layer footage, adjust the aspect ratio, and so much more. 

You don’t lose anything by experimenting with the program because it is free to download. Additionally, it comes with a database of royalty-free stock images and videos. The interface is intuitive.

Though, many beginners have complained that the multitude of functions and options are overwhelming. 

3. Microsoft Photos

Many people overlook this editor. They don’t realize that it has a video editor. The video editor goes unnoticed because most people use MS Photos to view their images and videos.

They never notice the editing features hidden within the interface. The application deserves your attention because it is completely free to use. You don’t have to pay anything to take advantage of its editing functions. And unlike rivals like Power Director, this one is lightweight.

You can use it on slower computers without drastically affecting their performance. Admittedly, it is very simplistic. The application cannot satisfy the needs of professional editors.

But for anyone that wants to perform basic tasks such as trimming clips, inserting effects, and adding music, Microsoft Photos is more than adequate. 

4. Lightworks

This is a deceptively powerful tool with drag-and-drop functionalities that people can use to trim and combine their videos. The learning curve is quite steep. Experienced users may struggle to get the hang of the features despite the drag-and-drop interface. 

For that reason, the application will repel amateurs. Professionals will appreciate the extensive editing tools. And even if beginners don’t like it, they can still experiment with the editor because it is free. 

Visit website

5. Coral Video Studio

A lot of people love Coral Video Studio because it has an intuitive interface. This is good because Coral Video Studio has several powerful features and functions such as 4K support, motion tracking, and multi-camera support that can turn an average video into a high-quality product.

Editors with such features are normally quite difficult to use. They offer numerous output formats for people that want to export their videos, but beginners cannot use them because of their complexity. That is not true for Coral Video Studio. The learning curve is gentle enough for newcomers to experiment with it without becoming overwhelmed.

Download here


As you can see, you don’t have to rely on InShot to edit your videos. If you hate the idea of using emulators to run the program on your PC, you can just use these InShot alternatives.

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