5 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Page Engagement

The late 2000s ushered into the world of an unbridled social media sway where Facebook glimmered as the new promising social network colossus. From corporate guilds to quaint corners of small towns, Zuckerberg’s brainchild quickly grew in popularity among billions of people across the globe. 

Owing to its impeccable algorithm, Facebook has become one of the best marketing tools out there for small businesses in just no time. With over a whopping 1.5 billion daily users worldwide in 2019-2020, Facebook’s user base soared even higher during the current pandemic. 

5 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Page Engagement

Several Facebook stars like Destorm Power, Curtis Lepore and Eh Bee have grown to insurmountable popularity by showcasing their talents and tapping into their audience’s interest. This has not only increased their Facebook page engagement but has also led them to become nothing short of celebrities!

But what exactly is ‘Facebook page engagement’ and how can you increase it to steer clear on your path to becoming the next Facebook star- take a look below. 

What is Facebook Page Engagement?

It is the action someone takes on your page or posts. Be it liking your posts, commenting on them, tagging you in a post or checking in to your location. 

Facebook page engagement is what can be called as the ‘core integrant’ aspect of your journey to having a far and wide presence on Facebook. 

Interested to know more? Well, in this blog we’ll be taking you through a step-by-step guide about increasing your Facebook engagement to having more Facebook likes to buying Facebook followers, and much more.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve any pyramid scheme!

1. Know your audience inside out

Sure we’ve all heard of this cliche several times that we often tend to overlook just how important it can be to know your audience’s likes or dislikes. What you consider entertaining should be sidelined over your audience’s preferences. That doesn’t mean we’re asking you to solely subject yourself to their whims and fancies, NO! A simple look at tools like Facebook Insights from time to time can help you go far and wide when it comes to curating unique visual content for your followers. 

2. Content Analysis

After you’ve identified your audience, this is what you need to do:

  • Analyze your most popular posts and try to stick to the same genre of content. Let’s say you run a baking page about macarons and your last post on baking Italian meringue macarons was a hit—analyze what could’ve made it a hit. Was it the recipe? Was it the general character of the post? Did the color scheme have anything to do with it? And so on. 
  • Now let’s say you don’t want to focus on baking macarons anymore, but instead, you want to focus more on making confection-centric desserts. You can’t just switch to another niche of baking abruptly because that’s just going to confuse your followers. Instead, try to introduce changes little by little, making use of all the tools at your disposal like Facebook stories or go live and have interactive sessions with your audience. This brings us to point 3.

3. Interact with your audience

Engaging with your followers from time to time can have you reaping many benefits for your page. Don’t just casually shrug off the importance of this step because engaging mindfully with your audience is like fodder for your page engagement. Respond to messages and comments from time to time. Host several live interactive sessions where you don’t just talk about your business but also talk about current happenings in the world, personal issues, or anything that you consider apropos of the situation. 

Also, pinning recent announcements/news that you might have to the top of your page is a good way to go, as it enhances your Facebook page engagement. You should keep note that you must take steps to protect your Facebook account alongside reaching the engagement. You need to take immediate action so that no can go for a Facebook hack

4. Be crisp and precise

More than 2 minutes into a video tutorial and the Gen Z peeps already lose their interest. Not just Gen Z, but maintaining anybody’s  interest through a lengthy video would be next to impossible considering how impatient people are these days. As per Facebook’s data, people browsing Facebook News Feed on their mobile just spend an average of 1.7 seconds on one post. This rate is suggestive enough to keep your content to the point and short enough to capture the attention of the user.

5. Quality, not quantity

With people scrolling through their feed quicker than the speed of light (pun intended), you need to keep in mind to convey more in less time. 

According to Facebook recommends, you need to:

  • keep a clean and consistent colour scheme,
  • use recognisable images, and
  • use plain but rousing text.

Another great road to having more Facebook likes is by posting exclusive content to your page. This could range widely from giving out coupons, discount codes, contest alerts and so on. Keep improvising by taking inspiration from other Facebook users from time to time. Little improvisations go a long way in this game!

Do you have a well-thought-out Facebook engagement strategy yet? If not, then this is indubitably your guide to achieving what millions of users have already achieved through diligently crafting out a successful strategy. A successful strategy to increase page engagement would be to weld together these well-curated pointers without lifting your finger!

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