HuniePop Android Download Best Games Like to Play HuniePop

HuniePop developers haven’t released a game for Android users that isn’t available, but you can enjoy games like Huniepop. We’ve listed some of the best fun-loving alternatives.

HuniePop android

HuniePop is an adult restricted dating game, i.e. 18 +, which allows an exclusive experience for personal computer players, Linux and Mac players. It has some impressive features, such as being both a dating sim as it stimulates the human social environment and a puzzle game. It also has light RPG elements and a lot of interesting plots.

It’s a fun game that most pop culture fans enjoy playing on consoles and computers. If you want to play this game, you can always download it to your PC and other appropriate devices, but not to all devices. If you’ve got an Android device, it’s pretty unfortunate. But on the brighter side, you can download and play other games that have the same features on your Android, so there’s a couple of Huniepop Android games as an alternative. Well, cool right?

Best 5 Similar Games Like HuniePop in 2020

No.HuniePop AndroidPrice
2.Burn your fat with meFree
3.Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker2.99$
4.Mystic messengerFree
5.C14 DatingFree
6.ACE AcademyFree
7.Hatoful Boyfriend4.49$

1. Roommates


This is one of the Huniepop Android games that Huniepop is very much like. You can rejoice in this opportunity to re-experience the way high school days felt, especially the best periods of course. You get to play role-playing characters in this game. A Huniepop APK that also has a dating sim feature, the task here is to try to get along with the other role-playing characters, and yes, there’s a touch of romance. This is considered to be an Android Huniepop game.

Download Roommates

2. Burn your fat with me

Burn your fat with me

This is a dating sim game that includes encouraging the idea of being fit through Mo. Mo is a Japanese word that depicts the heart-melting feeling that one gets when an adorable female character is seen. Nenshol, which is another version of the game, has won the attention of the Otaku community, as it is the first mo-themed app to get into the iTunes top rankings and has received more than 100,000 downloads.

Download Burn Your Fat With Me

3. Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker

Kitty Powers' Matchmaker

Another Huniepop Android game is a kitty power matchmaker, a unique dating sim with a touch of comedy. With this gaming app, you can control your own matchmaking agency by mentoring your wonderful, cool boss.

Download Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker

4. Mystic messenger

Mystic messenger

This is the perfect dating app, very similar to the Huniepop app. Girls who enjoy intimate conversations and games are going to be totally in this one. In this game, you get to receive text and phone calls from guys (virtual guys), this actually depends on how intimate you get with them. This is a platform to experience virtual love in a different way as role-playing characters come with unique features that add to the appeal of phone calls, text, and email.

Download Mystic Messanger

5. C14 Dating

C14 Dating

In this game, you assume the character of Melissa Flores, a student of anthropology. The task is to uncover the remains of Neanderthal by digging a real prehistoric site. It’s a game for smart and thoughtful minds, and it’s considered one of the best adult sim games.

Download C14 Dating

Final Words: These are the best similar games of Huniepop that you can enjoy on your Android smartphone without paying. You can directly download games from the above links and If we missed any alternative in this post, feel free to let us know through comment.

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