How to Use Our Email Testing Tool

Marketing via email campaigns is an efficient way to reach a broad variety of consumers using a variety of devices. A business’s bottom line might benefit from an email marketing plan that really works by increasing sales and retaining existing customers. Increasing the success rate of your email marketing campaign is possible if you realize the value of email testing for various objectives. 

It’s critical that your email’s content and intent remain consistent for its desired audience. In a jiffy, you may check whether customers can see your email’s design features and calls to action and purchase features and commodities. 

Stripo brings with it an amazing tool for an Email tool that can effectively reduce the testing time and get more work done for an effective email marketing campaign. We have all details regarding it mentioned below. 

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Effective Ways In Which Stripo’s Email Testing Tool Made Life Easier

Leaving obsolete email testing behind, this tool comes with an intuitive design for our users. There are numerous ways how it can enhance your experience and some are explained below. 

  • This tool shows email formatting errors and lets you rectify them.
  • If your email template’s backdrop picture doesn’t load, it assists.
  • It also analyzes and sets the background color to prevent emails from seeming incomplete.
  • It might assist if you neglected to activate the “full width-button” setting for smartphones to make the Call-To-Action link more visible and clickable.

Step-By-Step Guide TO use Stripo’s E-mail Testing Tool

With exceptional service, Stripo comes with an array of premium features such as customization ability, pre-made email formats, and Free html email template designs for your picking. Although their site is easy-to-navigate, to make using their email testing tool easier we bring you a detailed guide on how to use this service below. 

  • The test button for email testing is accessible in the app’s settings panel, which may be accessed by clicking the test button at the top of the screen once the app has been opened.
  • The next step is to choose the “run email test” option from the drop-down menu’s “preview email in multiple email clients and on different devices” subsection.
  • When you press it, the assessment will begin.
  • On a new tab or window, you’ll find a collection of screenshots showing how your email looks in various clients across different platforms: mobile, apps, and the web. Double-tapping a screen allows you to zoom in without any hassle;
  • To return to your original layout, just use the “ESC” link in the top right corner.
  • The scores of your prior tests are also viewable. A right-pointing arrow next to “Run email test” lets you do just that.


Being a crucial part of the email creation process, email testing is essential. Yet, the process was previously rather lengthy. You can now accomplish this quickly and simply with the help of Stripo’s email testing tool. In fact, you need simply use two buttons to initiate the procedure. We want this article to have served as both an instructive and useful resource for you.

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