How to Unblur an Image working tricks?

Photographing is an excellent way to preserve memories; if we have a special moment, we take photographs, but sometimes the images get blurred. If you are one of those who have encountered this problem, we have some tricks for recovering blurred images.

We take pictures for a lot, but often they are blurry. So what to do, in this article, we will learn how you can remove blurriness from your images.

No matter how advanced your smartphone or professional DSLR camera be, there is still a chance of your photos coming out blurred.

Now blurred photos happen for several good reasons, which we will discuss, but the good thing is that there are certain ways to unblur an image as well.

So in this article, we intend to mainly discuss the topic of how to unblur an image.

Why do images get blurred?

Probably the first thing to know before learning about how to unblur an image is to learn the reasons which cause the blurriness in photos.

Many of these reasons can be sorted out while taking a photo so in simple words it means no need to unblur an image.

So let’s find out the reasons behind getting blurred images – 

Unclean or dirty lens

Now the lens is one of the most important pieces of equipment in taking excellent quality photos.

It is not just about buying an expensive camera or equipment, it is also about maintaining it so that it serves well your purpose.

Improper focus

The purpose of capturing photos is about focusing on the main object. This means that an astray focus will only result in blurred images.

How do you handle the camera?

Again, a moving or non-static camera will cause a photo to blur.

The point to remember here is to hold your smartphone or camera firmly so that none of you is shaking.

Shakiness also tends to sway the focus at the last minute causing an unintentional blur to the photo.

Capturing a moving object

Even though a professional photographer won’t have issues with a moving object, for other people taking photos of moving objects isn’t easy.

Thus, this again is the main reason for getting blurred photos.

How to unblur an image?

There are several good methods to unblur an image. Some of them are easy and simple while some require very technical and professional knowledge.

For your ease, we have handpicked the ones that you can easily use without any professional or technical know-how.

So let’s begin.

Using software to unblur an image

Here is the most effective

Solution 1: Microsoft Paint

Now Microsoft Paint utility is something that we are all familiar with and probably have used it as well at least once in our life.

It is something that has always come as a pre-installed utility with Microsoft Windows OS but somehow we never thought of it as something more than just a basic software, mostly taking it for granted.

  • Open the image you want to fix for the blurriness in the Microsoft Paint app.
  • Now create another layer to use the ‘layer’ mask tool. For this, click on the ‘layer’ and ‘duplicate’ buttons.
  • The next step is to adjust the ‘clipping’, ‘strength’, and ‘radius’ of the mask. To do this, click on the ‘Adjust’ feature.
  • A dialog box will appear now in which you need to change the default settings. Set the ‘radius’ to either 2 or 3 pixels, ‘strength’ to 100, and ‘clipping’ to 10. Click the ‘Ok’ button to finalize these settings.
  • Now adjust the opacity of the image by using the ‘Unsharp Mask’ tool. Adjust until the image seems sharp enough.
  • Lastly, go to ‘Layer Selection’, then ‘Merge’ and click on ‘Merge all flatten’ to get the final adjusted version of your image.

Solution 2: Snapseed

Most of the photos taken today are via smartphones. So why wait to transfer your photos into your laptop for making the necessary corrections when you can do the same in your smartphone as well through powerful apps like ‘Snapseed’.

  • Download the app from the Apple app store or from the Google Play store.
  • Next, open the app and upload the image you intend to correct for the blurriness.
  • The two tools to look out for in this app are ‘Sharpen’ and ‘Composition’.
  • Use both the features to get a superb quality image.

Solution 3: GIMP

GIMP is one of the free and highly recommended tools on the internet for adjusting photos for their blurriness.

  • Download the app from its website onto your PC.
  • After installation, open the blurred image in it.
  • Now use the ‘Sharpen’ tool to unblur the entire photo or parts of it.

How to unblur images using Photoshop

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Non-technical or slightly technical tools to unblur an image

Using online tools

This is perhaps the quickest and simple method of unblurring your images.

Search on Google for any online photo unblurring utility.

Since there will be quite a few such services available, lookout for the best and reliable one.

The service will probably ask you to upload your image and then run you through suggestions on what needs to be fixed.

Lastly, it will do as per your choice and your image will be ready to download.

Avoiding the common mistakes mentioned at the beginning

Like already mentioned, there is always a reason behind your images and photos getting blurred.

So your primary focus should be to avoid such mistakes which cause such outcomes.

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