How To Play Bind in Valorant: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets


Valorant is one unique shooter game that gives players an exciting experience. More so, the game comes with a variety of maps, also giving players an additional visually satisfying fun time. Bind is one of those numerous maps on which many Valorant players have picked extra interest.

Well, the best way to do anything is by doing it right. To help you meet the requirements of the mind map, we’ve summed up some tips garnered from our extensive experience in the game in this article. So, get some valorant aimbot hacks, and let’s get started.

A guide to playing Valorant’s Bind map

The Bind map features

The most endearing feature of this map, which sets it apart from others, is that it has no mid-section. The first section is the A section, which is an open map area. A section is a welcome lair for snipers because of its characteristic high windows and several wooden boxes.

The B section is the second section of the map, located beneath a metal tunnel. You’ll need to use teleporters to move from one section of the map to the other. To use these teleporters, a player simply has to work to a section of the wall that contains the teleporter entrance.

Upon entry, players will instantly arrive in a room with a door that opens into the other section. While players can only open this door from inside, enemies can still shoot through the door. Also, objects in contact with the teleporter entrance will be teleported.

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Tips and tricks to play Bind

  1. Other players receive an audio cue when you use portals

When you use portals, you must be alert because other nearby players will be alerted of your presence. This results from the loud noise made by these teleporters. Some smart players will simply wait for you at the exit gate for an ambush. So, always draw your weapon to avoid unpleasant surprises.

  1. Learn Orb locations

Orbs give players who are lucky enough to find them Ultimate points. Only two of these spherical objects can spawn in a single round. Orbs in Bind help players charge their ultimate ability faster for reuse. Some notable locations where these objects commonly spawn are around B Long and in Showers – a location close to A site.

  1. You can only teleport once in a round.

Teleporting is a feature of the game that can help you turn the tides, but you should be mindful of its usage. No single player can use a particular portal more than once in one round. 

This is because you can only open the door at the exit from inside. Before using the portal, you must be sure you’ll not need to return to the other site.

  1. Defending sites

When it comes to defending sites on Bind, defending B is less demanding than protecting site A. Defending sites entails holding the site’s chokepoints from being taken by attackers. This is because A is larger and requires more players to protect it. 

We always advise that you enter the round with allies if you’re defending site A. For site B defenders, a single player will do the job efficiently.

  1. Attacking sites

Being on the attacking side can be daunting, especially if the defending team has formidable fighters. Also, players must be more cautious as they’re entering unknown territories where the defenders may have traps everywhere.

If you’re attacking a B site manned by Cypher, you’d better be alert as he’s the deadliest player on the map. His abilities, such as the Spycam, can alert him of your presence. You’ll also need to look out for his Trapwire. If you have Brimstone on your team, his smoke can help your attacking team advance.

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Bind is a detailed map to play; it will take some trial and error to understand. You just have to know how to use the teleporting feature. Also, note that you can only use portals once in any given round, So be sure of the decision before teleporting. 

Lastly, we discovered some agents whose abilities make them the ideal agents for Bind. Some notable agents in this category are Cypher, Sova, Raze, Brimstone, and Breach.

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