How to Fix Error DF-DFERH-01 In Play Store

As smartphone users, we often rely on the Google Play Store to download and update our favorite apps. It serves as the primary hub for Android applications, making it essential for the smooth functioning of our devices. However, like any technology, the Play Store can encounter errors from time to time.

One such common issue is the DF-DFERH-01 error, which can be frustrating and hinder your app downloads or updates. In this blog post, we will explore the possible reasons behind this error and provide you with a step-by-step guide to fix it.

Understanding DF-DFERH-01 Error

The DF-DFERH-01 error is typically encountered when users attempt to download, install, or update apps from the Google Play Store. When this error occurs, it is usually accompanied by the following error message: “Error retrieving information from server – DF-DFERH-01.”

Possible Reasons for DF-DFERH-01 Error

Before we proceed with the troubleshooting steps, it’s essential to understand the potential reasons behind the DF-DFERH-01 error:

  1. Google Play Store Cache Issues: Caches are temporary files stored by apps to enhance their performance. Sometimes, these caches can become corrupted or outdated, causing errors in app downloads or updates.
  2. Google Play Store Data Corruption: Similar to cache, the data used by the Play Store can also become corrupt, leading to the DF-DFERH-01 error.
  3. Google Account Sync Issues: Problems with the sync between your Google account and the Play Store can interfere with app downloads or updates.
  4. Network Connectivity Problems: Poor internet connection or network issues might prevent the Play Store from communicating with Google’s servers, resulting in the DF-DFERH-01 error.
  5. Software Glitches: Sometimes, software bugs or glitches within the Google Play Store or your Android system could trigger this error.

Now that we have a better understanding of the possible causes let’s move on to the solutions to fix the DF-DFERH-01 error.

Solution 1: Clear Cache and Data of Google Play Store

The first step to resolve the DF-DFERH-01 error is to clear the cache and data of the Google Play Store app. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to “Settings” on your Android device.
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Apps” or “Application Manager.”
  3. Look for “Google Play Store” in the list of apps and tap on it.
  4. Once inside the Play Store’s app info page, tap on “Storage.”
  5. Here, you will find options to clear both cache and data. First, tap on “Clear Cache.”
  6. After clearing the cache, tap on “Clear Data.” A warning message may appear, notifying you that this action will delete all the app’s data. Confirm the action.
  7. Restart your device and try accessing the Play Store again to see if the error persists.

Solution 2: Remove and Re-add your Google Account

If clearing the cache and data didn’t resolve the DF-DFERH-01 error, the issue might be related to your Google account sync. In this case, removing and re-adding your Google account can help:

  1. Go to “Settings” on your Android device.
  2. Look for “Accounts” or “Accounts and Sync” and tap on it.
  3. Select your Google account from the list.
  4. Tap the three-dot menu (or the vertical ellipsis) in the top right corner and choose “Remove account.”
  5. Confirm the action when prompted.
  6. Restart your device and go back to “Settings” > “Accounts” to add your Google account again.
  7. Try accessing the Play Store once more to see if the error is resolved.

Solution 3: Check Date and Time Settings

Believe it or not, incorrect date and time settings on your device can lead to various errors, including DF-DFERH-01. Follow these steps to verify your date and time settings:

  1. Go to “Settings” on your Android device.
  2. Look for “Date and Time” settings.
  3. Ensure that the option to set the date and time automatically is enabled.
  4. If it’s already enabled, disable it, wait for a few seconds, and then re-enable it.
  5. Restart your device and check if the Play Store error is fixed.

Solution 4: Verify Network Connectivity

A stable internet connection is crucial for the proper functioning of the Google Play Store. If your network connection is weak or unstable, it might be the cause of the DF-DFERH-01 error. To troubleshoot network connectivity issues:

  1. Connect to a different Wi-Fi network or switch to mobile data if possible.
  2. Restart your Wi-Fi router or modem.
  3. Try accessing other websites or apps to check if your internet connection is stable.
  4. If you suspect your ISP is experiencing issues, contact them for assistance.

Solution 5: Update Google Play Store and Play Services

An outdated version of the Google Play Store or Google Play Services can cause errors. To ensure you have the latest updates:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your device.
  2. Tap on the three horizontal lines (hamburger menu) in the top-left corner to open the side menu.
  3. Go to “Settings” and scroll down to find the “Play Store version” or “Play Store version history.”
  4. If an update is available, the app will prompt you to update it. Follow the on-screen instructions to update the Play Store.
  5. Repeat the same process for Google Play Services if an update is available.
Update Google Play Store and Play Services


Encountering the DF-DFERH-01 error on the Google Play Store can be frustrating, but with the right troubleshooting steps, you can resolve the issue and get back to downloading and updating your favorite apps. In this blog post, we covered five effective solutions to fix the DF-DFERH-01 error:

1. Clear Cache and Data of Google Play Store
2. Remove and Re-add your Google Account
3. Check Date and Time Settings
4. Verify Network Connectivity
5. Update Google Play Store and Play Services


1. Check for System Updates: Ensure that your Android device is running the latest available software version. System updates often include bug fixes and optimizations that can resolve issues with apps.

2. Disable VPN and Proxy: If you are using a VPN or proxy service on your device, try disabling them temporarily, as they might interfere with the communication between the Play Store and Google servers.

4. Factory Reset (Last Resort): If none of the solutions above work, you can try performing a factory reset on your Android device. However, be aware that this will erase all data and settings on your device, so make sure to back up your important files before proceeding.

By following these steps, you can resolve the DF-DFERH-01 error and ensure smooth and uninterrupted access to the Google Play Store. If the issue persists even after trying all the solutions, you may consider reaching out to Google Support or your device manufacturer for further assistance. Happy app downloading and updating!

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