How I used FileWhopper to send a 30GB folder at $2

My brother has been struggling to combine his full-time job with learning how to code. And it hasn’t been an easy ride for him. After a hectic day at work, my niece (his 3 yr old daughter) is always at home waiting to grab all of his attention and time. However, the global lockdown in recent months gave him enough free time to invest in the learning process and he was ready to dive in fully.

Now, he needed some tutorials to start practicing and I had a 30gb folder of coding tutorials lying on my PC some 4000 miles away. As always, I hopped on Google to find a quick and easy way to send this folder to my brother. And I ran into numerous options from review sites, all with pros and cons that weren’t making my search easier. Most of these platforms had small size limits (5gb – 10gb) with freaking expensive subscription plans.  I almost contemplated dividing the folder into smaller sizes and compressing each of them to send individually. But, thank goodness, I never had to go through that stress.

I was lucky to come across a Reddit thread that recommended a new sharing platform (FileWhopper) on Product Hunt. So I gave it some thought and found an amazing review that saved me from stress.


I went over to FileWhopper and surprisingly, I found all the features I needed in one place. I didn’t have to pay for a monthly subscription that I won’t use and I could send large files (up to 10 TB) at a very reasonable price. With a few clicks, I could send the folder to my brother and be sure that he alone had access to it. 

In all, my search wasn’t wasteful and I will be sharing my experience with FileWhopper’s most important features. If you have to deal with sharing large files over the internet, you should also find FileWhopper to be helpful, time-saving, and cost-effective.

You can find my experience below.

FileWhopper’s interface and user experience was amazing

FileWhopper was very easy and simple for me to use. As I got on the homepage, it only took a click to upload my folder (fast uploading time) and create my account afterward.


On the same page, just below the uploading area, I could see how to use the platform in three easy steps. And that was the boost I needed to start the process. Mind you, I was looking for an easy process all along.


FileWhopper’s pricing was extremely fair (I sent a 30gb folder for only $2)

The first feature that gave me a deep sense of cost security was the pricing estimation slider. The slider was also on the homepage and I could slide through different sizes to see price estimates. No subscription plans, I only needed to pay as I use. However, most platforms give cheap estimates at the beginning and slide in higher bills when you’re about to use the service. So, I wasn’t convinced just yet.


Before checking the price slider, I saw that FileWhopper was allowing me to send my first transfer of 5gb free of charge. So, everything was looking too good to be true and I just needed to confirm.


I decided to upload my folder to see the exact amount I was meant to pay. I badly needed to confirm that the price slider wasn’t misinforming me. Amazingly, nothing changed, I was meant to pay exactly $2 to send 30.02gb.


It felt good to be in control of my choices

FileWhopper didn’t bundle features to force on me. They had a separate area for additional features and I could either check or uncheck the boxes for any extra feature I needed. In this case, I didn’t need any of the additional features, so I left the boxes unchecked.


If you ever want to use FileWhopper, you may need the additional features. So, do well to check the FAQ section to see if you need any additional features or not.

I was confident that my folder was safe, secure and protected

Upon uploading my folder, FileWhopper automatically encrypted it with a password. And this meant that nobody was ever going to be able to view my transfer, except I gave them the password. FileWhopper’s unique transfer Id was another feature that gave me a huge sense of security. That is, no file or folder names were stored to identify my transfer. The unique ID is only what was used to identify my transfer.


FileWhopper made sharing to look so easy

Immediately my upload started, I was able to copy the download link and password to send to my brother. So, from his end, he could also monitor the upload process and download the folder without any extra cost. The upload speed was reasonably fast and my brother experienced a fast download time too.



I took out the time to share my FileWhopper experience because it was simply amazing. Also, sending files over the internet has been a huge struggle for me, so I decided to help anyone else who may be going through the same. The no-limit and pay-as-you-go features will be helpful if you frequently share files on the internet and do not fancy a monthly subscription plan. 

To help you in making a reasonable decision, I’ll outline the “Pros” and “Cons” that I discovered from using FileWhopper. 

Yours may be different, but here’s mine:


  • FileWhopper is easy to navigate and use. No need for tutorials.
  • No size limits, except you, want to send a size greater than 10TB. 
  • No creepy subscription plans. Price only depends on upload size.
  • Payments in FileWhopper are secured and instant.
  • Transfers are secured with a password and a unique transfer ID. And all the details of your transfer are hidden and protected.
  • Uploads and downloads happen really fast compared to other platforms. FileWhopper uses multi-threaded data transfer technology.
  • In the case of connection loss, your upload or download resumes from where it stopped.
  • Uploads and downloads can occur simultaneously. A recipient can start downloading as the upload is ongoing. No need to wait until upload is complete.


  • FileWhopper is only available in Windows. Mac users can’t use FileWhopper for now.
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