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GarageBand is an audio editing program that allows you to create music without using real instruments. You can also share that music with other people over the internet. It comes with audio recording mechanisms, a wide-ranging library of virtual instruments, guitar-specific tracks, MIDI editing, and music lessons to mention but a few.

Garageband online

Is GarageBand Online Available?

GarageBand is an Apple product. Initially, it was part of the iLife suite of applications that came with every Apple device, including iPhones, iPads, and computers. When Apple launched its App Store, GarageBand became a separate application that you could download independently without iLife.

Today, GarageBand is still viewed as a macOS and iOS product. Some people have found ways of using the application on Windows. However, you cannot officially download a version of GarageBand for Windows.

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List of Best GarageBand Online Alternatives

Because GarageBand is only available on macOS and iOS, audio editors with a preference for Windows are always on the lookout for applications that can provide the same wealth of features as GarageBand. Some of the most prominent GarageBand Online alternatives on the market include:



LMMS comes with several preloaded samples and effects, so you can start using it immediately. The interface is neat and easy to navigate. Editors are given access to a variety of virtual instruments. The synthesizer will map the notes of your instrument of choice to your computer’s keyboard.

You can use the files you recorded on your phone to build tracks on LMMS. If you don’t understand the app despite the simplicity of its tools, or if you have any lingering questions, LMMS has a thriving community that is ready to answer your questions.

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2. Cakewalk

BandLab’s cakewalk is a godsend for every editor that hates the fact that they cannot use GarageBand on their PC. The application has all the effects and instruments you need to start making music, along with

features like multi-band compressors, reverbs, and EQs, to mention but a few.

You can load and edit as many tracks as you like. The editor will also run any VST plugin you have on hand. Cakewalk stands out among GarageBand Online alternatives because it doesn’t hide its features behind a paywall.

You don’t have to sign up for a subscription to access all the functions that Cakewalk has to offer. Cakewalk provides the same seamless functionality that attracts people to Garageband.

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3. Reaper


This is a comprehensive digital audio production tool that does a little bit of everything. People primarily associate it with the creation of music. But you can also use it for recording and broadcasting purposes.

Besides 64-bit internal audio processing and incredible audio and MIDI routing, Reaper can run a multitude of third-party plugin effects. It is just as generous where the virtual instruments are concerned. The hundreds of effects it has on offer enable studio-quality audio and MIDI processing.

The interface may repel some people because it is complicated. In fact, the entire application is quite complex, which is why beginners are rarely drawn to it. It takes a while to find your footing. But Reaper’s functions are worth the time it will take you to master the application. The program comes with a 60-day free trial.

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4. Mixcraft 8

People love GarageBand because it offers a large number of loops that can be layered one over the other to produce pleasing sounds. Mixcraft wants to reproduce that experience, which is why their selection of loops is so large. And unlike Reaper, this program is relatively straightforward.

Or at the very least, it has an intuitive interface that simplifies the process of figuring out Mixcraft’s operations. It won’t take you long to record, edit, and fine-tune your audio files. If you have the home edition, you should know that it has a limitation of 16 tracks.

Additionally, it has a smaller selection of instruments and samples. But that doesn’t make it bad. The home edition has a lot to offer to beginners that are just starting to dip their toes into the recording and editing business.

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5. Magix MusicMaker

MusicMaker is a versatile GarageBand Online alternative that appeals to both beginners and professionals. Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit systems, you can take advantage of the numerous instruments and VST plugins in their library, including choir, string ensemble, rock drums, and concert guitar, to mention but a few

The program’s studio-quality selection of plugins and instruments is further augmented by a collection of samples, sounds, and loops. It comes with everything you need to create and edit music, not just support for external instruments but also microphones and midi keyboards, along with audio interfaces.

When you consider everything it brings to the table, such as a Vandal SE amplifier and various audio effects, the fact that the software is free will surprise a lot of people. Programs that are so efficient and easy to use are normally quite expensive.

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6. AudioTool

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If your computer’s memory is full and you don’t want to add even more applications to your system, AudioTool is perfect for you. The tool stands out because you don’t have to install it. Audiotool works in a web browser.

If that wasn’t enough, it is also completely free. You don’t have to part with any money to use the program, which comes with a modular polyphonic synthesizer, Pulverisateur, drum sampler, and so much more.

Some people may get it for the beatbox functionality alone. For many people, the software’s biggest offering is the cloud-based Library which has over 250,000 samples that the AudioTool community contributed. That is on top of 50,000+ device presets. It won’t take you long to figure out the interface.

Additionally, you can keep all your work on the cloud from where it can be accessed at any time using any device you have on hand. If this software has a weakness, it is the fact that it requires the internet.

People that are attracted to AudioTool because you can use it in a web browser rather than installing it on your PC do not realize that the feature is as much a disadvantage as it is a benefit. You have to work online. If you don’t have internet access, you cannot use AudioTool. If that wasn’t restrictive enough, AudioTool requires Flash.

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